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Futz Said Funky

Just two strips ago, Funky was being a pill to the office’s receptionist for a joke he completely walked into… and yet here he is in today’s strip indignant that Dr. Droopy won’t sanction his buffoonery. Stay in your lane, Funky. Les is supposed to be the guy who gets huffy when other people make jokes but then expects everyone to laugh at his pathetic stabs at humor.

I was going to suggest that Dr. Droopy here was being presumptuous here bringing up Captain Kirk, not that it would make Funky any less insufferable. I thought perhaps Funky was referencing the legend of Admiral David Farragut or perhaps he is actually a big fan of the band Pain, regionally-popular purveyors of late-90s pop punk (from whom I pilfered, purloined, and repurposed today’s post-title). But nope… a brief search of the SOSF archives reveals that, in a rare bit of Batiukverse continuity, Dr. Droopy is correctly referencing when Funky previously pulled this miserable excuse for a joke back in August 2019.

Callback or not, Funky ought to be tossed out of the doctor’s office window.


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Match Game

This ICE supervisor has got to be quaking in his Johnston & Murphy’s, Amicus Breef is finally breaking out the lawyering talk in today’s strip! And he’s doing it with righteous indignation too! What a lawyer this guy, keeping supervisor Ed O’Neill off of his Facebook feed for 4… maybe even 5 minutes by threatening to do something that would have been more useful had he done it before he showed up at the detention facility.


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Exit – Rage Left

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As you probably recall from her appearance in last year’s huge Frankie mega-arc, Jessica has no tolerance for scuzzy creeps with no moral compass, thus she is prepared to storm out of the prison in an indignant disgusted huff without asking a single question or filming a second’s worth of footage for her now long-forgotten “documentary”. Remember back when this arc was all about obsolete video cameras, new tripods, Eastern Bloc cars and adorable baby Skyler gags? Those were the days, my friends.

Her reaction doesn’t even make any sense. I mean was she expecting warm thoughtful conversation liberally sprinkled with trenchant insights about her dear old dad? From his murderer? And again, the idea that she wouldn’t have her camera running during this exchange is just inexplicable, he’s completely ignoring the starting premise of his own story here. And on top of that, he’s ignoring the premise that replaced the original one as well, which was supposedly Jessica’s desire to find out why Plantface killed her father. Unless yesterday’s strip where he said JD had it coming to him WAS the answer she was looking for, which seems ridiculous but is definitely within the realm of possibility in this comic strip. But it’s so poorly-executed, confusing and stupid that it’s tough to really tell what he’s doing here.

The indignant Jessica faces are hysterical though. Just like during the Frankie arc, that look of haughty revulsion, total disdain and disgust, the righteous fury, the wildly cocked eyebrows…great stuff. And the degree of detail given to the stubble on Plantman’s head nicely demonstrates that he clearly enjoyed drawing this more than he enjoyed filling in the dialog.


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