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Flash has reached end of life status

Today’s strip gives us our first glimpse at a young Batton Thomas… back when he had the hair of a newscaster, the jaw of Rob Riggle, and the neck of something that doesn’t have a neck. Quite a contrast to today’s sad-sack Batton, who looks like he could be Pete’s dad (he’s not, John Darling program director Reed Roberts is). Trading that plaid seersucker jacket for a blue Members Only was a good call, though.

So The Flash #123 inspired Batton Thomas (and, most definitely, one Thomas Batiuk as well) to become a cartoonist, eh? How, exactly did it do that? If we are lucky we’ll get that answer in 6-10 business days. Or just visit the official Funky Winkerbean blog, where TB writes more about The Flash than he does about his own creations… Haha, yeah, you all go do that. I’ll wait.


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Cardigan Vet-er

What is this? New named student characters in today’s strip? A rare sight indeed.

I think our last new named student character was Travis Tanner, who we have not seen since Bull told him to go back to class back in November 2014. I like to think that Travis left Bull’s office, went right past his classroom, and did not stop walking until he reached whichever ocean Westview High School’s front doors face. Good for him.

Anyways, Les seems to think he’s hosting a revival of “The Dating Game” with today’s panel 1 expository dump. Apparently, he is the faculty sponsor of “The Bleat” (which I guess is what TB believes to be the “modern” equivalent of a school newspaper), a position he takes so seriously that he is letting Owen and Cody decide which of these three oddly-named freshmen make up the broadcast’s staff after they finally graduate.

Let’s see, we have:
Contestant #1 – Maris Rogers – Maris is presumably the blonde in the foreground and is very thankful her parents didn’t name her Ruth Babe. Owen has already chosen her, but Les informs him that he will still have to play the game because the syndicate requires the show to fill its entire time slot.

Contestant #2 – Bernie Silver – Bernie may or may not be a vicious mid-century London gang leader looking to add Westview High School to his criminal empire by seizing control of the media. He sports a winning smirk.

Contestant #3 – Logan Church – Logan is “eclectic” because she thinks that is what high school kids who wear cat-eye glasses and over-sized earrings call themselves. Chien, sitting in a dark room far from Westview with a smoldering cigarette in her left hand, is not impressed.


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Grand Theft Humor

Link To Today’s Strip

Special thanks to TFH and the SoSF staff for everything they do!!

BanTom suddenly abandoning a premise he spent weeks setting up is certainly nothing new in the Funkyverse, he does it all the time. It’s called “writing”. It’s also annoying. But I forgot all about Mason Whatshisface as soon as I tried to decipher today’s brain-damagingly bizarre strip. The Jumbler? Finley’s Pharmacy? Holly pretending to be surprised by the sight of those two morons doing everything but working? What the f*ck?

Then I heard from the crack SoSF research team who informed me that within that massive wall of expository jibber-jabber lurk a few Dick Tracy references, which means that the long-rumored and much-dreaded Dick Tracy super mega crossover arc may be upon us…RIGHT NOW! For those of you not familiar with pop culture fads of the 1940s, Dick Tracy is a comic strip detective of some kind who regularly does battle with comically-named foes like The Jumbler (no doubt named for his propensity toward never properly organizing his comic books). I’m hoping this arc somehow involves Westview’s super-villain Dick Face, the man who paralyzes his foes with rage and disgust. “Watch out for the park bench, Mr. Tracy, it’s a trap!!”.

And once again Holly comes across as a total imbecile. I mean obviously they’re going to a police auction to bid on a huge lot of vintage comic books because of course they are. Duh. They’re not eating pizza or loitering around in that creepy store, so where else would they be going? To the library? The bank? To buy new clothes or fitness equipment? Home to their wives and families? Not bloody likely.


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Mr. Machina is my father. Call me Deus.

There’s several tropes to check off here; a known fact being repeated endlessly, (Yes, we’ve known there was a struggle in the van for about three weeks now) a wall of text expanding at an alarming rate and some very, very plodding story telling.
Today’s strip is much more enjoyable if read in Droopy’s voice.


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Summer Regretting They Even Came Home

DavidO here again, back and snarking after some serious WordPress glitches. On to the snark!

Mentioning the fact that John Darling is Jessica’s murdered TV host father over and over was funny at first. Then it got REAL old. But now it’s funny again!

Though it may take the next six days for “him” to get out of the car and ring the doorbell, “He” is here! I can only assume from the excitement and clunky exposition that “he” referenced in today’s strip is Kevin Bacon.


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School’s Out for Summer

I thought “the kibosh” had been put on everything yesterday, but the stupidest story arc in FW history continues with today’s expositionfest.

It stands to reason that since Summer and Keisha arrived at KSU a month after classes began, that they’d be coming home a month after they’ve ended. Les regales the girls with a rehash of the last two months of strip “action” (oh, wait: he left out “Your half-brother Darin is going to be the birth father of his wife John Darling’s daughter Jessica’s daughter”).


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Faculty Losing Faculties

Continuing the segue from goofy band gags to wry observations, Harry smirkingly muses about mortality and decline.


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So We Never Talked About It

The Dreamer
February 2, 2013 at 3:30 pm
Back in Act I, Fred was a divorcee. He had a previous marriage. Batiuk apparently forgot that and did a series of strips where Fred and Ann take Darin around to show where they lived as a young struggling couple. Now, Batiuk remembered and last week we had Ann remembering that they met as teachers during the strike at Westview, and had no ‘young’ past…This is obviously the daughter from Fred’s first marriage, which Fred never told Ann about…

Fred’s stroke sure has opened a closet full of skeletons! Turns out Annie was not the only gal to have her dreams crushed by the seemingly mild-mannered former principal. But hey, water under the bridge, right? If it’s not “pleasant”, then why even talk about it? What’s even more unpleasant is Darin’s elongated, potatolike head in panel 3.


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The Wedding Un-planner

I suppose that the reader is expected to chuckle at Les’ lackadaisical approach to wedding planning: typical last-minute male thing, amirite? But Cayla’s reaction could serve as a response to any number of instances of TB’s own sloppy storytelling, e.g., Summer in April of her senior year: …”I’m going with my dad to check out a college this weekend.” “Seriously? That just occurred to you?”

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