We Don’t Call Him Batty For Nothing

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Hey gang, it is I, Epicus, ready to steer the S.S. SoSF through a magical journey where time and newsprint collide in a cavalcade of…well, not really. It’s just another whacked-out FW arc. But still.

Apparently the muttering mailman comic book store lackey Harry is mindlessly jabbering about some sort of “time pool” he had stashed in his super-secret high school locker. Wonder if there’s a Pulitzer in there? Probably not….ZING! Just when you didn’t think it would be possible for the huge reunion arc to get any dumber, here you go. If you were born after 1980 this probably makes no sense whatsoever to you, but trust me, by the end of the week it won’t be much clearer.

In case you’ve already forgotten about the last time travel arc, Funky went into a coma after turning down a vodka and orange after dumping Pa Bean at Bedside Manor, during which he visited his younger self and advised his younger self to purchase a copy of “Starbuck Jones” #1, which he used to save his business after cocking it all up somehow (which happened way before the coma, BTW). Then that bit of drollery was forgotten and all of a sudden SJ # 576 (or whatever) was the priceless collectible one. I know, but seriously, that’s how it happened. Betcha this one is WAY better than that one was!!!


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24 responses to “We Don’t Call Him Batty For Nothing

  1. Nathan Obral

    Congrats to Merry Pookster, who correctly IDed this yesterday as “A cheap take-off on ‘Hot Tub Time Machine.'”

  2. I’m going to give TB a pass on this one. Yes, it will probably end in a Past Lisa, Past Les, Future Les nausea-fest, but…right now, it has possibilities. It’s not just the usual crap through the usual toilet.

    Maybe, maybe, he wants this to work.

    I’ve always said, that if TB can try something, I will support him. Maybe this is the start of a try. Or maybe it’s a trainwreck in the wings, but honestly, I’d love to see this strip succeed at something.

    …yeah, I didn’t think so either, but, you know, someday–maybe years ago….

  3. So, let me make sure I understand this. Crazy Harry has been to the future. He’s seen what happens to these characters. And he has never, never indicated that he knows anything that might be useful by now? No “Hey Lisa, are you doing your monthly self-exams? Oh and by the way, you might want to get a more competent doctor”? No “Here, Funky, let me give you the name of a good marriage councilor”? Not even a “Hey young Crazy Harry, hold on to those comic books; they’ll be worth something someday”? And here I thought he was one of the less asshole-ish characters in the series…

  4. SpacemanSpiff85

    I’d say there’s a fairly good chance that this is leading up to Modern Les hooking up with Teen Lisa, and the revelation that he was the one who got her Teen Pregnant, not Frank.

  5. If I could speak to these people, I would quote a genuinely GOOD time-paradox story and ask them: “Where do all you zombies come from?”

  6. Gyre

    I have an idea for how FW could actually improve, let me just say it before you burn me at the stake.

    FW as a surreal world where reality itself is a bit weird. Maybe there’s a dream world or something, I don’t know. But a place where time travel can happen regularly, your anxiety can actually manifest itself as an actual creature and characters age and grow younger at random.

    Think about it! All FW has to do is not think that it’s realistic and embrace the weirdness. I think this has potential.

  7. DOlz

    And here I thought I was going to wait until Sept. 19 for some timey-whimey* hijinks.

    *Series 2 Season 9 of Doctor Who starts.

  8. Epicus Doomus

    IMO one of BanTom’s biggest issues in recent years is how he’ll start a story that seems like it could have some promise, but halfway through he’ll become bored by it and allow it to collapse in a pile of lame puns and tired gags. Like for example the same-sex couple prom arc which turned into another story about comical old people (Becky’s mom and dad). Or how the big SJ collection arc just faded into oblivion with no resolution.

  9. John

    Reader: “Let me get this straight…Crazy Harry, a character who played no significant role in any of 2015’s meandering arcs is suddenly, without any foreshadowing or explanation the most important character -and- the MacGuffin Device used for a brand new time warp? A fantasy device you supposedly gave up years ago, Mister Quarter Inch Removed?”

    Tom: “Yes. See, by not doing anything interesting with Crazy, I made you forget about Crazy. That means that this is a total surprise and I’m brilliant!”

    Reader: “…..”

    Tom: “It’s called WRITING, people!”

    Reader: “I’m the only one here.”

    Tom: “Silence!”

