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An old running gag
Pops back up in today’s strip
Oh goody, oh joy

The life and times of
Claude Barlow: Volume 7
Just volume 7?

Dinkle’s been working
On this Claude Barlow tome since
President Carter

“Up your nose with a
rubber hose”, but with Dinkle
you’d need oil pipe

Really? Duck Pond huh?
Barlow’s talent limited
Kinda like Dinkle’s

Dinkle’s productive
This is more writing than seen
From Les and Pete both



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A Special Denouncement

It’s about time! I was wondering if we’d ever get there, but today’s strip finally gives us the call back to John Darling we’ve been expecting. Yes, Phil is terrible at his (former) job, just like he was back in 1979. Back then, making fun of the local weather forecaster was a comedy trend surpassed only by making fun of Billy Carter…

This strip appeared opposite an ad imploring you to come test drive the all-new Chevrolet Citation…

Oh, for Pete’s sake!

I remain baffled by the pie case at Montoni’s. Who eats pie there?
That’s a rhetorical question of course, nobody eats anything at Montoni’s. Not even Crazy, who is only ever seen there sipping a bottomless coffee or soda and avoiding his job. But still, what’s with the pie case?


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Solutions in search of problems

Scene change in today’s strip! And you thought we were gonna spend all week at the high school… Frankly, so did I.

So Holly… uh, Donna doesn’t know what head cleaning solution is. Donna, the middle-aged adult, doesn’t know what head cleaning solution is. Donna, the comic book geek and Space Invaders champion, the wife of tape-baking super nerd Crazy Harry, doesn’t know what head cleaning solution is.

Yeah, OK. It’s better than looking in on Les’ classes at least.


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We turned left at Montoni’s

The joke in today’s strip appeared in Sumerian cuneiform. It likely dates back even further in oral tradition, as seen in the following paleontologist reconstruction:

Tilmily and Amtrilia

Of course back then, the trilobite’s twin didn’t step all over the punchline like Emily is doing today. And this “teachers are great” business? Hoy, Centerville schools must be in shambles.

Is Nate worried as all get out about what these two think of the school or what? Students moving TO Westview really is the rarest of rare cases, I guess, and he really is terrified of losing them. I don’t think Emily and Amelia’s mother cares half as much about their first day of school as Nate seems to.


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Rope, A Dope

Link To Today’s Strip

Wow, how hilarious. This arc is like a trope within a trope within a trope. He actually managed to drop the ol’ “Les gets stuck on the rope in gym class” gag, which was a recurring gag back in the pre-Lisa Act I days. I’m just wondering how the school photographer got that shot, did he or she climb the rope next to Les or did they use some sort of special lens? That’s one hell of a yearbook staff photographer though, no debate there.

The most interesting thing about this one is how Summer grins knowingly as she shows Cayla how feeble and weak her dad was in high school. It’s that special bond they have, the former collegiate sports hero and the current one, sharing their common interest in mocking nerds and geeks.

But yep, it’s come to this all right. Resorting to Les hanging off the gym rope to round out the week, pretty much as lazy as it gets. It really reinforces how solid the Cayla/Les relationship is too, as we begin to get a clearer picture of why one of Westview’s most desirable single women (small pond) ended up settling on the most annoying and obnoxious person who ever lived. She’s either insane or she just likes knowing that she could theoretically beat the living hell out of him any time she wanted to without even really having to try too hard.

There’s also this, which is something that sounds like a lot of fun. A discussion that’s long overdue if you ask me.


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