Hills, that is…

It would appear that everything TB knows about California comes from watching the Beverly Hillbillies. Today’s strip, in fact, literally depicts “swimming pools… movie stars”.

It took a week’s worth of strips for Mega Comics to fire Pete and a single classic “tell don’t show” moment for some Hollywood producers to all but hire him? Ugh. If it takes a week of chicken jokes to get the script finished, let’s all hope legendary script doctor Larry Gelboo is involved.



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11 responses to “Hills, that is…

  1. Epicus Doomus

    So he re-hashes the story again and he has a shirtless buffed Mason engaging in some cynical Hollywood-bashing wordplay as he lounges poolside. I told you these weird Mason Jarr fantasies of his were getting alarmingly elaborate, didn’t I? Give Mason a comic book and a slice and it’s basically the Batom Inc. vision of heaven itself.

  2. Spacemanspiff85

    Batiuk has obviously put a lot more care into drawing Mason than he has into drawing any of the women in this strip, who repeatedly have Funky’s face, or get called the wrong name.

  3. Mason Jarr

    Is it weird that I’m a little turned on by shirtless Mason Jarr?

    Probably so.

  4. And talking on cell phones. Don’t forget that; it’s an essential part of what makes Evil Hollywood evil.

  5. At least he finally remembered her name when he was spouting more passive-aggressive beefing than a friend-zoned men’s rights activist.

  6. Rusty

    Is this the same guy who was built like Les when he visited Westview? That place really does wither a body.

  7. Come on down, Mason. You are our next contestant in our Funky Winkerbean cancer contest. For you, my friend, will compete in the skin cancer games. Good luck!

  8. bobanero

    Yesterday he was just touching down at the airport. Today he’s saving the movie. By Tuesday, Pete Robillard is going to be getting a lifetime achievement award from the academy.

  9. Epicus Doomus

    I like how not even a year ago Mason was an up & coming young actor with insecurity issues and now he’s a jaded showbiz veteran who’s “seen it all”. With that kind of attitude no wonder the SJ production is a fiasco.

  10. And all of this because the bozo from Cleveland can’t understand the studio’s need to make Crankshaft into someone the audience would sympathize with and wish to see succeed without turning it into a cynical betrayal of himself and truth and other good things. It’s like how he can’t get behind superheroes becoming mainstream because that means he can’t wrap himself in the cozy cloak of misunderstood victimhood.

  11. John

    “That about wraps up our entertainment news for tonight, except for the future flop turned absolute fiasco that is the STARBUCK JONES movie. Last year’s surprise shock hit Guardians of the Galaxy had studios around Holllywood and worldwide snatching up the rights to ‘quirky’ space opera super-hero comics in order to cash in.

    The last (and certainly least) of these properties is STARBUCK JONES, a comic book which is currently only distributed in one town in Ohio. Compared to ‘Downton Abbey’ by certain diehard fans, a reading of any issue shows it to instead be the sort of stuff a 1932 issue of AMAZING STORIES would reject for being too silly.

    A Hollywood Studio is currently filming a movie. Allegedly. Sort of. As far as we can tell, over seven months of pre production and actual production have been completely discarded. Sets have been destroyed. Costumes shredded. Scripts burned. Contracts violated. Production companies, agents, FX houses, caterers…more or less everyone at any stage in the chain of production have been offended, alienated, and repelled. Why? Because the producers have allowed a complete unknown performer the power to call the shots. This performer, one Mason Jarr, whose biggest previous credit is the infamous fallen Hollywood auteur Les Moore’s LISA’S STORY adaptation, has used his inexplicable power and influence to get the studio to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars flying, feeding, and shamelessly courting one Pete…uh….Pete….(sorry, massive blob of toner) Pete What’s-His-Face as the writer of an all-new production.

    Surely this Peterson Melvin Gunderson the Third must be a major star in either the comic book or screen writing world, right?

    Well, no. From what we can tell, his only credits to date are failing to realize DC Comics had fired him for several years, ripping off an ancient Spider-Man storyline, and working on a “more personal” graphic novel about a Goth girl who constantly insults people for not enjoying her espresso-flavored gelato.

    What is A Hollywood Studio up to? Does Mason Jarr have photos of the producers with poodles or what? How much longer before the backers throw up their hands and run like hell? And why is Piotr Nikolaiveitch being heralded as the Promised Messiah before he’s written one line or been hired?

    ….eff if I know. Back to our SMALL WONDER marathon, following immediately!”

    o/` She’s a SMALL WONDER…o/`