Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is the holiday wherein we remember those who gave all so that we might be free.  In Westview, however, Memorial Day is when you remember when you were in high school.   For a strip that prides itself on “contemporary issues,” Tom Batiuk sure seems mired in nostalgia.

Last week, we had Detestable Dinkle; we’ve now been handed Loathsome Les.   Talk about a one-two punch–the only thing that could make this worse is if was Dinkle himself handing over the box.  “The missus and I thought you could use these marital aids; we’ve worn these out, but don’t want to throw them away.”

And of all the storylines that Mr. Batiuk has juggling, he figures the one we’re most anxious to get to is this high school reunion thing.   As I’ve said before, I cannot for the life of me imagine why they bother having a reunion–every member (still living) who graduated from that class sees every other member, every day.  There’s not a lot of catching up to do.  Now, if the actual reunion appears and we see folks all bored, sitting around and not talking, then I will salute Tom Batiuk for a joke well-played.   I have a feeling that won’t happen, though.  These sorts of things seem to be too vital to him–not a laughing matter, as it were, and another dull story to suffer through.

Granted, none of the other stories currently in mid-stride are interesting either–the band box is utterly trivial, and we know Pete as script doctor is going nowhere–but they at least contain the possibility that a new location, or a new character, or new anything might happen along.  Instead, we get badly-drawn Les (my only reaction to panel two is What the Hell?!).  Anything involving Les is clouded by noxious fumes.  At least he doesn’t say anything this time; he and Cayla are too involved in watching “Miffed Man” on television.  Ding dong!  Why, who could that be?

Who indeed!



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16 responses to “Memorial Day

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    Rumpelstiltskin? Seriously, what the hell? Is he spinning the straw of class photos into reunion gold? I think Batiuk realized that having an entire strip consist of nothing but one person telling another “here’s some photos” was phoning it in too much even for him, and had to put something “whimsical” in there that he could claim was meant to be humor. Next time he should try for something that remotely relates to things though. Reunion Jack, maybe.

  2. Nathan Obral

    The third panel should have been Nameless Cell Phone Lady.

    The fourth panel should have been all black.

  3. Rembrandt36

    Masthead: Has Cindy had a stroke? And I loved the ALIEN 3rd panel. That got a laugh out loud from me.

  4. Something I didn’t notice–it sure looks like Les is reaching to open the door from the wrong side. Maybe he’s using his hand to steady his gait, though–“Miffed Man” has got him all worked up.

  5. Knock, knock!
    Who’s there?
    Not a punchline, obviously.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Cindy is helping Les with organizing the coming class reunion because she’s too busy to help organize the class reunion and he is too incompetent to figure it out for himself. I see. There’s something in there that isn’t even close to any “reality” I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve experienced plenty). I’m guessing it’s because most of the people in MY inner circle aren’t a bunch of complete morons, or it could be the laughably piss-poor “writing”. There’s just no way to truly be sure. I mean hey, I’m no literary critic or anything but forgetting the premise in the middle of the story isn’t usually a good sign IMO.

  7. Rusty

    Les and Cayla have matching Laz-Y-Boys that they sit in while watching TV. Ohio is an exciting place.

  8. billytheskink

    I wish my cable provider offered the Snidely Whiplash news channel.

  9. Nathan Obral

    I kinda want to see St. Les the Righteous Smirker misidentify Cindy as Holly. That type of careless Batom® blooper would at least be somewhat interesting.

  10. Panel 2 looks like the product of an LSD trip. Nothing is in proportion, and the door frame looks like it was hastily sketched on a napkin, then used for final artwork.

  11. Great. Another week in which she blinds herself to how much her popularity hurt other peoplle.

  12. John

    Cindy: “So, ready to get started on more intensive preparations for the Looming Coming Reunion?”

    Les: “Wait, you moved back into town and quit your job because of the reunion.”

    Cindy: “Yup!”

    Les: “Then you decided you were too busy listening to your hormones, so you forced ME into organizing the reunion.”

    Cindy: “Sure thing!”

    Les: “And yet, now you spend all of your time visiting with me, helping to organize the reunion…”

    Cindy: “…while having sexual fantasies about my new boyfriend!”

    Les: “…while having sexua-WHAT?!?”

  13. Chyron HR

    I guess she’s Rumpelstiltskin because Batiuk has to guess what her name is every time she shows up.

  14. Nathan Obral

    Gah, that second panel really is horrid. When Batom® fails to draw his own self-portrait (in St. Les the Righteous Smirker) properly…

  15. Of course, the real problem I have with THE LOOMING REUNION is that as far as any of us know, Cindy is the only person who actually left town. Les could do the invites by sticking flyers under peoples’ windshield wipers.

  16. So Whiny McBimbo flew all the way to Westview to give Les that stuff instead of giving it to her before she left the last time. Brilliant.