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A Special Denouncement

It’s about time! I was wondering if we’d ever get there, but today’s strip finally gives us the call back to John Darling we’ve been expecting. Yes, Phil is terrible at his (former) job, just like he was back in 1979. Back then, making fun of the local weather forecaster was a comedy trend surpassed only by making fun of Billy Carter…

This strip appeared opposite an ad imploring you to come test drive the all-new Chevrolet Citation…

Oh, for Pete’s sake!

I remain baffled by the pie case at Montoni’s. Who eats pie there?
That’s a rhetorical question of course, nobody eats anything at Montoni’s. Not even Crazy, who is only ever seen there sipping a bottomless coffee or soda and avoiding his job. But still, what’s with the pie case?



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The Pun Never Ends

Today’s Strip

I have to assume that this is what happens to TB too: he starts a task, then gets distracted by his undying love for unspeakably awful punnery and sadistically terrible wordplay. On the plus side, however, at least Funky is seated, which spares us the sight of his bulbous, humongous ass. When you read FW every day you have to find the small victories wherever you can. Check out those snazzy bifocals though, such amazing attention to detail.

Coming next week: Funky discovers a rare, autographed first draft copy of “Fallen Star”. He puts it on Ebay and sells it for seven cents to the high bidder, a “Ohiocancerfan65”. Hilarity ensues.

It’s been an epic two weeks here at SoSF…pills, bullying, Metamucil, Halloween, Funky’s attic and old FW gags from 1978. It’s been a blast as always, but it’s time for me to step aside to make way for the fantastic comedy stylings of the one, the only…BeckoningChasm (beginning Monday)! See you in the comment section gang and, as always, stay f*cking Funky!!!


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