The Candyman Can

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Wow, well you look at that!  Glasses is so psyched to get a sale, he’s actually going beyond expectations–as if he’s actually trying to achieve something, and improve his lot in life through his own efforts.

Compare and contrast that with Les’ endless whining about Hollywood, Dopey Pete’s endless whining about writing–horrible crybabies who want the world handed to them, and assume a smug self-righteousness when no one acknowledges their needs.  In both cases, it just makes you want to throttle them over and over.

Nice going, Glasses.  It’s possible he may become…gasp…a likable character after all.

(I’m not really betting on it, but there’s always hope.)



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13 responses to “The Candyman Can

  1. Too bad the bad isn’t selling Rogaine. That poor woman has Ben Franklin’s hairline.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    Um, what’s the joke here? Other than “band candy, haha”?

  3. Epicus Doomus

    SpacemanSpiff85: Like i said earlier this week, “students selling stuff” IS the joke. The premise alone is hilarious enough for the BanMan, there’s no need to embellish it with SPECIFIC jokes or anything. Nice to see the forgotten Cody getting some dialog, though, that’s pretty rare.

  4. One of the things I forgot to mention in my (written in three minutes because of work) post was how in contrast Glasses’ behavior was to Les’ expectations of same two days ago. Les assumed the students would take the easy way out, and here’s Glasses proving him wrong.

    I bet Glasses won’t have another line of dialogue for six weeks. Imagine–proving Les Moore wrong! He’s lucky he wasn’t beheaded in panel three.

  5. HeyItsDave

    Glasses is gonna take a bundle of Benjamins and slap that smirk off of Les’ smug punchface.

    No, wait, that would mean he was successful…and accomplishment is forbidden in Westview, where everyone’s favorite pastime is mewling at the futility of life.

  6. billytheskink

    Given the weather we’ve seen in Westview over the past 6 weeks, you know what might be a really successful fundraiser for the class trip/marching band? Shoveling the snow off of people’s walks. Cody’s already showing initiative, so why not?

    Better do it quickly, though, before TB realizes he drew someone in this strip taking some initiative for once and makes sure it doesn’t happen again.

  7. Cody needs to be careful. Successful behavior and happiness in Westview could be a warning sign of cancer or some other Author-induced fatal malady.

  8. What irritates me is not that he’s being depicted as being in the wrong for going above and beyond. What irks me is that they don’t seem to do anything but go door to door to raise money. When have we ever seen a car wash or bake sale or anything other than pathetic kids wanly trying to sell people crap?

  9. gleeb

    On the other hand, Cody has been in high school for something like 6 years. He’s about 21 years old and still going door-to-door selling overpriced junk for a tiny cut of the take. He’d be better off just getting a job at the Toxic Taco or something.

  10. You know, this isn’t even how it’s done. You have a small catalog, take the order, get the money, then deliver in a few weeks. Nobody lugs around a satchel of the swag. And nobody calls it flavored popcorn either. Any sentient creature already knows you’ve got several types available and just saying popcorn is plenty explanation as you show the pages of the catalog sheet.

  11. I just wanted to compliment “HeyItsDave” on his brilliant, brilliant piece of work yesterday — Dialogue fits perfectly and the gag works on every level. Just adding weed to the comic was enough, but your custom strain names were absolutely inspired and you deserve extra credit for those…Has to be the first honest-to-God laugh I’ve ever gotten from FW since I was maybe 10 years old…

  12. ComicBookHarriet

    @hitorque. I know right! I would have printed it off and put it on my desk at work, but…you know…pot jokes.

    Gonna give Batty a couple points on this joke here. I remember being a multi-extracurricular student in high school and I totally had to shill more than one fundraiser at a time.

    Still, joke could have been punchier! So snark away my friends!

  13. Best strip of the year, so far. Keep up the not-really-that-terrible work, TB!!