SoSF’s 6th Anniversary “Guest Author for a Day” Contest

Yes, snarkers, April 9th marks six long years of Son of Stuck Funky, and I felt it was time to liven things up with a contest to win one of two incredibly lame, Funky Winkerbean themed “prizes.” Rather than do a random giveaway, I came up with a contest format which didn’t seem that complicated until I tried to spell out the rules, but here goes.

“Guest Author for a Day”

Five contest entrants (if we even get enough interested parties) will be selected to write one day’s post during the week*, giving his or her unique take on the given day’s Funky Winkerbean strip. Then over the following weekend, your fellow snarkers will vote to select whose post they liked the best. The winner will receive a copy of Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe, personally autographed by Mr. Batiuk. The runner up gets the other piece of FW ephemera I have laying around: a 2 1/4″ “Wild About Reading” button, designed by TB for a 1991 literacy campaign.

*If I get at least one or two volunteers by this evening, the contest will run tomorrow thru Friday; if not, we’ll hold off ’til next week.

  • SoSF will make every effort to provide guest authors with a link to preview their day’s comic ahead of time.
  • Experience using WordPress is a plus, but lack thereof is not a barrier. You may submit your post via email, as a .txt or .doc, or will be given temporary Author permission to post directly in WordPress.
  • May lead to future Guest Authorship!

Sound like FUN? Please respond via the comments below! First come, first served! Thanks for being part of SoSF!



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12 responses to “SoSF’s 6th Anniversary “Guest Author for a Day” Contest

  1. HeyItsDave

    WHAT?? No comments yet? ‘Smatta you guys? I’m in.

    Is the book already signed? Because I would love it if I could get it inscribed, “To Dave with love, T-Bats xxoo”

  2. Dave is our first contestant! Way to break the ice! Check your email for the deets.

  3. In. So very, very in. A dinner for two with TB at a Montoni’sesque restaurant in Ohio would be a much more fun prize, but the book’ll do.

  4. Paypah Clip gets Tuesday’s post! Check your email, Paypah. Who next? WHO?

  5. DOlz

    If you want to get folks to enter the contest you shouldn’t threaten them with “Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe”.

  6. Rembrandt36

    Hmmmmm… I’d like to take a stab at it.

  7. SpacemanSpiff85

    I’d be happy to, if I can.

  8. I’ve been waiting for years to guest-snark. Dreams CAN come true, people. Except in Westview.

  9. Thanks to all who responded! I’m reserving a spot for an interested (and interesting) party who contacted me via Twitter. In addition to that one, our furious Funky five will include HeyItsDave, Paypah Clip, Rembrandt36 and SpacemanSpiff85.

    I’m reaching out now to those parties and if anyone cancels I’ll let everybody know. Thanks! This is EXCITING.

  10. Darn, looks like I’m a day late and a dollar short to enter. Would be happy to enter if a spot opens up!

  11. And I will happily add HAnzMFG as designated snarker… In fact, Saturday is your’n! CONTEST EXTENDED to a SIXTH DAY as in SIX YEARS OF SoSF! You’ll get Friday’s slot if I don’t hear from my Twitter guy soon.

  12. bad wolf

    I bet i would enjoy this but this week is travel time for me! If you try it again in the not-too-distant future i will give it a shot. I’ll even throw in my real email to show i’m serious!