We Both Are So Excited ‘Cause We’re

I will admit that I’m maybe the only one around SoSF who likes the way Batiuk draws a kiss. That, and the backs of peoples’ ears, are on the very short list of things that TB, in my opinion, gets limnistically right. I know some are repulsed by Batiuk’s habit of erasing the border between the kissing characters’ faces, making them appear to be fused together at the lips. And maybe Cindy’s arm around Mason’s neck is awkward. But the closed or half-closed eyes, the attitudes of the heads…there’s a sweetness. I’m not kidding.

But we’re not letting Tom totally off the hook. Though we totally presume that these two jumped into the sack at the earliest opportunity, today’s airport kiss is meant to signify true romance. But she’s expressing a wish “to be reunited with” Mason when a) they haven’t spent all that much time together, and b) she hasn’t left yet.

★★★Son of Stuck Funky wishes everyone a Safe and Happy Independence Day!★★★


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8 responses to “We Both Are So Excited ‘Cause We’re

  1. Epicus Doomus

    I’m kind of at a loss as to why Cindy couldn’t find time to plan the reunion yet can find the time to actually attend it. It just seems to me that the planning part would have been just as time-consuming as attending it would, but whatever.

    So what happens next? Will Cindy explode with rage upon discovering that the looming reunion is being held at the WHS gym? Will it end up being the BEST REUNION EVER in spite of Les’ ineptitude? Will Mason suddenly change his mind and book a private jet to fly him to Ohio? Will his plane be shot down over Lake Erie? Will it spin in? Will there be any survivors?

  2. billytheskink

    This strip is proof positive that time travel is/will be possible. Whoever coined the phrase “gag me with a spoon” years ago obviously did so in response to reading this.

  3. SpacemanSpiff85

    Based on the way that sign is positioned, it makes it seem like Mason has a ticket too.
    I’m guessing Cindy will try calling Mason at the reunion in a desperate bid to impress everyone. He won’t answer, and she’ll freak out for several strips, wondering if he’s left her for Echo Chambers. Then he’ll show up with an engagement ring, saying he missed her call because he was in the air. And Les will flash back to hanging on the rope in the gym, for some reason.

  4. Well, given who Batiuk is, it’s obvious that what ‘lesser’ people would see as any kind of love being all right is actually the latest hint that Cindy has lost her mind.

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    Don’t get on that plane Cindy!

    Who is this?

    Never mind, go ahead and get on.

  6. Batiuk obviously remembered that airports have a “ticketed passengers only” policy these days, so good for him. Unfortunately, he remembered this only after putting up a sign for Cindy’s gate, something that you’d usually see only past the security checkpoints (which is where the “restricted access” part comes in). Still, he tried.

  7. I guess Google didn’t have any good photos of Burbank Bob Hope Airport, so he drew a minimalist abstraction of a travel nexus.

  8. I’m with Epicus on this one–Cindy just started at her new job, and she’s already demanded time off to go to a reunion? I’m thinking BuddyBlog are probably saying “Hmmm…” to themselves while rubbing their chin.