Blame It on the Block a Nova

Well! After the neverending Lisaspiel, today we leave behind the falling leaves for palm trees and sand, as Mason and Cindy take to the beach. Query exactly how much SPF is required “to block a nova”, since novae tend to occur in distant star systems not even visible to the naked eye. That’s how much sunblock Cindy’s using “these days”, said days being the ones since she realized she was O-L-D.



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35 responses to “Blame It on the Block a Nova

  1. Oh my god you guys, today’s stip isn’t about Lisa, Les, DVDs, cancer, Cayla or anything like that. It’s awesome.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Classic BanTom change of direction today as we veer away from Les, Lisa and Cayla’s sick sex life and towards Cindy and Mason’s instead. Who saw THIS coming, eh? Lord only knows where this might be going, but I guarantee you no good will come of it. Maybe he’ll use this arc to wrap up the Buddyblog and “Starbuck Jones” plot threads. Ha, just kidding, of course he won’t. I’m expecting a lot of wry self-deprecating Cindy gags about how old she is now and maybe a few cracks about how fake Hollywood is. It still beats last week, so there is that.

  3. Jimmy

    The post title is the best thing about today’s strip.

  4. Rembrandt36

    I’ll take this ANY DAY over the dreck we got last week. And it shows that TB can draw an attractive figured woman when he is not using a potato sack for a template.

  5. Rembrandt36

    Just looking up at the banner. The picture of Funky choking Les is still hilarious. Please don’t ever get rid of that picture.

  6. billytheskink

    Without Cindy’s dang Westview ball cap I would have thought today’s strip was about Vanilla Ice, his college-age girlfriend, and a joke book from a Scholastic elementary school book fair.

  7. You know, I don’t mind Cindy or Mason. Mason’s a little slow, and Cindy’s I’m-so-old shtick gets really old, but compared to the Moores they’re decent people. (Cindy, really, take a look at Holly and Donna and tell me you’ve lost your looks.)

  8. “Now that I’ve left Westview, I’m more interested in avoiding melanoma.”

  9. I guess we should be thankful that we appear to have avoided being sbjected to another week of DSL. Are we going to get a week of Mason and Cindy?

  10. Ray

    Ahhh…Mason and Cindy looking resplendent in trucker caps.
    At least Cindy is giving a tiny glimpse of side-boob.

  11. JerrytheMacGuy

    Yes Ray, a side-boob shot. Is this the first “Funky Winkerbean” to deserve an “Arlo”?

  12. Epicus Doomus

    TFH: Yes, the post title is an all-time great IMO.

    BC: The endless self-deprecating wry remarks about her fading looks really does get annoying and I have no earthly idea why TB suddenly felt it necessary to make her the butt of age gags all the time but at least she’s mostly just played for attempted laughs and nothing more. But then again, anything is a refreshing change after that slog through BanTom’s disturbing Lisa fantasies, blech.

  13. Guest Page Turner Author

    The stilted dialog always gets me, and it jumps out at me here: In normal conversation, you don’t ask a question, followed by the person’s name, when there’s only two of you! Presumably they went down to the beach together. Probably after a hot night if him hammering her with his bent nail. Why does he have to say her name? Third rate writing skills.

    And notice how he has lovingly detailed the muscle tone of the two men on the beach, but she, while not drawn as an amorphous blob as all her contemporaries, is drawn as an amorphous stick. Not a hunt of cleavage on her, even though he has that gloriously drawn six pack.

    Conclusion : Battic can neither write nor draw well enough to deserve continued publication . The lady from the Dallas rag hit the bent nail on the head.

  14. I would rather endure a week of Cindy is old and vain than see what Saint Dead Lisa told Les. This is because we already know what she would have said and thus can ‘respect’ Batiuk’s obvious belief that a week of Girl Captain Pike telling Les that Summer is resilient and that he’s an awful person for daring to act as if his need for companionship allows him to pretend that the world can go on without her is not for prying eyes.

  15. ComicTrek

    The first two panels would have been okay, actually. Then TB just had to overdo it with the words! It’s like someone putting extra salt on your already-perfect French fries.
    In other news, the random bald buff guy in the header cracked me up!

  16. Rusty Shackleford

    So Batty spun the plot wheel and it landed on Mason and Cindy. Well, at least we didn’t get another Lisa.

  17. I wondered where the lone library copy of “How to Draw Somewhat Attractive Females That Don’t Look Like DSL, One-Armed Becky, or a Potato with Funky’s face and a Wig” went.

