Monday, October 26, 2015

Greetings, folks, BChasm back for another round.  Today’s strip was not available for preview.   Based on John’s sad expression on Saturday, I’ll hazard the guess that John will take this week (and probably next) to extol the virtues and magnificence of comic books.  This will help Cory see the light and he’ll decide to keep and treasure the Starbuck Jones collection his mother took a year or two to complete.

However, as always has to be pointed out, this is Funky Winkerbean we’re talking about.  While unfolding, the stories ooze like molasses, but when a story-shift needs to occur, it will happen with blinding speed.  So we may get a week of band members selling frozen turkeys, or Funky at the gym.

Of course, we might get a week of Lisa Fun Run strips, as we haven’t had much Lisa in a couple of weeks.  And that may tie us into Cory.  As many (including myself) have pointed out, selling the Starbuck Jones collection would be a way for Cory to repay the eleven dollars he stole from the Lisa Fund way back when*.  And as the Army had turned Punk Cory into Saint Cory, this has no doubt been gnawing at him greatly.

Wow, three whole paragraphs on a strip that hasn’t even appeared!  You may be in a rough ride from both Tom Batiuk and me!

*I refuse to believe the Lisa Fun Run has ever raised more than eleven dollars.  I like that thought.  Because, like Lex Luthor, I’m evil.



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24 responses to “Monday, October 26, 2015

  1. A HREF

    Blue leaves.

    Leaves of blue.

    And a smirk.

    I guess since we didn’t get the pay off of Holly giving Corey the comics, we don’t get the pay off seeing Corey sell them.

    Maybe TB will circle back.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    And of course, just toss the Cory story arc on the pile with the rest of the unfinished ones, what’s the difference anyway? I’ll never understand this approach. I guess Les’ autumnal musings were just to hilarious (to Batiuk) to skip for another week (or forever).

    Summer sure does seem to have a lot of free time lately, eh? This one makes me wonder if we’re going back to the Lisa DVDs, I mean why is Summer there unless there’s some sort of Lisa-centric bent to this? A week’s worth of leaf-centric puns and wordplay is bad, but another week of those DVDs would be even worse.

  3. billytheskink

    Luann’s transition from high school to college has been pretty rocky, in my opinion, but I will give Greg Evans all credit for one thing. He actually draws his characters going to college. We know where they all are and what they are doing.

    So what is going on in FW? Seriously, did Summer drop out? Lose her basketball scholarship? Consider herself set for life after winning $1,000,000 in a John Roche look-a-like contest? We’ve gone, what, more than a year without any indication of how Summer or Keisha’s higher education is going?

  4. One of the drawbacks of having a pathological fear of any technology that came out after you graduated high school is that you can never conduct a simple Google search to find the answers to questions like this.

  5. Skunky Blueleaves

    “We’ve gone, what, more than a year without any indication of how Summer or Keisha’s higher education is going?”

    There’s a character in this strip named Keisha? The family dog must have chewed up my newspaper that day.

  6. I’m sure The Author thinks he’s following the pattern set by TV soap operas the way he jumps around storylines. What he fails to take into account is that his three-panel strips don’t nearly equal the daily amount of plot development that the soaps did.

  7. SpacemanSpiff85

    Given how lazy Batiuk’s is and that Les is his avatar, I have a strong feeling that he spends a lot of time wondering why leaves aren’t blue, and thinks this kind of stuff makes him so much deeper and more insightful than those of us who aren’t the Lord of Language.

  8. At least Summer Moore, daughter of Dead St. Lisa The Cancer Chew Toy of the Misdiagnosed Mammogram Who Was Cremated, is still in the strip. Maddie Klinghorn (for those who don’t know, Crazy Harry and Donna Klinghorn’s actual daughter) also enrolled at Kent State and vanished completely… and was all but officially retconned out of the strip with the Time Pool Reunion From Hell “storyline.”

  9. Guest Page Turner Author


    Do you ever wonder why there are no blue leaves in the fall?

    Are there blue leaves in other seasons?


    But, Dear Les, you have phrased this moronic question with the open-ended assumption, due to the way you have phrased said question, that there are blue leaves in other seasons and that you are questioning why this blue leaf phenomenon does not occur in the fall.

