Jarr Jarr Thinks

The gang enjoys some pizza (does Montoni’s ever serve a pie without pepperoni?) and continues their discussion of Starbuck Jones. Mason Jarr, the actor who is going to play Starbuck Jones in that new Starbuck Jones movie, appears to have experienced some kind of epiphany; he’s had…a thought. This incredibly amazing thought. Dot dot dot. Hope it’s a doozy, because you and I are going to have to wait a whole twenty four hours to find out. That’s a real “cliff’anger!”



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  1. Merry Pookster

    The original SJ is Pappy Winkerbean

  2. bayoustu

    Judging by the looks on their faces in panel 1, Durwood and Pete Rabenhorst are sure enjoying their jailbreak!

  3. ComicTrek

    Cindy doesn’t even care. Clearly, she is not “amazed” at all right now, and even after he says whatever he’s going to say, she still won’t be. It’s plain to see from that face alone that any amusement or amazement that she shows will be exaggeratedly faked, and not truly felt.

  4. Wow, the blocking in that last panel is really, really terrible–something a rank amateur would do, until an editor told him to re-draw it. Actually, that’s an insult to rank amateurs. Anyone drawing this would know we need to see all of Mason’s face; we don’t need to see Darin’s shrub of a head. Anyone editing this would know the same thing.

    Yet more proof….

  5. SpacemanSpiff85

    Do you think Darin’s so down because he and Mason are having to share a Coke?

  6. SpacemanSpiff85

    Also, why the hell is Mason calling him “Clifford Anger”? He was credited as “Cliff Anger”. If he doesn’t know what happened to him, why’s he suddenly know his full name?

  7. billytheskink

    The original SJ is Pappy Winkerbean

    Funky looks closer to the right age for a pre-WWII movie serial star, I’d say.

  8. JerrytheMacGuy

    Mason wants Clifford Anger to appear in a cameo role in his new “Starbuck Jones” movie.

    Unfortunately, the old thespian is almost 100 years old and barely coherent, living in an assisted-care facility for retired B-Actors in North Hollywood. Getting Cliff before the camera again is going to require Anger management.

  9. Charles

    When I wrote yesterday that Batiuk over-relied on pointless cliffhangers that go nowhere, I didn’t realize that he was going to do one the very next day.

    Anyway, undoubtedly Mason’s going to suggest that they look up Cliff Anger, and amazingly, they’re not going to go online, which would give him more detailed information on him than you could ever imagine. Probably more than if he tracked down the guy himself. But that won’t happen of course. Mason will track him down because he’s an important celebrity and he can get whatever he wants. Too bad that once he finds ninety year-old Cliff Anger living in Thailand or something, the guy will admit that he has no recollection of making the serial. After all, it was sixty fucking years ago, and it was a week’s worth of shooting on a script that was just thrown together without care because all it was was throwaway crap to warm up the little shits to see Invasion of the Saucer Men or something.

  10. Epicus Doomus

    Ugh, horrible thought…Mason will ask Anger to play his father in the new SJ film. The “earth” scenes are being filmed in Cleveland, remember, an easy trip from whatever Centervillian rest home he’s currently at. Too complicated for FW or just complicated enough?

  11. IF Batiyuk were at all honest, tomorrow’s strip would have Mason say

    “Let’s go on a stupid road trip that wastes months when it would be far easier to simply google the guy because our creator is padding this to reach an arbitrary milestone and panders to people who don’t do search engines.”

  12. Rusty Shackleford

    Omg, and I leave the country today to go on vacation. Now I will have to wait to find out what happens.

  13. Spacemanspiff85

    We’ve got “Starbuck Jones” twice in one sentence now. Soon, all the dialogue in this strip will be just “Starbuck Jones”.

  14. Charles

    I also have to admit that if I became close friends with a world famous actor, so close that he’s willing to take me along when he charters a plane to go on vacation, I’d be really disappointed if his idea of a great time is to hang out in the places I haunted throughout my childhood. The guy’s a millionaire with his own beach house in Malibu and he can’t think of anything better to do than go to the local Pizza Hut next to the Sunoco station on Route 273.

