Harry suddenly seems confused and agitated and is speaking nonsensically, suggesting a neurological or psychotic event. Holly, rather than becoming alarmed, calmly and resignedly responds. She’s seen it before: not only for countless hours standing behind the counter as Harry guzzled free coffee and held court in Montoni’s, but even back in high school, where he was constantly doing weird shit like inviting the gang into his locker.


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19 responses to “Lockerpalooza

  1. Rembrandt36

    Please tell me – how the hell did Lisa blossom to being a reasonably attractive woman? Was this ever addressed? She was butt ugly plain by 70s standards. Did Frankie screw her on a dare or a bet? I mean really?

  2. Because the last time-travel arc was such a stunning success…any hole that Cell Phone Girl will crash her car through the gym wall and take out the cast?

  3. Rusty Shackleford

    Omg. Crazy Harry is about to go postal.

  4. SpacemanSpiff85

    This just reinforces what I said yesterday. We’ve got two straight days now without any attempt at a joke or plot advancement, and still have no clue what Crazy Harry is rambling about. This is pretty sad, really.

  5. DOlz

    It’s pretty sad when a human (TB) fails the Turning Test.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Why is TB suddenly embracing the very material he couldn’t wait to run away from all those years ago? Crazy Harry’s locker? Really? And Lisa was never really part of the old Act I WHS gang, she came along later and was pregnant before she ever knew the rest of the crew.

  7. Great. Another shitty time travel arc where they encounter their future selves:

    Funky/Holly/Bull: I get fat?
    Cindy: I become a pathetic jerk clinging to her youth?
    Lisa: I die?
    Les: I become a smug prick who needs to be beaten to death?

  8. So sad. Tom Batiuk has delusions of Serlinghood. That’s tragic, right? Maybe there’s a Pulitzer nom in this.

  9. Guest Page Turner Author

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  10. Guest Page Turner Author

    As witnessed above, random auto fill can make as much sense as Battic’s plotlines. So where’s my damn Pulitzer Prize?

  11. regnaD kciN

    I’m hoping that this flashback leads to it turning out that everything that’s happened over the past two decades or so of this strip has just been a weird glimpse into an alternate universe everyone experienced in the locker, and, when they emerge, the strip has returned to its original 1970s format and high-school-age cast.

    And then the strip, having been retconned to a time before Batiuk decided he had to be the Woody Allen of “Interiors” to prove his “artistry,” comes to a blessed end with those ’70s teenagers going about their lives.

  12. Lisa: I die?
    Les: Yes, but it’s good. I get a book out of it!

  13. Jimmy

    …and a movie deal, but evil Hollywood gives me a kill fee!

  14. bigd1992

    Maybe it’s like “the gathering” in Highlander, hopefully complete with big swords and decapitations.

  15. Nathan Obral

    In a logical sense, Batiuk SHOULD reboot Funky Winkerbean back to Act I status and leave it that way.

    After all, he’s basically eliminated the entire Act III cast except for Cody, Owen and Alex… all forgettable and used in generic throwaway gags (emphasis on “gag”). Even the beloved St. Summer the Daughter of St. Lisa the Cancer Chew Toy Who Was Cremated – the centerpiece of the Act III cast – has been MIA since Mason Jarr The Movie Actor was at Chez Moore in the spring.

    Batiuk is so awash in nostalgia and clearly doesn’t want to do “prestige” arcs that much anymore, at least since Promageddon three years ago. And he can easily fulfill the promise he made to the poor, unsuspecting dupes at Brunswick High School with a mid-1970s setting and the Act I cast in their original selves.

    It makes so much sense. Hell, FW probably would ADD newspaper clients and non-ironic readers if he did a full-on reboot. He would have more than enough gag-a-day content to last him until the NCS reluctantly throws that T-squared award at him in 2022.


  16. Merry Pookster

    A cheap take-off on “Hot Tub Time Machine”

  17. John

    Holly: “Yes, Crazy, we -are- going to ride Yoshi off to the Mushroom Kingdom.”


    Holly: “Yes, Crazy, when Aslan shakes his mane we -WILL- have spring again.”


    Holly: “Yes, Crazy, worms -do- play pinochle on your snout.”


    ….anyway, as near as I can figure, we’re about to see what cartoonist Alex Robinson did in his 2008 Eisner-nominated graphic novel TOO COOL TO BE FORGOTTEN. Or as mentioned above, Rod Serling did brilliantly in the first season of THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

    But since this is a Tom Batiuk effort, it’ll be lacking the imagination, charm, relevance, and emotionally poignant moments.

  18. @regnaD kciN

    …And then the strip, having been retconned to a time before Batiuk decided he had to be the Woody Allen of “Interiors” to prove his “artistry”…

    The comparison to Woody Allen is very apt. Batiuk in a number of interviews, refers to the Act I strips as “the early, funny ones”, referencing a line from this scene from Woody’s Stardust Memories (1980).

  19. Sgt. Saunders

    Yes, Air-Guitarzan, this is THE reunion and your action is required. Les wrote the script, which has been refined and honed for eight long years, and you know your part “by heart”. C’mon, now, let’s get that Katana moving – Scapegoat Kill Spree won’t write itself! [“Yes it will”] [F*^k you, Les]