    I suppose the best answer is just a smirk, as usual. A smirk from your daughter who should be away at college but for some reason is at home in mid-October helping you rake those precious leaves and smirking at your keen (? ) observations.

    Dude, there are never blue leaves!

  10. The sad thing is not that we’re dealing with an inane observation a five year old might make being propounded as an insoluble question. The problem is that Batiuk is not alone. Just yesterday, 9 Dickweed Lane had people stumped by the origin of the word ‘panties’ because no one had the brains to consult a dictionary like a beefwit.

  11. ComicTrek

    Two points to make here. One, now is not the time to try to make Les seem an endearing and quirky guy, Mr. Batiuk. That went away eons ago. Two, at least for once Cayla actually said something that we’ve all been thinking. She hasn’t done that in years!

  12. Chyron HR

    “Do you ever wonder why there are no blue leaves in the fall?”
    “No… do you ever wonder what happened to my daughter?”

  13. Rusty

    If they are raking leaves today, that porch swing is being put away for the winter soon. This is riveting stuff.

  14. The leaves may not be blue, but this comic strip sure blew.
    Anyway, l’m thinking that maybe today’s strip is just a Monday throwaway strip that is a prelude to some plot line advancement of some sort. Either continuation of Cory’s-mysterious-comic-book-liquidation arc, continuation of the Lisa-makes-an-easter-egg-video-specially-for-Les arc, Cindy-continues-to-complain-about-getting-old arc, or maybe a Dinkle-can’t-just-fucking-keep-his-nose-out-of-the-band’s-business arc. Or we could just have a week of Les’ wry leaf observations.

  15. DOlz

    Yesterday when I said TB needed to step up his leaf game I had no idea he would do it with the same skill as the Chicago Cubs in the NLS.

    This guy is a respected educator?

    Les proving that there is such a thing a stupid question.


    NOW, you’re worried about Les’ mental state, Cayla??!! The death tapes from Les dead spouse didn’t warn you?

  17. Professor Fate

    I think this attempt to make Les look quirky and loveable bodes very ill, typically this sort of strip comes just before we get a ‘we all need to feel sooo sorry for Les” story arc.

  18. Spacemanspiff85

    I’m sure what Cayla wonders about is how she got to be so lucky that she’s married to Les, and how adorable it is when he shouts out Lisa’s name, and what she can do to keep him happy enough that Lisa’s ghost doesn’t haunt her.

  19. I assume that Tom Batiuk just saw George Carlin’s bit “You ever wonder why there are no blue foods?” and figured a change from “foods” to “leaves” would make it okay to “borrow.” Just one Moore step toward March 2022.

  20. Silly me, I was dumb enough to actually hope for a punchline at the end, since in the normal world the only time adults pull nonsensical questions like that out of their ass is when they are telling a joke…

    For the love of Christ — Tom, please re-write this to make a joke about the Dodgers, the Cleveland Browns, the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ryan Leaf, Levi blue jeans, something, anything…

  21. The Dreamer

    Where also is Cayla’s daughter, who would now be Les’s step daughter, Keisha? Summer seems to come home and be a family with Les and Cayla, but Keisha has been abandoned. Maybe Keisha has gone back to her biological father, knowing that being around the depressed Les can’t be good for her mental health

  22. bad wolf

    @The Dreamer–i imagine Keisha’s father died of cancer, it’s just that Cayla doesn’t go on and on about it.

    This makes the first October since the Leap without a Sunday Lisa’s Legacy Run. I guess the DVDs could have taken their place but still… weird.

  23. Apauled

    @bad wolf: In yesterday’s Sunday strip, Les & Funky were running & wearing bibs with pink ribbons & numbers on them, which I took to mean that they were participating in the Lisa’s Legacy Run. Nothing was said about it & most of the strip was taken up with pictures of trains, but perhaps that was this year’s nod to the tradition?

  24. bad wolf

    Ah, good catch, Apauled! I skipped over it too quickly the first time to note ribbons and even numbers.

    As you can imagine, i don’t expect “subtle” from this strip.