Rooly Unkool

Kids these days, with their shenanigans and whatnots! If it’s not gluing a quarter to the floor it’s vandalizing a car like in today’s strip. Nothing says light-hearted mischief like a $2200 detailing bill. What’s next? The classic “lit newspaper in the mailslot” trick?


Woohoo! Go Seniors!


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24 responses to “Rooly Unkool

  1. The Defender

    Boy, I give the commentators here a week to get their act together and they’re STILL throwing out the same lame chestnuts. Don’t you get it? This is a landmark comic that ranks up there with ‘Charlie Brown,’ ‘Nancy,’ and ‘Garfield.’ Batiuk is showing you in a wistful manner that you NEVER heal when the love of your life is gone forever. It always feels like someone’s missing. Now come on – give it your best. Throw out some weak comment about how Les is old or unattractive, or a stick-in-the-mud. That will fill the emptiness in your heart.

  2. Jimmy

    Admit it, Les. You decided to get blasted at the local bar, which would explain the Lisa hallucination and your incoherent rambling about waiting for the laaast leaffffff.

    It’s ok; I’ve been there too, but I’ve been happier when enjoying the walk home. Kudos for not driving.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    That vandalism sure says a lot about Mr. Moore’s Senior Lit class, eh? A pretty bad gag made downright jarring considering what it’s following. I thought we were still being all sad and maudlin about Lisa and her f*cking leaves, so I’m confused by this dopey slapstick. Not as confused as the guy who writes this dreck, but still.

    The Defender: Welcome back. The strip was called “Peanuts”, BTW. And Nancy…lol, you kill me.

  4. Because they spray-painted Les’s car, Those Whacky Seniors were commended by local officials and handed the key to the city for their outstanding service to the community.

  5. Rembrandt36

    The other faculty members tagged Les’ car. Also, good to have the Dependser back. We need some good chuckles since TB doesn’t provide them.

  6. Smirks 'R Us

    If BatHack had any sense of humor left, he would have shown panel 4 with Ghost Lisa holding an empty spray paint can and a sh*t eating grin on her ghost face.

  7. @defender: People get heartily sick of dealing with someone who won’t move on when bad things happen to them. They also get sick of dealing with never letting a guy have a break because a filthy sadist author thinks that tormenting a sitting duck is funny and cute and smart. We think that Schulz screwed the Round-Headed Kid over because he couldn’t kick a football and we think that he’s being masochistic by making his avatar into a spineless loser who gets no real respect.

  8. Professor Fate

    The defender is putting us on. Nancy? Garfield? That’s your classic comic strip list? And oh yes the name of the other strip was Peanuts not Charlie Brown. And what you call wistful is more of a cinder block to the head of self pity with a layer of maudlin wrapped around it. And grief well there is always a hurt there but you get used to it you accept it and you move on with your life.
    And I’m not sure why commenting on this strip means our hearts are empty. Perhaps our full hearts are appalled by the fake sentiment running rampant in this strip.

  9. It’s worse than fake sentiment, friends. I think we just found the target of the bullying arc. It isn’t that kid who Glasses made friends with…’s LES!!!

    That’s right. We’re dealing with a senior CITIZEN bullying arc because it’s an issue that affects young adults in their seventies told in a blah-blah-blah manner by a man with no ideas.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    @theDefender. No. Nancy had much better character development and Ernie Bushmiller wasn’t a pompous a$$.

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    I thought senior pranks happen at the end of the year.

  12. DOlz

    @The Defender, “Throw out some weak comment about how Les is old or unattractive, or a stick-in-the-mud. That will fill the emptiness in your heart.”

    That would be TB who keeps reminding us how Les is getting old and decrepit. I guess that folks find Sir Smirksalot’s face punchable would be unattractive, so I’ll give you that point. Again it’s TB who makes Les a stick-in-the-mud by always making him resent anything new. Also TB drags Les kicking and screaming into situations that would benefit him, only for Les to self sabotage himself and then whine about the cruel fates.

    Finally, my heart isn’t empty. However; when it does need topping off I don’t come here to do it. I read a book, watch a movie, read a comic where the author still gives a damn, or listen to a piece of music. In fact i think I’ll listen to my favorite piece of music now, Rimsky-Korsakov’s sublime “Scheherazade”.

  13. I’d like to think whoever tagged Les’ car deliberately misspelled “rule” because they knew how much it would annoy him.

  14. Merry Pookster

    Hold on a minute….. you all missed it. Les’s car wasn’t tagged by students! That was the work of the Band members from the Westview Home….Funky’s Father gang..

  15. bigd1992

    “You’re late, dammit! The hitman couldn’t wait any longer to rid me of you!”

  16. Jimmy

    @Smirks R Us: and Lisa is peering at the reader with a “ain’t I a stinker.” look. Or “not me” does it as a homage to the best strip of them all, Family Circus.

    Being real for a second, any self-respecting comics reader knows Heathcliff is the best cat-based strip.

  17. sgtsaunders

    I’m just glad Les got up off that bench. I was afraid he was about to go all New-Year’s-Eve.

  18. So, Les just left his car at school. Sure hope he or Cayla doesn’t need it for, oh, going to the grocery store or to Montoni’s, or to take someone to the hospital.

    Leaving the car because you want to walk is something you do when you’re at home. It’s kind of courteous that way, because it means while you’re enjoying your walk, others can use the car if they need it.

    Of course, Les thinks nothing of other people. With him, it’s Les Moore and My Insights ‘n’ Puns, 24-7.

  19. Les' Yellow Tux

    Um…why would a married couple who work in the same building the same hours not drive to work and back home together?

  20. hitorque

    With some creative corrections, Les might make the graffiti read “Cook Pass Babtridge”….

  21. bayoustu

    Boy, is Flunky gonna be mad when he sees someone defaced Snowball!

  22. I was willing to believe that the Repeat Defender was for real until “‘Charlie Brown’” and “‘Garfield’”.

    Senior citizenz drule! Into there scrabbled eggz! ’16! Mr. More suxz eggz LOL

  23. The Dreamer

    Doesnt Cayla also work at the school? Wouldn’t she be going home with him?