“I’ve Suffered for My Art–Now It’s YOUR Turn”

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I think we’ve reached some kind of Batiukian plateau here.  Nostalgia-Darin is distressed at the amount of work ahead, but Nostalgia-Pete seems…worried?  That Darin doesn’t have the drive for art that requires sacrifice?  Is that what I’m seeing here?  Because I think that’s what I’m seeing here.   I mean, look at his face in panel three.  That’s someone thinking, “Wh-what?  You think pulling all-nighters is bad?  You…you are not of The Body!”

Which contradicts everything we’ve seen about Darin and Pete, not only in the “real world” but their counterparts in Nostalgia-Vision.  They hate working.  They would rather complain than work.  They would rather complain than eat.  They would rather complain than breathe.

But now, because it involves weak wordplay, all that goes out the Batom Comics window.  Pete now needs to be the Pure Comics writer, who would go without food, air, water, everything if it meant producing a comic book.

Speaking of going out the window, where is this supposed to be taking place?  In the alley or something?  Because who puts the company name on the inside face of a door?  Well…maybe the two clods kept asking the boss whether they worked at Batom Comics or Bantom Comics, and the boss finally had enough and hired a sign painter, or perhaps…I’ve put more thought into this than someone I could name.



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23 responses to ““I’ve Suffered for My Art–Now It’s YOUR Turn”

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    I’m sure Darrin would be very happy to know that Pete spends his working hours daydreaming about the two of them having conversations about how romantic they are.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    The funniest thing about this is, of course, listening to a man who deliberately changed his “gag-a-day” comic strip into an elaborate fantasy world complaining about how hard “writing” is. Never being able to master something is often taken as a sign that maybe whatever you’re trying to do might not be right for you…hint, hint.

    The sepia-tone is bad enough but goddamn it, this is NOT a memory, it’s a daydream, therefore it couldn’t possibly be in a photo album. It really annoys the hell out of me.

  3. billytheskink

    I’m with fever-dream-nostalgia-universe Durwood on this one. If he has to pull back-to-back all-nighters, he’ll lose his part-time job at Steak ‘N Shake.

  4. So Darin’s Batom doppelgänger may have to spend two solid days to meet a deadline on a project that utilizes his creative talent and he’s complaining? Most people who love what they do embrace occasional challenges like that. Judging from this strip, The Author isn’t one of them, either.

  5. Sometimes, I think Batiuk is aware that he made a big mistake aging his characters and yearns to go back to high school hijinks with the original cast. Other times, I think he’s telling himself that he doesn’t love this any more and wants to quit but thinks he can’t.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    Has anyone ever been fired from the comics page? How is it that he is allowed to churn such crap day after day?

  7. Rusty

    Have you seen Six Chicks or Nancy? Churning out crap every day is the goal.

  8. sgtsaunders

    It’s funny because they think of comic books as “art”.

  9. bayoustu

    Sheesh, Batboy’s “art” sure makes me suffer! There’s something about that image of Durwood in the masthead that just fills me with rage! (And I’ve endured countless depictions of Les’ oh-so-punchable face!) The half-lidded eyes, the teeny, tiny triangular mouth; of course, this is the way most characters in this strip look. I think it’s Crankshaft’s nose that puts it over the top!

  10. HeyItsDave

    @Rusty Shackleford – I pretty much gave up on newspaper comics a long time ago. Most of them are old, tired crap that should have retired a long time ago to make room for fresher, funnier work. I read mostly webcomics these days.

    @Rusty – Momma, Ziggy, Hi and Lois… And even though Peanuts was groundbreaking in it’s day, I could totally do without zombie reruns.


    Girl in bar: ” Hi!”
    Mopey Pete: “Hi, I’m the writer of a popular comic book superhero/blockbuster franchise.
    Girl “Take me!”

    I really don’t think your career is what’s preventing you from dating, Mopey.

  12. HeyItsDave

    @Hitorque – Here’s a link to a Photobucket album where I stuck all the parody strips.


  13. I really have no idea how the writing process works in Hollywood (or the Comic business), but somehow I don’t envision that it’s two guys sitting in a sweatshop setting waiting for a dude in a black t-shirt to come in and deliver vague story specifications from some cloud chamber committee that’s apparently having some creative meeting in an undisclosed location, and setting some totally unrealistic deadline.

