The Eagle has landed, but Funky Winkerbean has not

On the plus side, this is the 46th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Also on the plus side, today’s Funky Winkerbean wasn’t available for preview. On the down side, it will be. It will be.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name isn’t really Oddnoc, and this is Son of Stuck Funky. Snark away!



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27 responses to “The Eagle has landed, but Funky Winkerbean has not

  1. It’s a brave new week for a formerly brave strip. What’s the over/under that Lisa will learn the truth about her melodramatic demise? Does Tom Batiuk have the balls to do anything with a plot device that functionally has the capacity to make sweeping changes to his well established comic strip? Does he have to balls to do anything interesting and meaningful with a strip that has existed for FORTY GODDAMN YEARS and has, since Lisa’s death, done jack shit with it? Does he have to balls to write a story that is in any way interesting enough to garner attention by anybody other than 70 year olds who ignore it half the time, while chuckling at Garfield and the Family Circus and Beetle Bailey while they eat raisin bran with skim milk at 5 am?

    I somehow doubt we will.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    I think you mean “when we come from”, Les.
    And this is the second day in a row where one of the characters talks about using the internet to find out more about them. That is pretty weird (not even taking into account the likelihood of Funky’s relationship history being easily googleable), especially given how Batiuk just recently had an arc on the evils of the internet. Although maybe he’s okay with it as long as people just use to find out more about his strip.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Once again we see a clearly confused and/or disinterested BanTom resorting to idiotic bits of wordplay even if they make no logical sense whatsoever. Why isn’t anyone more astonished by this turn of events? Why would Funky have his laptop with him at a class reunion? Why would everything about him be available online? Was this really the best “back to the future” gag he could dream up? He has a premise here that might actually be fun or humorous if done correctly but instead he’s just babbling. This is just some painfully bad stuff right here.

    SpacemanSpiff85: And the hilarious thing is that you CAN’T really use the internet to learn more about FW, unless you land here, that is.

  4. JerrytheMacGuy

    “So many questions, young me . . . why don’t you just read Son of Stuck Funky?”

  5. bayoustu

    Something astonishing is unfolding before his very eyes (and right under his Crankshaftian nose), and Funky can’t be bothered…

  6. Eh, at least it’s a joke, and it’s not a bad one. It would have been worse if one of the Elders had said, “I have to update my blog!” and a Youth responded, “Maybe bran will help?”

  7. SpacemanSpiff85

    I would be shocked if Batiuk doesn’t work a Myspace gag in here.
    Old Funky: “Are you on Myspace?”
    Young Cindy, trampily: “No, but play your cards right…”

  8. DOlz

    And lo young Les took his first step to becoming King Douche.

  9. So sneering contempt for teenagers is something of an automatic reflex for Westview elders, then…

    I’m pretty sure I saw the “Googling sounds like something dirty” joke in Zits years ago….

  10. Great. No wonder Funky takes to drinking….he’s trying to kill Douchenozzle 2015 Funky. Also, Les could have made the Tim Allen confusion noise but someone is too busy making him a snotty know-it-all.

  11. So the creation of a new time travel paradox arrives- older self getting it on with younger self (at least he knows what he likes). Bat/ick creates yet another category for the Sexual Olympics. Wonder where that REALLY was first addressed.

  12. Sgt. Saunders

    So when they return to the “locker” the “Funky Gang” will remember nothing of their visit to the future? Except Harry? I mean why would this time travel event not just flat fuck up the rest of their miserable lives? Of course no one would believe them and they would then have to form a cult because they, and only they, have the .knowledge. But, in true Westview style, it’s only cheap knowledge, like “Funky owns Montoni’s”, and not something valuable like “One word. Microsoft” . So the descent into madness comes swift and sure,with everyone just waiting around for the reunion and chattering like raccoons, thereby creating a future that never quite reaches the the reunion. Amigos, it’s not a pretty picture.

  13. Sgt. Saunders

    And, of course, Les will await that New Year’s Eve when he Googles his laptop in front of everyone.

  14. ComicTrek

    (*facepalm*) Funky. Funky, Funky, Funky. How could you expect these 60’s or 70’s-era kids–who JUST got here, by the way–to know how to use any part of the Internet, and what’s more, GOOGLE?

  15. @ComicTrek: This is a man who thought that they had GPS in the seventies. Also, this is a man who used to buy into Cliff Clavin’s reasoning about how drinking himself stupid made him smarter because the liquor killed the slower brain cells.

  16. Just for shits and giggles, I’ve posted the only slightly less lame 2010 time travel arc.

  17. @Sgt Saunders – It seems like the only thing that Crazy Harry remembers from this incident is the fact that they were at a reunion in the gym and the Bedside Manor band was playing. TB has kind of painted himself into a corner with this arc (all so he can just use a handful of stupid internet wordplay gags) and the only way he’s going to get out is by wiping everyone’s memories.


    Personally, my first question would be “Jesus! How did I get so fucking fat??!!!”. But hey that’s just me.

    Given the state of Westview, I guess this does count as an apocalyptic future story, no?

  19. Professor Fate

    And to quote I think Crow T Robot – “So is something going to happen?” We have a time travel story and the only thing the Author can think of doing are lame word play and bringing the younger versions up to date on what has happened to them – which for the reader is rather boring as we know all of this already. Unless the author wants to use this arc to get new readers (who are they?) up to speed there doesn’t seem much of a point here.

  20. billytheskink

    It’s funny because Act I Les swears by Alta Vista. That’s the joke, right?

    This strip has more profiles than MySpace does these days, by the way.

  21. Jim in Wisc.

    $$$WESTVIEW ONCOLOGIST$$$ wrote: Personally, my first question would be “Jesus! How did I get so fucking fat??!!!”. But hey that’s just me.

    Or, “Why the hell do I look 20 years older than everyone else my age?”

  22. Guest Page Turner Author

    More poorly contrived gags? I mean, this formula is so worn out. Guy from the past doesn’t understand this strange language from a different time. Even though said language is presented in such an awkward way which would never be used in normal conversation. Especially if said normal conversation is between a person and his teenage self.

    I though this one had potential. Turns out to be the stupidest arc ge has created yet. And still no mention of Lisa not having a future counterpart.

  23. Epicus Doomus

    It’d be way less paradoxical (and stupid) if they were merely observing their future selves instead of actually interacting with them. I guarantee that when this ends it’ll never be mentioned again, like it never happened.

  24. All the present day Westviewians look so bored. And sad.

  25. The Dreamer

    So when is someone going to tell young Lisa why old Lisa isn’t here? Or is she going to even wonder why old versions of everybody else is there but not her?

  26. And it would have been so simple to make Les not look like such a douche:

  27. bad wolf

    Thanks for posting those, TFH. What a weird comparison! I know we’re (probably?) less than halfway through this one but for comparison, i immediately notice that there’s no (car accident) framing device here. Sign of something different or narrative laziness?

    Anyway stupid as that arc was, the strip with Funky rambling on about “killer shark issues” and “Elvis died on the can”… pure gold.