Lunch’s Unexpected Return

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When I said yesterday, “It gets worse,” you probably thought, “How can it?”  Well, now you know.

Those of you with weak stomachs may want to stop with Les’ first dialogue balloon, in which Les gets someone else to do his work, again, this time quadrupling his own workload to nothing.  Has Les ever done anything?  It sure seems all he does is complain when things are expected of him, and then he moans and weeps until someone else does all the work.   Then he whines about how hard his life is, and, well, you know the rest.

If you’re brave enough to tackle the rest of the strip, let’s press on.  Les has never gotten over the loss of his first wife, and everyone, simply everyone, is completely aware of this and does whatever they can, at all times, to help him heal.   Because no one else in this world has ever lost a loved one.  No one else has ever suffered.  No one else bears the weight of the world like Les Moore.   (It’s no wonder that someone like Wally, who has suffered far more than Les, is a character the strip treats with thinly-veiled contempt.)

Lest you think me callous, I do understand that losing a loved one is a lifelong thing, and that those who’ve left us will always be in our memories.  But looking at Les’ sad, smashable face in panel two, you’d hardly think this was a guy who eventually married another woman, then wrote a comic book about how he’d found new love with his new wife.

Mary Sue’s phrase in panel two seems off to me–if I was sympathetic to Les, I’d say he still loves Lisa, and that’s why he remembers.  Oh well, Mary Sue is, after all, a girl, and they’re not much good for anything in this world, are they.  I’m surprised we didn’t get a third panel of Les patting her on the head and saying “Thank you for trying.”

There’s a phrase that describes Les Moore perfectly.  That phrase is “wallowing in self-pity.”  It’s the sort of thing that a normal person does for a time–possibly a long time–but then picks himself up and moves on.

But not Les Moore.  He’s going to make sure you’re always aware of him, and through this awareness, he’s going to make you suffer.

Oh, before I forget, when I said it “gets worse” yesterday, I left out one thing–it gets even worse tomorrow.


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19 responses to “Lunch’s Unexpected Return

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    “Like, you remember how hot I was, remember? Before I singlehandedly kept Montoni’s in business? Look at me now!”

  2. Rusty

    I sure hope getting worse doesn’t mean a Les-Mary Sue hookup.

  3. Les looks like he’s fighting back a smirk in panel two, as if he’s trying to hold the “Oh, woe is me!” act but keeps thinking “Yeah, yeah, just keep sending that sweet, sweet pity my way.”

  4. Epicus Doomus

    “Remembering never ends”…unless you’re a Bedside Manor resident, in which case it’s a hilarious situation fraught with wry chuckles. Ugh, what a pile of dreariness. I wonder if they go through this during every reunion?

  5. Nathan Obral

    Les Moore gets to mope for weeks about what is ordinarily a simple task and gets to pawn whatever nominal tasks he had off to others. All the while, Les can pull off his “waaaaaaaaaahhhh they don’t understand me oh I’m so tormented because Lisa waaaaaaaaaahhhhh” act and no one really cares.

    Meanwhile, Tom Batiuk is scamming the Hearst estate out of millions of dollars by offering up pure garbage disguised as “a comic strip depicting contemporary issues facing young people in a sensitive manner.” All the while, Tom can pull off his “waaaaaaaaaahhhh they don’t understand me oh I’m so tormented because it’s called writing and art waaaaaaaaaahhhhh” act and no one really cares.

    I don’t really know or care about how Tom Batiuk acts in public functions… the fact is, Les really is his self-portrait in more ways than one.

  6. Rembrandt36

    And now a little ditty…

    Because he’s Les Moore
    Slap his face if think he’s the biggest jerk in the room
    Because he’s Les Moore
    Slap his face if you think he’s full of total gloom and doom
    Because he’s Les Moore
    Slap his face if you think he brings his dead wife up too much
    Because he’s Les Moore
    Slap his face if you think he should just shut the fuck hell up

    And remember, this would have been about a dead woman that didn’t go to that high school and was not in Les’ class.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    And it’s true, so far he’s done absolutely NOTHING but complain. “It’s too hard”, “I don’t know what to do”, “whaaaaa, Lisa”. It’s a truly nauseating display and every word of it was just for the sake of making up another excuse for Les to get all weepy about goddamned Lisa again. Honestly, it’s been nice not hearing about her tragic death every week over the last few years but whenever he tries to tap that well again all the disgust comes racing back, like how getting the flu or a migraine is always oddly familiar.

  8. Bad wolf

    @Nathan: well, he’s scammed “dollars”, to be sure, but that’s probably about all he’s scammed.

    No “Garfield” license money here, for obvious reasons.

  9. SpacemanSpiff85

    This is one of those strips where you know Batiuk leaned back and pictured himself running the bases in his mind. “Remembering lasts forever… Oh yeah, that’s a grand slam right there.”

  10. Guest Page Turner Author

    Self grandisizing. There, I just made up a word. A word that describes this jerk exactly.

    Mary Sue McWalmart has never lost anyone? Barry McBalderdash has never lost anyone? Only Saint Les has experienced grief?

    And Lisa didn’t even attend high school with them.

  11. Rembrandt36

    Somewhere in Ohio a voice is saying “Shut up shut up shut up!”

  12. Yeah. Having to be reminded that he can’t have ALL the sympathy in the world is a torment beyond all torment. If other people have lost as much, he’s not a special little snowflake any longer and that’d be just awful. Meanwhile, my mind is vomiting at knowing that the punk-ass bitch Les-worship will reach a new nadir.

  13. DOlz

    @Rembrandt36, it’s not just in Ohio.

  14. Rusty Shackleford

    A www, so heart touching. It’s amazing that after all these years this strip still remains so fresh, so relevant. Batom really gets the younger generation and he speaks to their concerns in sensitive and thought provoking way.

    A true master of his art.


  15. bayoustu

    Lisa is so special that she’s included in the “In Memoriam” display at EVERY high school reunion across Ohio.

  16. Rusty Shackleford

    I know I have a picture of her over my front door. Keeps the cancer away.

  17. Professor Fate

    he’s written a book about his wife’s death,, he pulled the plug on the movie because they weren’t going to let Lisa die, he has a memorial run every year (with the peanut butter sandwiches made ‘just so”) in her memory. He goes to their bench to talk to her. The memory of the founder of a country aren’t as celebrated with this fervor. And it’s all all all all about Les. In the time since the passing of St. Lisa has there been a single time we have see her in Les’s memory? Nope, not once. While she was alive she was made fate’s chew toy by the author and not that she’s dead the only thing you ever hear about her is that she’s dead.

  18. “Love only lasts a short while…” Garbage. Les has been loving Lisa, even though she’s been dead for 18 years. I could make a tasteless joke about that, but I’ll let you people do it. Let’s just say it involves Lisa’s grave, Les, and a shovel.


    “Love only lasts a a short while”

    Look, Batiuk!! I have no interest in knowing about the shortcomings of Les Moore’s sexual performance!!! Stop it, immediately!!