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Don’t sleep in the subway, Holly

The day of the big alumni band Holly and Melinda Budd vanity performance has arrived in today’s strip, and the nastiness continues. No, I’m not talking about the weather, though most of us are aware that monsoon rains during band performances are quite possibly the longest still-running gag in this strip (predating even Garfield and lasagna/Mondays, though far far less accessible).

Good crowd on hand, considering the weather, probably the biggest since Bull retired. Whoever replaced him must be doing a good job, crowds were pretty thin when Bull’s teams were struggling.

Sorry, scratch that last paragraph. This is Funky Winkerbean, so I’m sure the crowd is really here to see Holly…


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Today’s strip is just unpleasant. I mean, that could be said for a lot of Funky Winkerbean strips, including yesterday’s, but rarely is this strip so overtly nasty… and over such a trivial thing too.

Melinda looks to be going hard after Rose Murdoch for Batiukverse mother of the year, though. I know, I know, “Rose is dead,” you’re thinking, “so Melinda should have the title locked up easily.” Yeah, well, Phil Holt and Lisa were allegedly dead too… and there’s still time for them to make a run at mother of the year.


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Thoughts and Ayers

Hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s respite from the boringly toxic (or rather, toxically boring) Melinda-Holly relationship, because we’re back for (checks calendar) WEEK 3?! of it in today’s strip. Things between these two are so bad that Holly will ignore good advice that is widely known by nearly every adult who has ever engaged in athletic behavior just to spite her nagging mother.

This strip has everything! Needless exposition! Falling leaves! Absolutely nothing likable! References that would have been topical 3 decades ago! References to death! And more word and thought bubbles than you can shake a baton at!


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Psychotic Reaction

Link to today’s strip.

Those of you who thought Holly’s expression was terrific yesterday are in for a treat today.  I stand in line where Fearless Leader’s choice in banner images is concerned, but I think the face in panel one is the winner.

That’s the face of pure malevolence right there.  It reminds me of Boris Karloff at his most murderous, leading a torch-bearing mob against those who dare oppose his villainy.  How did he rouse the ire of the crowd–did he accuse his foes of being witches, or Satanists, or grave-robbers?  Maybe it was something worse!

When I altered the above, I originally drew the widow’s peak way too far.  I ended up with someone quite different-looking.  In fact, what the heck–

In both those images, the only thing I altered was removing Holly’s hair and adding a bit of ear.  The face is pure Batiuk.

As for actual content, those of you who guessed “Engagement Ring for [Rocky]” you can collect your prize money at the ticket window.  While that was probably the most likely possibility, it still leaves Cory as the crook who stole the Lisa funds.   I never thought that act would simply get glossed over–it was pretty much Cory’s defining moment–but then, most of the stuff that happens in this strip is inexplicable.  And not in a fun way, either.


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