My fellow bloggers out there are familiar with a WordPress feature called “post tags.” Adding tags to a post “aids in navigation and allows posts and to be grouped with others of similar content.” For example, you might notice the tags for today’s post are listed this post, just before the comments, like so:


It’s a fun and handy feature, and you can even display the tags in a “tag cloud” (on this page it’s in the right-hand sidebar, under the heading “Most Tagged.” The tag cloud displays your most-used tags, and renders them in larger or smaller font sizes depending how often they are used (note the size of “Les” and “Montoni’s“).

I mention this because I regret never having created a tag called “Last panel in which everyone exchanges puzzled expressions in response to what a main character has just said.” The problem, see, is that post tags should be succinct, and there’s really no way, short of an acronym, to shorten that description. And the “LPIWEEPEIRTWAMCHJS” tag would be used a lot: in pretty much every strip that’s set in Mr. Moore’s or Mr. Kablichnick’s or Mr. Dinkle’s classroom, for starters.


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13 responses to “Bushkaball

  1. And, they’re both basketball camp and the reunion on the 4th of July weekend, which is probably one of the stupidest ideas in the history of humankind. Stupid, stupid. stupid.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    So Bull is just now telling them that the camp is ending early? Even though he knew in advance? I hope those kids like walking home.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Boy, talk about doing a half-assed job. Then again, given the source….

  4. Wow…the idea of the “high school reunion” really, really resonates with Tom Batiuk. I mean, it’s almost like comic books.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    BC: He wallows in nostalgic feelings for the very same thing he deliberately steered away from when he dropped the high school-centric format. It’s all so Batiukian.

  6. How about, “Last Panel Slump”?

  7. Great. Given that Harry Dinkle’s providing the band and the thing will look as professional as a taped-up sign, you can just tell that the veins on Cindy’s neck will be standing out like stalks of celery. Also, the tag should be “gobsmackage.”

  8. “But coach, our parents paid a lot of money for this camp. Shouldn’t you mention this to-”
    “Shut up, stupid young person, and try not to mess things up for the important adults, okay?”

  9. Funky Winkerbean gets a shout out in today’s Zippy the Pinhead comic.

  10. Guest Page Turner Author

    Weren’t all the venues booked with graduation parties, so the gym was the only alternative? Westviewians have graduation parties the day after the Fourth of July? On a Sunday?

  11. If Tom Batiuk had the balls and was honest with himself, the Funky Winoerbean collection with story arcs like this would be called “Suffer the Children”

  12. Mister Miggle

    One of the perks of running late is that I got to see the obnoxious discussion in the Comics Kingdom comment section about why kids are so depressing these days. The answer, spelled out as bluntly as anywhere else on the Interweb, is that every generation that isn’t the Boomers is a cosmic dingleberry. Why? Because aging newspaper strip audience, that’s why.

  13. @Mister Miggle:
    1) Nice Pogo reference.
    2) Of course they think that about anyone under forty. How dare arts, culture, music, technology or anything else change from what they’re used to and how dare young people not be interested in what they’re in to! A lesser man like Garry Trudeau might make noise about not being able to do much while alive and not expecting to get better at it when he’s dead but not Tommy Boy.