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Har har har, these goth chicks today, amirite? You know, with all the rings and so on. Because in Westview, when you commit to something it’s for LIFE, damn it!

But seriously, it’s a real shame that there isn’t anyone to gently inform BanMan that maybe it’s time to just stop with the high school-centric premises, as this was definitely one of the most stupid and listless WHS arcs he’s ever done, which is really saying something. What’s next, a week’s worth of gags about fire drills? Water fountains? The way the floor gets slippery when the custodians mop it? If FW gets any more mundane it’ll just feature the characters standing there yawning day after day. And truth be told, it’d most likely be a huge step up.



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14 responses to “Status: Woe

  1. I know Alex can’t help her appearance (though a lot of it was chosen by her), but that is one ugly image in that last panel.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    Someone who hasn’t removed his chullo in six years of high school should not be griping about the status quo.

  3. Rusty

    Well, if these clowns graduate who will be feature as students next year? Someone has to listen to Les.

  4. There is one other student–the “wily freshman” that Chullo tried to bully. Course, he doesn’t have a name and has never been seen again, but when has that stopped this strip?

  5. “Also, I graduated ten years ago.”

  6. Epicus Doomus

    IMO they’ll never graduate. They’ll just be back next September with no explanation offered at all. He doesn’t care and there’s just no way he’s going to bother with creating whole new WHS characters now. I mean he’s barely keeping the thing going as it is, the last thing FW needs is a whole new crop of characters.

    So how many named WHS student characters are there? Owen, Cody, Alex, Wedgeman, Mallory, Jarod Posey (M.I.A.) and Freshman Kid (not yet named). Am I missing anyone?

  7. SpacemanSpiff85

    @Epic Doomus: Don’t forget the blonde girls Les was checking out. He won’t.

  8. @Epicus – well, there was “Craig” from the “sell popcorn” arc, but he’s apparently a senior, so not really. I only remember him because he showed up on my watch.

  9. This bland ending to another boring arc about high school life has at least one advantage: it isn’t Bathack squealing in rage because evil editors dare to take what the public likes into consideration when they should be grateful for whatever he rams down their throats.

  10. Bobby Joe

    Wow. What a waste of a week. Alex looks like the old hag in Snow White.

  11. HeyItsDave

    Every time I see another drawing of Alex it convinces me that Bats has a ghost artist doing either the weekday or the Sunday strips. Although they’re stylistically similar, the characters are different. Sunday characters are consistent from Sunday to Sunday, but look only vaguely like their weekday counterparts.

  12. Don

    I have a feeling this whole “senior year” thing is a setup for another time jump, where, among other things, Summer ends up as the Westview girls’ basketball coach.

  13. There’s something vaguely offensive about the way he draws these kids. The outsiders, right? So we get the stereotypical nerd, the stoner/skater type, the dumpy/fat goth. I realize this actually maintains a degree of consistency from the original incarnation of FW where we had similar character archetypes (is there a current equivalent to the brainless drum majorette?), but in the absence of an equivalent to the titular “bemused observer” that Funky represented, it seems like TB is showing more contempt than compassion. Even when hapless young Les was shown stranded on the rope, there was a meta element of self awareness in him. Now, though, TB only has use for a young character when he or she is acting stupid. If a writer doesn’t even care about his own characters, why should the readers care about them? 9 times out of 10, a movie will flop for that very reason, and you can bet the screenwriter or director gets bumped a few notches down the prestige chain. Yet You never hear about TB getting called out by peers or editors for phoning it in.

  14. HeyItsDave

    @Fred Blurt “You never hear about TB getting called out by peers or editors for phoning it in”

    I rarely see newspaper cartoonists criticizing each other at all, ever. Most of the time they talk about how great each other are, or how they sent Charles Schulz a drawing that they did in second grade that so impressed him that he became their BFF SPARKY 4 EVA.

    Newspaper cartoonists and their syndicates probably know that the Funny Pages are a sinking ship, but their Old Boys Club circle-jerk mentality is only punching more holes in the hull. Freshness and originality is found more often in webcomics than in the dead-tree media and these guys are doing their damnedest to make sure it stays that way.