Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go

Link to today’s strip.

Thursday’s strip was not available for preview, but one assumes that it will be more Nice-N-Naughty contrasts as they banter with a bemused Les.  Smirks will be had, and all will have those hooded half-eyes that I really, really hate.  So, fellow snarkers, in a short while, the game’s afoot!



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15 responses to “Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go

  1. Spacemanspiff85

    You have no room to talk, Bad Twin. Look who you’re having lunch with.

  2. MJ

    You can tell she’s the bad twin, because she’s definitely fallen in with the wrong crowd.

  3. billytheskink

    I don’t know how things work on the planet that TB hails from, but when I was in high school, eating lunch with the teachers was a punishment… the dreaded “silent lunch”.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Flog, flog, flog. As bad as FW is when BanTom is semi-conscious and barely interested, it’s worse when he’s into it, like he is with this opposite twins premise he’s beating to death. You can see how he’s genuinely enjoying this, it plays right into his sense of deluded irony where he thinks that endlessly pounding away at a premise only makes it funnier.

    And seriously, why would the Evil Twin want to sit anywhere near those two sleazeball losers? She’s practically a brand new character and ALREADY she’s inconsistent.

  5. Screwbie Doo

    This Evil Twin really needs to be given a moustache so I can tell who she is. Even the dialogue doesn’t reveal it all that well in the first read.

  6. @billytheskink – “eating lunch with the teachers was a punishment”. Very true. That was and is true. Today it could also be a a warning sign of a pedophile teacher attempting to “groom” a victim. (I’m sure that The Author has no idea that this sort of behavior occurs.)

  7. While someone with functioning sensory apparatus would have Good Twin have lunch with the cool kids, it’s telling that a bonehead like Batiuk would have her sit at what he thinks is the captain’s table. To him, the cool kids are monsters to be destroyed because he wasn’t one of them but as a failed teacher with entitlement issues, being in his august company would have been the bomb.

    Ah, well. Tune in tomorrow when Bad Twin uses the devastating curse word ‘sucks’.

  8. Jimmy

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but has this girl’s hair already changed from blonde to brown? I see the Westview malaise has quickly taken its hold.

  9. Yeah, I had noticed the hair was blonde last week.

  10. Hannibal's Lectern

    Since when do high school teachers even eat in the same room as the students? Both of the schools where I work have a separate “staff dining room” for the teachers. Let’s face it, watching high school kids feed is one of those things that practically guarantees an afternoon of indigestion. The only faculty members in the lunchroom with the kids are doing supervision duty.

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    Where’s Emily? How about, where is the story?

  12. HeyItsDave

    C’mon, Tom. It’s okay, you can fess up and say what you really mean. You’ve already shown us your avata– sorry, I mean LES – creepily ogling blonde jailbait over the past thirty years. We know what you REALLY meant.

    And we also know how much it says about this obsession with your poor, tortured high school days as a lonely comic-dreaming outcast that you actually believe that the “good” kids ate lunch with the teachers. You really need to get over this fixation of yours. Get some therapy f’chrissake.


    Um, considering that we have seen both girls hit on by jocks, why are they at the “nerd table”?

  14. Mister Miggle

    This is an awful lot of effort to establish a pair of characters who are just going to end up forgotten and in the background within six months, like every other sad sack in this strip who didn’t graduate with Les Moore.

  15. bad wolf

    @Jimmy and Fred, the hair is even weirder than you think.

    Last week, both blonde (thanks to HeyItsDave).

    This week, both brunette…

    Except, when Josh posted the same strip at the Curmudgeons, both were still blonde. (I don’t know where he gets his strips from, presumably ahead of time.)

    And as i just noticed going back, now the strips from last week have been recolored, both brunette!

    Looking at their last appearances in Crankshaft (eg Dec 11 2015), both blonde…

    Except, the appearance before that (eg Aug 4 2015), one blonde one brunette(!).

    This is one of those things that’s hard to blame on TB; rather the consistent lack of professionalism at CK is my major suspect. (Sorry about the many links)