Beam me up, Crazy!

In today’s strip, the War on Limbs resumes. To wit:

The circled regions are supposed to be the same elbow joint of a teenage boy.
The circled regions are supposed to be the same elbow joint of a teenage boy.

Young Crazy is crazy indeed if he would voluntarily step onto a transporter platform. The car has something like a 0.02% chance of killing you each time it moves you around. The transporter kills the original 100% of the time.

By the way, comic books are “cool.” Working in a comic book store is high-fivin’ “cool”. And so it goes.

Also, those are feet. By Grabthars Hammer, those are human feet!
Also, those are feet. By Grabthar’s Hammer, those are human feet!

After that horror, stepping into the transporter doesn’t seem so bad.


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22 responses to “Beam me up, Crazy!

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    I love panel two. Even after travelling into the future, Les is still a loser nobody wants to talk to.

  2. Guest Page Turner Author

    I can only hope that the lingering faces of Les and Lisa throughout this arc will mean that these two will eventually meet in 2015.

    Despite all the funny puns and confusingish language between the generations, it’s all gonna come down to Les meets Lisa.

    I hope Battic does this well at least.

  3. Now would be the perfect time for the Protector to smash into the gymnasium.

  4. Jim in Wisc.

    Why do I have this odd feeling that Batty is going to cop out at the end of this arc, and have someone like the temporal cops from ST: Enterprise show up and wipe everyone’s memories so that this never happened,

  5. Epicus Doomus

    This could theoretically go on forever, with endless gags about what’s changed and what hasn’t, over and over again into infinity. “Pictures with a phone? But how do you get them developed? Where are the cords?” and so on. At first I was assuming that there might be some overall point to this, whether it’s be Les/Lisa or advice to their past selves or whatever, but now I think it’s just a stupid gag vehicle and nothing more. It’ll just end one day and suddenly we’ll be seeing Funky jog or marching band practice and etc. with no explanation or closure at all. It’s how this strip rolls.

  6. “Well, first I worked a soul-killing job in the post office for twenty-five years. Then they laid me off with no pension, so now I work as a minimum-wage stockboy part time. The good news is my daughter has vanished off the face of the earth, so I no longer have to worry about paying her college tuition.”

  7. Epicus Doomus

    TheDiva: Now THAT would be a good premise. Have the “now” gang endlessly complain to their young selves about how much their lives suck. “And then after you died I went into quite a tailspin…whoa boy did I ever!”.

  8. You know, this reality-based comic strip is right on the money! I remember the last time my past self came to the future so I could show him where I would be working.

  9. ComicTrek

    It’s now obvious that Les really does not want to be there anymore! And who blames the kid? The Crazys are, ironically, the most normal ones out of the bunch.

  10. This might have been a useful little arc about how certain technological ‘advances’ like transporters and flying cars will (forturnately) never exist and why that’s okay. What it is is an extended example of idiotic stunt casting that proves that we get to ‘bully’ poor Bathack about having nothing left in the tank.

  11. Monotony

    Do you know where I would have gone if I found a time machine/teleporter in my highschool locker?

    Not my highschool.


    Of course there are no transporters! This is 2015. Now if it took place in a time period more closer to how the jump ahead should take place, just maybe!

  13. There’s absolutely no way that this arc can really resolve itself in any interesting way. TB just pulled a time pool right out of his ass for no other reason than to use a bunch of pointless back to the future gags. The youngsters will somehow go back to 1978 (or whatever year it was) with no memory of what happened. Do we think that the future counterparts will retain any memory of this incident either? Will meeting their past selves have any significant impact on their lives going forward? Does anybody really care?

  14. billytheskink

    Oh, you may be disappointed now Young Crazy, but just wait until you see Old Crazy’s 1997 Toyota Paseo.

  15. bad wolf

    Off topic i know, but for anyone who wishes they could afford/manage a trip to Comic-Con some day, luckily the cartoonists who get free trips sometimes use the experience in their strips. And for anyone who thought Batiuk’s boondoggle last year was a waste, i give you Brooke “Bite the hand that feeds you” McEldowney.

  16. ComicBookHarriet

    We thought this arc was about Dead!Lisa. But now we know that BatTom was planning all along to use Young and Old Crazy Harry’s visit to the comic book store to complain about Crisis on Infinite Earths, Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, Flashpoint and the New DCU.

  17. @bad wolf: Oh, yeah. THAT asshole. He’s currently ‘entertaining’ us with an evil, stick-in-the-mud take on Harvey because we didn’t thrill to the “Insane Monster Woman” saga. Also, because someone tried to correct him when he confused a way station with a weigh station.

  18. bad wolf

    @Paul Jones–yeah, whenever i think TB’s thin-skinned, i remember that Brooke doesn’t allow any comments on his pages at all. Dude would probably explode if there was a Stuck Pibgorn.

  19. I thought Skunkhead John owned the shop. Anyway, I hope Funky will warn his younger self about his upcoming alcoholism.

  20. Epicus Doomus

    As usual it’s the laziness of the gags that’s so irritating. Who does he think he’s writing this for? What is he afraid of? He could be running wild with this, lots of meta inside jokes and sarcasm galore, but he’s just doing weak pablum instead. It’s like he just doesn’t know another way.

  21. Merry Pookster

    @ Carrie… Warn or encourage?

  22. Apauled

    “He could be running wild with this, lots of meta inside jokes and sarcasm galore, but he’s just doing weak pablum instead. It’s like he just doesn’t know another way.”

    He doesn’t — he’s a bored & boring person with no imagination. And I say that as one who’s the same age he is, so his problem isn’t a matter of being old. How in the world he continues to be syndicated is one of the great mysteries.