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And I’m Free… Freeloadin’

I am only going to focus on the positives in today’s strip.

Yessiree, just the positives today. Things like… uh… hmmm… well… Darin using “mom” to refer to the woman that raised him instead of Lisa. Yeah, that’s one! There is also… ummm… these two shmucks getting themselves soaked to the bone walking back to the Eaton Building because they naturally forgot to bring their umbrellas in perpetually sunny Cleveland.  I can dig that.

So yeah, I’m only talking about the positive things today. You won’t see me mention any negative aspects. Nope, not a single one. I won’t mention at all how Durwood appears to have brought “Sky” back with him to Ohio solely so he could take advantage of his aging mother for free child care. I also won’t mention how he has put both his young son and disabled father in danger by working the only caregiver in their house to exhaustion. Nor will I mention how disingenuous it is for Durwood to talk about how important it is for “Sky” to be cared for while he is working after he just shot the breeze with Pete for who knows how long at an offsite coffeeshop on company time. No, I will not mention any of those things, only the positive stuff… the sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, safety, laughter, and skip to-and-fro.

Funny, I thought focusing on the positives would improve this strip. But alas, no such luck…



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If You Wannabe Be My Writer

Yesterday’s discussion of exactly just how Rip Tide: Scuba Cop goes about scuba cop-ing understandably exhausted our tedious twosome, and they take a well-earned coffee break in today’s strip.

I suppose that now that they are living the life of 1950s-ish Batom Comics writers, Pete and Durwood no longer need to daydream about being 1950s-ish Batom Comics writers. Naturally, they have channeled most of their energy into finding new ways to procrastinate… though shuffling down to the struggling coffeeshop on the corner earns them no points for creativity.

Nevertheless, today’s strip is not without educational value. I, for one, learned that the key difference between Los Angeles and Northern Ohio is that no one has dreams or ambition in Northern Ohio.


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Funky Sunday

Today’s Strip

Sosfdavido here, barely  to update after a long power outage in the Santa Cruz mountains! Here’s a post for today from my cell phone but HTML doesn’t show up from my phone. :/


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Face For Radio

Here we have it, all in today’s strip , exactly why Cindy dumped Funky’s sorry butt like last week’s tuna cassarole. What a non-supportive jackass! One more panel and we’d have Funky going: “No, really Cindy, you dames dress pretty and all and smell nice but you don’t know anything about computers!”

Or maybe he thinks she’s way too old for the job? Either way it’s a front-handed slap of an insult. Cindy sulks a bit, but if she wants a free slice of pizza and a 20 ounce fountain Diet Coke I guess she’s going to stand there and take it.


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Sweaty Work

Ew, Cindy, get a towel! No one reading today’s strip saw you walk in from the rain so it looks like you’re sweating like a racehorse while heaving your chest and panting at Funky. It’s not a good look for you. It’s not a good look for anyone. And with Funky’s stupid answer that would have me back out the door and into the snowy–err, rainy generic Westview day.


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Half Off (His Rocker)

Coupons! What sounded like a spell of Tourette’s Syndrome was actually Funky’s response to Cindy’s question in today’s strip about business. Seeing how she’s his ex, I’m sure she remembers Funky’s rise to stardom in the pizza industry, followed by his crash and burn so I’d think asking a Magic 8-Ball about business ideas would yield better results.

It’s funny how Funky went to coupons first and not something even more hare-brained, like, say, when he decided that his small-town pizza shop needed a full-time MBA applications developer to come up with a bloated, useless app.

This strip is a great example of how random the time jumps seem to affect the good citizens of Westview. Funky looks like he’s sliding ungracefully into his early 60s while Cindy could get away with 29 candles on her cake.


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Elmer Thudd

Today’s strip

Ugh, Elmer Fudd shtick
Does Bull think folks are saying
Wife’s name, not “window”?

So many cinder blocks
Blocks for days, a great gray void
Not unlike this strip


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