  10. There’s a time pool in this locker. You keep your weed in it.

  11. So much for this whole “Let’s avoid becoming the horrible people we see” thing….I should have remembered that Les was always a horrible person.

  12. Rusty

    Batiuk is conveniently forgetting that this group of characters never spent time together in Act I. Funky, Les and Harry were friends, but Bull was the bully who only appeared to threaten Les or be the football star in the locker room. Holly was hardly ever shown with anyone else but Dinkle. And Cindy didn’t date or talk to these losers except the occasional strip to mock them. Of course, Lisa didn’t exist in their high school, as far as anyone can remember. But sure, they would all be gathered around Harry’s locker in the past.

  13. bad wolf

    Eh, i know it’s taken three days to repeat essentially the same line but i’ll give it a pass if we’re really doing another time travel arc. Like Gyre, i do think returning some of the whimsical elements to the strip could only help.

    Now to wonder how TB’s going to pull the dullest possible denuement out of a setup with literally infinite possiblilites.

  14. My assumption is that at the end of this particular arc (if it ever ends), all the teen characters will somehow have their memories wiped. Of course, Monday might begin with Comic Book John extolling the virtues of Green Arrow.

  15. Guest Page Turner Author



    I don’t care how old you get, NOBODY forgets time pools! Especially if the time pool involved a future class reunion, you’d be focusing on the time pool at every class reunion!

    Portraying Harry as having a “senior moment” regarding the time pool (where’d I put down my glasses? You’re wearing your glasses! Har Har Har it’s funny because it’s true and we’re Pluggers! ) is just asinine.

  16. JerrytheMacGuy

    Les, Lisa, Funky, Crazy, and Cayla will enter the locker . . .

    and will come out the other side as Jeremy, Sara, Hector, Pierce, and D’ijon from “Zits”.

    One can only hope.

  17. Guest Page Turner Author

    For the first time since the big “Frankie Tries to Film a Reality Show” arc, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what happens next.

  18. Wait! You get paid to call him “Crazy”‽

  19. Epicus Doomus

    Like I said above, the problem is that TB’s ambition always outpaces his ability. He’ll kick something off well enough but then it always peters out into a quagmire of crappy gags and dumb tropes. It’s almost as if he “catches” himself and believes he’s going to alienate his readers if he goes “too far”. One could argue that the “Lisa dies” arc was pretty much the only exception to this rule, which might at least partially explain why he never stops trumpeting that one.

    It might have helped if he took a day or two to explain that “back in the day” Crazy’s locker was his hangout/crash pad, all full of cool stuff (and pizza!). And Rusty is correct above, Bull, Cindy, Holly and Lisa were never part of Les’ gang of idiots at all. Lisa arrived at the tail end of Act I, first introduced as Les’ wallflower prom date. Bull was just the school bully, Cindy was the school snob and Holly mostly just exploded during halftime shows.

  20. A HREF

    My prediction is that this is the end of the arc. The reunion will be done and that’s it. No resolution. Or maybe Crazy in his locker will be the same as Bobby Ewng in his shower.

    @Rusty-you are exactly right. And I am not even sure Les and Funky were good friends. Or even friends. Harry and Funky, yes they were.

  21. Nathan Obral

    @bad wolf

    Now to wonder how TB’s going to pull the dullest possible denuement out of a setup with literally infinite possiblilites.

    Batiuk likely grew up with the perception that denouement meant the conversion of nouns into verbs. (Lewis and Clark-ing, feeling Nordic…)

    That can be the ONLY explanation.

  22. Nathan Obral

    Guest Page Turner Author:



    I don’t care how old you get, NOBODY forgets time pools! Especially if the time pool involved a future class reunion, you’d be focusing on the time pool at every class reunion!

    It depends on the type of drugs Harry Klinghorn was on back in 1992 1988 1978.

    Original Act I continuity aside, methinks that Crazy Harry stumbled into the time pool first, saw everyone in their decrepit or dead states, and summoned them forth.

    Now, why would he FORGET to advise anyone about their futures? Again, Batiuk was too chicken to admit that Crazy was the class stoner back in Act I. Crazy likely forgot or suffered flashbacks that compromised his memory in Acts II and/or III.

    Not that it makes him any less of an a-hole, but there is some implied context.

  23. I’m going to guess that, at the end, the whole story will be shown to take place only in Harry’s mind.

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