Wally and the Eager Beaver

Why does Funky not take Wally’s earnest interest in being the new Darin seriously in today’s strip?

Is it because he doesn’t trust Wally to manage Montoni’s or pay his rent?

Is it because he’s mad that Rachel hasn’t shown up for work at Montoni’s since she married Wally?

Is it because he believes that anyone who shows that much enthusiasm in Westview is a Soviet spy or alien pod person?

Is it because he’s mad that he wasn’t able to send Cory to the orphanage that has apparently taken in Wally Jr, Tyler and Little Abbey Klinghorn, Jamie and Kerri Thorp, and now Rachel’s son whose name I don’t remember?

Is it because he’s emphasizing the word “worked” in an awkward phrase while trying to subtly tell Crazy to get back to his job at Komix Korner and quit downing free refills of his $2 bottomless cup of coffee because he’s sick of calling the Royal Cup delivery man every other freaking day?

Is it because he’s a schmuck?



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15 responses to “Wally and the Eager Beaver

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    Um, Funky…the vacancies are because Les just happened to meet Mason, who just happened to start dating Cindy, who just happened to recommend Pete for a writing job, who just happened to recommend Darin for storyboards. Now Wally just happens to be nearby when you were whining. Your life always works just like this.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    billy: Rachel’s son’s name…now THAT is as obscure as it gets. Oddly enough I remember what he looks like, sort of, but the name (if he even has one) escapes me. He’s part of that “lost generation” of FW kids that just sort of atrophied into nothingness, only to be replaced by Owen.

    Montoni’s sort of operates as its own “company town” in a way. You work there, you live there, your landlord is your boss, then it’s a quick trudge up those stairs to that horrible apartment that reeks of comic books and despair and, of course, pizza. And on top of that you might have a kid and a dog too, maybe. Plus there’s that college course load you might be carrying as well. The wife is already working nights at the Sprawl-Mart to make ends meet and…dammit, what does Funky want NOW?

    Is Wally really the best guy to put in that situation? You all know what I mean. IMO his wife should strongly advise against this, but somehow I doubt that’s gonna happen. Wally might be the only FW character that actually generates any sympathy, as he’s really been through the wringer, even by TB standards. So in that light, this just reads like another cruelty being inflicted upon him. Poor, poor Wally. An American hero reduced to playing the role of Darin arc interrupter, it’s shameful is what it is.

  3. Rusty

    I can’t tell if Funky is pleased his dilemma is this easily solved, or he is mocking Wally for showing a spark of ambition. Batiuk may not even know.

  4. Nice, Funky, make fun of your PTSD-traumatized cousin(?) who’s only trying to better himself. Even for this strip, that’s low.

  5. Guest Page Turner Author

    Is there anything else that you can find out. I’ll be back in town and I will be following up on the other side of things.

    I’m going to be there for the first time in a long time. I always thought that was odd because you are looking for a few days at the same thing.

    I’m going to be on the road to recovery software.

    Once again, with the exception of this paragraph, I just randomly chose words that automatically popped up, and made more sense than the usual Tom Battic nonsense

  6. billytheskink

    After much, much searching, I found the name of Rachel’s son, Robbie. He appeared all of three times before he was (presumably) adopted by a nice couple who run a funeral home in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

  7. ComicTrek

    Of course life doesn’t work that way when you’re Wally Winkerbean, whose sole purpose in this strip has always been to serve as Westview’s official lightning rod of misery. (Which is saying a lot!)

  8. My God. No wonder his expansion plans went tits-up. Not only is Lardarse Cheatshopbean cynical, apathetic, greedy, whiny and self-absored, he’s also rock Goddamned stupid.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Funky does that much business and has so many employees that he needs a manager? And who goes to a pizza place to sit and drink coffee all day?

    This strip is so realistic, I know lots of millennials who aspire to live and work at a pizza place and spend their free time talking about comics.

  10. Will it shock anyone if Rachel and Buddy magically get retconned out of the strip entirely, and Wally is recast as single and mentally stable?

  11. It never fails–in the course of a week, the story that has the most potential to be interesting (Darrin off to Hollywood) is dropped to shift the focus to the mundane and utterly pointless. But then, “interesting” is ever in Mr. Batiuk’s plans.

  12. @Nathan Orbal: Not as such, no. Batiuk doesn’t really get women so tends to not have them around as such.

    @beckoningchasm: There used to be a genre of strips called “enjoy the ride.” As it stands now, the ride we’re ‘enjoying’ is pretty much an old maiden aunt’s idea of what a child might find exciting. It’s riveting to the sort of old soak who thinks like Batiuk but to everyone else, not so much.

  13. “Of course, I’ll have to check with Rachel,” Wally won’t add, because she’s just a woman, so her input is both worthless and unnecessary. She’ll be overjoyed to sell her house and move into the studio apartment above Montoni’s. Changing Robbie’s school won’t be a problem; they’re homeschooling him on comic books in the basement.

    I really don’t see how a guy could shank both career and family any shankier than Durrhey and Wally. Tom Batiuk’s America, folks!

  14. ComicTrek

    Wait, who’s Robbie? (Can’t read the strips) And whatever happened to Wally Jr.?

  15. Charles

    Wally Jr. became Gross John Jr, and he probably starved to death one week when Becky went off to a band convention.

    I actually think the last time he appeared was when he spent some time with Wally because Wally had a dog and that was fun. Without Buddy, Wally Jr Gross John Jr had about as much time for Wally as everyone else in that god-forsaken hellhole known as Westview did.