In a clamorous appealing to the mercy of the fire

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The content of today’s strip implies that Droppo and Pungent spent the entire weekend doing a cover mock-up.  (Complete with title, logo, price, etc.  Is Darin also a compositor in the print shop?)  Because a cover is the only thing that Cigar McBalding is holding…  I thought they were supposed to be doing an entire comic book, and that’s why it was so arduous?  Hell, I could do a cover mock-up over a weekend without a problem.

–Unless I missed something–this strip is so careful and attentive to detail, after all.

If all they were doing was a cover, why was Pete even there?  Oh well, looking for consistency or common sense in this thing is a fool’s errand.  It’s like asking, “Why is Darin’s hair in color when everything else is sepiatone?”  There’s no answer to that, man.

I think Moon Mile Meek is the big-eared thing barely visible at the bottom of panel one.

I seem to recall some Bat-Mite like thing on other Starbuck Jones covers.   Doesn’t seem like a great idea to give it its own book, but what do I know?  Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen was a successful enough comic for years.  Of course, Olsen was an occasionally entertaining moron who drank whatever potions he found lying around, turned ray projectors on himself and ate millions of pancakes.  Then Superman would have to save him.  And then, the exact same thing would happen all over again the next month.   There were always more potions, radioactive rocks, alien artifacts, magical crowns, and so on.  Superman never lost patience with Jimmy or tried to knock some sense into him (and his teeth out of him), and despite what I imagine were hundreds of fan letters, Superman never punched Jimmy so hard he flew into a completely different comic book.

So I suspect that the same formula would follow in Moon Mile Meek, minus the “entertaining” bits of course.  After all, the exact same thing happens with Funky Winkerbean.  Someone will be asked to do something, he’ll complain the entire way, then it’ll end with a pun and a smirk.  Interesting how the Starbuck Jones universe keeps expanding, while the strip that hosts it continues to shrink.

So, are we all ready for the comic book tribute tomorrow?  It looks like it might be well drawn at least.


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18 responses to “In a clamorous appealing to the mercy of the fire

  1. Epicus Doomus

    The Starbuckiverse does indeed continue to grow. Unfortunately though, it’s all totally random, no logic to it at all. SJ began life as an obscure 1970s cult classic, then it grew into a title from the 1950s with a nearly four hundred issue run, then it became a household name with all kinds of white-hot supernova buzz. The one constant through the whole thing is the misery it brings everyone associated with it. That’s consistency, Batom style.

  2. bayoustu

    Speaking of “consistency”- what happened to the Mean Boss Man’s mustache? And why does this stuff bother me more than it does Batboy?!

  3. I’m starting to think that FW jumped the shark in 1972, when Livinia said, “What women’s lib doesn’t know won’t hurt them.” If you’re keeping score at home, that was the third panel ever of FW.

  4. Spacemanspiff85

    “Rings the bell” doesn’t mean that, Batiuk. Stop.

  5. billytheskink

    When a cigar smoker tells you that you stink… Whew.
    Looks like they stunk the mustache right off Wentworth’s face too.

  6. HeyItsDave

    The upcoming Sunday comic cover will of course be well-drawn. T-Bats hires real artists to do them.

  7. Where is the joke here? I mean, jokes are hard enough to come by as is in this strip but usually if you squint you can see where a joke was kind of attempted. This feels like it was written by aliens who only have a vague understanding of what constitutes humor, then was run through a computer translator a few times.

  8. bad wolf

    @HeyItsDave–LOL at “he hires real artists”. Hiring implies getting paid, and no, I doubt seriously if any money changed hands.

  9. @The Diva – Not only is there no joke here, there hasn’t even been a storyline this week – just a bunch barely coherent vignettes that we can assume happened chronologically. (Which pretty much sums up the recent offerings The Author has presented.)

  10. SpacemanSpiff85

    @bad wolf:
    Oh, come on-a tip of the Funky felt tip is priceless!

  11. Epicus Doomus

    When you think about it, the Starbuckiverse is exactly like the Funkyverse. They’re both full of stupidly-named characters, the timelines are both f*cked up beyond recognition and neither one of them ever actually goes anywhere or entertains anyone. SJ is always just a dumb backdrop for yet another tedious week-long dirge about how much everything sucks, followed by another fantastical Batom Comics cover that exactly one person is thrilled to see in print.

    It’s also strange how the people working for him in his odd little comic book fantasies hate him. In the strip his characters daydream about situations equally as bad as the ones they’re actually in and his own fantasies involve thankless toil on the behalf of obnoxious jerks. It’s just really weird is all I’m saying.

  12. Today, the end of another pointless arc about how terrible it is to be told what to do, when to do it and how by an arrogant ape who needs to be told all three things because he hasn’t got an idea in his head and tends to make a pretzel out of what he is told. Tomorrow, neck-strain because he can’t listen to advice about limitations of the medium.

  13. sgtsaunders

    Although I don’t comment nearly as much as I used to, I still come here every day for a glimpse into the irritating world of Funky Winkerbean. I mean, how many times and in how many times can I mock Tombat’s insane love of comic books? Apparently not as many times as Tombat can reinforce it.

  14. Frank Bolton

    @sgtsaunders A couple of years ago, I used to think that the SoSF visitors were being overly churlish about Batiuk’s comic book fetish, but no. Our auteur has blithely exceed even our wildest parodies.

  15. Rusty

    @oddnoc: That line by Livinia(?) always bothered me. Women’s lib would be bothered if it knew his sole female character was just there to listen to the males pun and smirk? Talk about foreshadowing, we’ve had 40 years of that now. And women’s lib, much like most right-thinking people, have no idea what Funky Winkerbean is.

  16. I sense a Fin Fang Foom style tribute to Jack Kirby incoming: Meanwhile, the Continuity Police just called, they want to give McBaldy his mustache back.

  17. And yet another possible trib: Kloog was a Star Trek alien in “The Gamesters of Triskelion” episode. Somebody sure puts a lot of *effort* into these fake comics!

  18. @Rusty, oddnoc: The irritating idea behind Lavinia seems to me to be representative of a deliberate misunderstanding on Batiuk’s part. If I’m reading it right (and I hope I ain’t), Tommy Boy seems to think that women’s libbers were so much Valerie Solanas trying to exile men to the corn field or something. In any event, we’re stuck watching Dave Sims looking less misogynistic than Cancer-Amputation-Stupidity-Slavery Boy.