    “Jesus Christ…. Tell ya what, Chris Hemsworth, just forget about it. I already had plans to hit Carl’s Jr and watch reruns of Rockford and I don’t see any reason why I should change them.”

  15. Charles

    (And to follow up the conversation in my previous response)

    “Jesus Christ…. Tell ya what, Chris Hemsworth, just forget about it. I already had plans to hit Carl’s Jr and watch reruns of Rockford and I don’t see any reason why I should change them.”
    “And no, Chris Hemsworth, you and your wife can’t join me. Jesus Christ on a stick, what the f- is wrong with this guy?”

  16. Chyron HR

    “And then… I had this incredibly amazing thought… STRAP-ON!”

  17. Meanwhile, didn’t Cindy just start her new job at Buddyblog, which is an internet start-up or something? Wasn’t the main purpose of her job to be the on-screen presence of the content? Does her employment contract allow for unlimited leave to go hang out in Bumfuck Ohio whenever she wants?

  18. Professor Fate

    Ah pizza and comic book related conversation – is there anything more blissful in the whole wide world.
    And Mason unless your plan is to find the grave of the late Mr. Hanger and dig up his skull and drink wine from it while learning your lines, no you haven’t have an amazing thought.

  19. The weird and unreal thing about this “serial” nonsense is that according to The Author, Starbucks Jones was created as a Batom title in the mid-1950’s. By that time movie serials were no longer being made. Instead, that sort of content was moving to Saturday morning television with shows like “Superman”, “The Lone Ranger”, “Roy Rogers”, and Sky King” and “Wild Bill Hickock.”

  20. Hannibal's Lectern

    Missing fourth panel: Mason Jarr The Actor ™ rips off his rubber face mask to reveal the hated CME producer, who says: “I’m just gonna colorize this old piece of crap, take out a new copyright, and release it! You’re all FIRED!!”

  21. billytheskink

    Off the topic of Starbuck Jones, but on the topic of the Batiukverse, today’s Crankshaft features a nicely-drawn 1961 Rambler Classic in lieu of the typical 2-door Batiukmobile. What a 1961 anything is doing as a daily driver in 2016 is another matter… maybe it fell through the time pool.

    Chuck Ayers’ artwork couldn’t save FW (I mean, it can’t save Crankshaft), but it would be a marked improvement over TB’s.

  22. Today’s punchline: Anything incredible or amazing that happens in this strip is all in your head.

  23. HeyItsDave

    @billytheskink – There’s an elderly woman here in my hometown whose daily driver is a 1964 Ford Falcon. Teal green, as pretty as if it just rolled off the showroom floor, and she’s the original owner. So that’s totally plausible to me.


    The amazing idea must involve killing spree. That’s the only idea that would work with that evil look on Mason Jarr’s face. I think he’s entering the manic phase of his bipolar disorder. Or is that still a thing with Mason Jarr??

  25. SpacemanSpiff85

    Given how much time he’s spending with Pete and Darin, I think Batiuk’s forgotten what kind of “bi…” Mason said he was.

  26. Every time I think this strip can’t get any dumber, Batiuk astonishes me with a new world record… He is the Usain Bolt of stupid plotlines…

    So Mason, Shaggy, Scooby, Daphne and the rest of the bunch are going to take an additional month of vacation from the movie set to solve the mystery of “Whatever Happened to Clifford Anger?”

    By this point you almost have to wonder if the studio execs quietly decided to cut their losses and shelve the Starbuck Jones project, but let Mason and his treehouse club carry on with their endless quest just to keep them occupied and out of the way.

  27. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Gerard says: “The weird and unreal thing about this “serial” nonsense is that according to The Author, Starbucks Jones was created as a Batom title in the mid-1950’s.”

    Only Batty McHackenstein would make up a back story for a non-existent comic book, printed by a non-existent comic book company, named after a guy who couldn’t get a job in the comic book industry if he offered to work for free.