The French Revolution

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This actually isn’t bad, although it’s a bit stretched for a Sunday episode.  Credit where it’s due–Tom Batiuk has finally realized what an obnoxious a-hole Les is, so instead of having him deliver these puns, he has Cayla do it, where they are far less smirk-coated and can be appreciated (as much as puns can be, that is).   If the roles had been reversed, this would have been one of the worst strips ever.  The punchable smirk in the penultimate panel would have been woven throughout like a plague bacillus.

Mr. Batiuk even has Les accepting Cayla’s puns, instead of whineley squawking that all the attention isn’t on him.   He actually looks proud of her.  That’s progress of a sort.  Maybe Cayla will actually start to come into her own as a character.  (Doubtful, but who knows?)

The one puzzling aspect is Cayla’s expressions; she looks like she’s at a funeral.  Especially odd is her look in that penultimate panel.  But I think I’ve figured that one out.  Cayla is beginning to understand what it is to be Les Moore, spouting endless puns for approval, and it smells pretty bad to her.

In short, good one, Mr. Batiuk–thank you.

Don’t misunderstand–this is like finding a raisin in a bowl of rabbit turds.  You didn’t want a raisin anyway, and you’ve lost your appetite, but at least it is edible–unlike the rest of what’s in the bowl.



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15 responses to “The French Revolution

  1. Spacemanspiff85

    Cayla kind of has a point. I don’t really recognize that tree, but I’m sure it’s been featured more than Summer and Cayla’s daughter (Keesha?) in the past three years.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    I thought the exact same thing re: panel five. He was going for something there with Cayla’s facial expression but he just couldn’t quite make it clear what that was. And damned if I know. She has the same look on her face that cartoon characters get after being hit with a huge mallet, minus the tweeting birds flying around her head. I do know what he was aiming for with that Les smirk though, what a dick.

    Still though, this is a very rare glimpse into Cayla’s personality, which is to say that this is one of those very rare times when Cayla HAS a personality. So there is that. Plus there’s a chance that Les could be killed by a falling tree which gives me a reason to keep reading the strip. So I give this one my highest rating of 2015 so far, a mere eleven thumbs down.

  3. bigd1992

    It’s too bad Batuik draws these a year in advance. He actually could try a good story line with Les discovering Cayla had an account on Ashley Madison. He confronts her, and Cayla tells Les she’s tired of competing with a ghost and his trips for that damn book. He’d screw it up though.

  4. The Westview Community Players present Jacques Brel is Dying of Cancer and Miserable and Living in Westview.

  5. ComicTrek

    This one gets a sigh of relief from me. 🙂 Perfect description of today’s strip as well! Haha!

  6. The Defender

    It’s a sweet moment, alright. Batuik is really good at catching the little intimate moments between couples.

  7. Guest Page Turner Author

    No, nothing sweet about this, nothing humorous, not a cute little inmate glimpse at these two.

    It’s just more corny schlock, from the world’s corniest, schlockiest author. Not as God awful as the usual dreck, but dreck nonetheless.

  8. Here’s Les, jealous because he didn’t get to deliver the horrible puns and be thought well of by the other idiots.

  9. “Pardon my French, but…” well, you can figure out the rest.

  10. Terribly written, terribly drawn, with no likable characters and an execution so atrocious that it makes me want to drive down to Medina and give Tom Batiuk an atomic wedgie.

    If this is what qualifies for the “least awful” Funky Winkerbean of 2015, then I guess it hit the mark.

  11. Rusty

    Puns, if that is what these are, are not more palatable when delivered by someone other than Les. It’s not just the main protagonist, Batiuk, it’s your preferred brand of “humor.”

  12. bigd1992

    If the tree falls and hits Les, the tree will replace Buddy as my favorite character

  13. I like Josh’s theory that all these French puns are basically Cayla’s passive aggressive reminder to Les of his recent implicit promise to take her to Paris for dinner. Also, as is often the case, the puns depicted in this strip are mostly homonyms (except for “C’est La Tree”) and thus when spoken would not be actually recognizable as puns.


    What’s funny about this strip is that it ultimately is about death. That’s it. It’s not about whimsy, or bad pun play. It’s about the bitter finality of death. This probably might rank up there as one of the more depressing strips Batiuk has done….And that’s saying a lot.

  15. @the defender, you ought to learn how to spell Batiuk before you don that shining armor.

    I generally like puns. The present ones just aren’t that good. I’m still amazed that TB claims that writing is easier than drawing.