There’s no preview for the action in today’s strip but I bet it feels like more of the same from this week’s earlier crop of knee-slappers!



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21 responses to “RePete

  1. Batiuk sees the editor as a hindrance more than a collaborator. This explains a lot about his writing style.

  2. bayoustu

    Are we witnessing history in the making?! Is the the first ever appearance of urinals in a comic strip?! Figures it’d be THIS comic strip. If only Bantom lavished as much loving attention on his rendering of noses as he does plumbing fixtures.

  3. Jimmy

    I almost feel like giving Batiuk credit for using the word deuce in panel 1, but maybe it’s just because I’m into lowbrow humor.

  4. Jimmy

    I have discovered that hiding from your boss and pretending you’re not in the office is a great career move. Employers love absentee workers.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    Once again Author Guy’s increasingly-twisted comic book fantasies end up in a weird and disquieting place. All we know about Brady is that he’s curmudgeonly and difficult to work for, at least in the opinion of one of their co-workers. What does he want? What are his motives? How is it even possible to avoid telling two stories at the same time and furthermore, how is it possible to badly botch both of them while you’re doing it?

  6. This is getting (getting?) weird. Over on his web site’s blog, The Author some time ago recounted the history of his mythical Batom Comics. It seemed a little odd for a blog that up until then pretty much confined itself to personal experiences and addressed the fans. Is the comic strip being pulled into some fantasy world that he’s inhabiting? This doesn’t appear to be a creation like Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha County. It’s more and more resembling an alternate reality that he’d rather live in and that’s unsettling.

  7. SpacemanSpiff85

    John: So how’s the movie coming along Pete?
    Pete: Awful.
    John: That’s no good. What part are you working on?
    Pete: Well, I’m mostly just sitting around daydreaming about me and Darin hiding out in the men’s room.

  8. billytheskink

    The day I dream about me and my best friend hiding from Stewie Griffin in the restroom and it also being the 1940s is the day I sit down and take a real long, real hard look at just what the heck I’m doing with my life.

  9. @TheDiva: It sure does. Batiuk seems to see the point of what he does as being to avoid any sort of adulterating influence like the experience of others or having to understand what his audience might actually want. It’s all about telling people the way he sees it without having to care if they like it or not. They should be grateful to be lectured to by a tone-deaf imbecile who doesn’t give two shits about their opinion.

    And I’ve just described how Les the Dickface sees the point of teaching as being.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    I wish we had editors like that today. We might be spared Batty’s nonsense.

  11. Here we’ve spent a whole week with Pete Ruggerio and Dorwood out in Hollywood and we still have no idea what they’re doing, other than apparently trying to avoid performing the job that they’re being paid very handsomely to do, by fantasizing about themselves in a 1950s era sweatshop.

  12. “deuce?” WWJJJS? (What would J. Jonah Jameson say?)

  13. hitorque

    In *my* day, a couple of grown dudes hiding out in a men’s room had nothing to do with writing a book, unless it was about lonely warriors in ancient Greece…

    These two morons realize any intellectual property they create on company time belongs to the company, right?

  14. @hitorque: As Lana Kane would say…NNNNNNNope.

  15. Holy damn… Yesterday I got 15 dislikes? Is that some kind of new record?

  16. Did I touch a nerve or something?

  17. Rusty

    @hitorque: Too much profanity maybe? And the sanctity of superhero movies.

  18. bad wolf

    @hitorque–that is pretty impressive! Way beyond the -1 or 2 you get from “my finger slipped.” Your comment doesn’t have any flags i recognize. Maybe for reposting from CC?

  19. DOlz

    @hitorque, color me impressed and a little jealous.

  20. Epicus Doomus

    hitorque: Beats me, I don’t see anything about the comment in question that would run afoul of site guidelines.

  21. Not Funky

    So, two more days (out of 6, this week) of not actually commenting on the daily strip, but who’s counting?