    And look! Mason Jarr the Movie Actor and twentysomething Cindy actually have muscle tone and not Les/Summer pipe cleaners for legs and arms!

  18. bayoustu

    Y’know… this endless “Cindy is OLD” schtick would kinda make sense if she didn’t look like she was a college senior at Spring Break.

  19. Folks–don’t think for one minute that because we have Cindy, we’re being spared the “For Les” DVD in its entirety.

  20. Rusty

    Maybe someone will kick sand in Mason’s face and we’ll finally get our bullying story.

  21. Oh, Cindy. You think your precious sunscreen will save you? You can still get thousands of other kinds of cancer! Just randomly! Outta the friggin’ blue! All your choices are meaningless!

    Also, not going to happen, but wouldn’t it be great if today’s strip’s cheesecake shots are because Batiuk had some kind of overnight epiphany, and said, “Screw this maudlin crap, I wanna draw the next Liberty Meadows!” Then, nothin but boobs til 2022.

  22. ScottFree

    I give up–how much sunscreen does it take to block a ’72 Chevy?

  23. Jim in Wisc.

    Epicus Doomus wrote: Maybe he’ll use this arc to wrap up the Buddyblog and “Starbuck Jones” plot threads. Ha, just kidding, of course he won’t.

    Knowing L’Auteur Glorieux, he probably doesn’t even remember those storylines exist.

  24. billytheskink

    Yes Ray, a side-boob shot. Is this the first “Funky Winkerbean” to deserve an “Arlo”?

    No, but it is possibly the most tasteful of TB’s Arlo contenders.

    Recall that rainy May afternoon when This. Thing. Happened.

    And of course, there was Dinkle’s all-time low.


    Well, I guess this is as close as we can get for fan service from Funky Winkerbean.

  26. Continuity Police Alert: In the first panel she clearly has straps going straight up and over her shoulders, in which case they would have to extend down her back and employ a center tie, but in the third they have disappeared as if she is instead wearing a top that ties behind the neck – unless of course she has slid the top down to let him get a good visual dose o’ flesh, which, if I know my 55 year old women for whom at least a modicum of modesty is usually in order, seems unlikely. Maybe he makes her feel like a teen on spring break? Can a Westview Girls Gone Wild video for Crazy to produce be the next arc? Also, in panel two if you enlarge it you can clearly see the dotting/hatching on her lower face, which is either globs of sunscreen (if so, there’s none in the other 2 panels) or simply a shading goof on the part of TB. Betting on the latter.

  27. I just noticed that there appears to be a very skinny person in the background of Panel 1. Appears to be walking just behind “Muscle Beach Guy”.

  28. Jim in Wisc.

    @ Fred Blurt: Also, Mason’s hat changes between panels 1 and 3. It starts out with a black front-piece, and then becomes all blue. Not remembering your own characters’ names from one week to the next is bad enough, but not even bothering to draw characters consistently across a single strip is the height of either laziness or incompetence, possibly even both.

  29. Saturnino

    I am not having much luck blowing up the panels, but I am wondering if there is any hidden writing in the waves in panel 2, you know sort of like Hirschfeld’s Ninas.

  30. I noticed that the wave action looked weird too, but I didn’t see anything that looked legible.

  31. Professor Fate

    well it looks like even the author has limits when it comes to lisa worship. Still this means the start of a Starbuck Jones arc which will probably be almost as dire.

  32. I can hardly wait for the big storyboard scene with Tucker Ware, Pete Reinecke, and Dustin Fairfield! But first we get to see the budding romance between Buddyblogger Cindy Bustamondo and Tucker Ware. Blimey!

  33. Howtheduck

    Cindy is very white (as we didn’t already know that).

  34. Rembrandt36

    I think the black on the front of his hat is meant to be a shadow. As to Cindy’s aging, she may have been so vain that she was constantly getting lifts and tightening to the skin. I’m fine if we go for Starbuck Jones. Yes it means putting up with Mopey and Durwood and smirks, but I’m the kind of person that really, really, really does not miss Les. I have never understood the masochism of people wishing Les would come back just so they could verbally punch him, because TB always makes it 10 times worse than we ever imagined. I sometimes want to be grateful of little favors of not seeing Les for weeks on end.

  35. @Rembrandt36

    I agree that an arc following the California crowd would be welcome. I just hope that the author doesn’t pull the rug out from under Cindy for the sake of Art.