    As discussed by others in this thread, FW may be awful, but when compared to some of the other crap that’s being passed off as newspaper comics these days, it’s at least average.

  14. HeyItsDave

    @sgtsaunders – I have no problem with anyone who considers comics or manga to be art. There’s some really awesome work out there. But T-Bats has turned it into a fetish.

  15. Jim in Wisc.

    @WPaul Jones: My personal crackpot theory is this — We already know that Less More is not just Batiuk’s avatar, it’s his Mary Sue alter-ego … a wildly successful author universally worshiped by middle-aged housewives. I think that this whole Batom Comics / Starbuck Jones thing (the flashback strips, the blockbuster movie deal, the elaborate history written up on his blog, etc.) is Batty creating a “Mary Sue universe” in which he’d prefer to live … the so-called Golden Age of Comics that was nothing like he remembers it.

  16. Rusty Shackleford


    I’m also just doing web comics. Now if we could only get Watterson to come back.

  17. Rusty

    @Rusty Shackleford; @heyitsdave:
    Could you list guys list some must-reads? the only thing I hit every day is Bad Machinery and whatever else he is putting out in the alternative. If it’s worth it, I have no problem doing an archive binge.

  18. @Rusty – Achewood was my number one for many years, til it drove off a cliff (not in a golf cart). It’s back, and is slowly regaining its strength.

    And it’s just silly, but I really like The Adventures of Business Cat.

  19. ComicBookHarriet

    Dr McNinja. Dr McNinja forever. Are we all reading Dr. McNinja? Good. We all should be. It’s ending soon. Here’s to an author/artist who decides WHEN to end a comic, and builds and works toward that ending, rather than rambling on forever while his stream of interest and ideas trickles to nothing but the dregs of decayed dreams.

  20. Rusty Shackleford

    Phoebe and her unicorn, and Bloom County are my favorites.

  21. Epicus Doomus

    Jim in Wisc.: Oh yeah, the wish-fulfillment going on with these “writing” arcs is just unbelievable. He wishes this was his situation…burning that midnight oil, cranking out those wildly popular stories as his “editor” ferociously cracks the whip. That’s what makes them so amusing to me, as we all know that in reality he’s “writing” a year’s worth of FW over the course of a long weekend or two.

    As awful as these Batom Comics fantasies are they’re NOTHING next to those Les “Lisa’s Story” fantasies from a few years back, where he complained about EVERY SINGLE aspect of “writing”. The work itself, dealing with his publishers, the book-launch-tour, traveling to his book signings, his annoying fans, you name it, he bitched about it. And it was even funnier, as in “real life” his “book” was nothing more than a compilation of previously-written comic strips. While his stupid avatar was laboring and complaining and having his soul destroyed by “the business”, the real BanTom was furiously reminding everyone all about the one story he actually put a little effort into, endlessly taking victory laps and bows over and over again.

    And the funniest thing of all, as mentioned above, is that becoming a “real writer” was all his decision. I’ve always maintained that coming up with a real joke every day is WAY more difficult than penning these half-assed little “stories” of his, with the endless rehashing and glacially-paced plots that never go anywhere. It’s all so disingenuous and stupid.

  22. HeyItsDave

    @Rusty – Hark a Vagrant, by Kate Beaton is my favorite. Kate is smart and funny, and her comics usually take a spin from literary or historical sources.

    Dumbing of Age is a comic about college students, continuing story line, does dramady right, T-Bats could learn a lot from him.

    Toonhole is a daily gag strip done by a variety of artists, many of whom have day jobs in the animation industry. Very polished, and VERY hit or miss with the jokes. Some of them are old and stink.

    Oglaf is a VERY NSFW strip set in a fantasy world (think kind of Dungeons and Dragons.) Lots of sex of all kinds, but not always, and usually wicked good.

    Perry Bible Fellowship has nothing to do with religion. Full archives are up on the site, it used to update regularly but now it’s sporadic.

    Our Valued Customers – single-panel strip based on what stupid retail customers have actually said. As a former retail manager I can relate.

  23. Ride the snake, Tom Batiuk, ride the snake! Crankshaft’s bus is calling us… Crankshaft’s bus is calling us…

    The comic merchant awoke before dawn. He put his cape on, and he walked on down the hall…


    “Yes, Pete?”

    “I want to kill you.”

    “Fairgood, I want to f—— you…”