(I only hope fan favorite HeyItsDave hasn’t already Photoshopped this gag!)

Here’s today’s real strip



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23 responses to “Raygunomics

  1. Epicus Doomus

    TFH: this one was just too easy.

  2. The last panel should’ve had Cliff saying, “Now I’ll get my revenge on Hollywood!” Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

  3. spacemanspiff85

    I get the feeling Batiuk spends a significant amount of his free time acting out panel three.

  4. In any other context, this would be seen as a sweet salute to the power of dreams, and the belief in heroes.

    But, let’s change the context.

    Suppose your neighbor has the right (through signed contracts) to throw his garbage on your front lawn. He can do this at any time, and you have no recourse but to pick it up yourself.

    This goes on for two weeks or so. At the end of that, the neighbor drops by, says “Hello” and shows you pictures of his kids, or grandkids. Or perhaps his dad, recently passed. Or maybe he tells you a funny joke.

    Under ordinary circumstances, you’d say “Awww!” or “Ha ha ha!”

    But you’ve just had several weeks of his garbage tossed on your lawn. There’s no one you can appeal to. It’s just there.

    I’m thinking you’d give your neighbor, at best, a bitter smirk. Knowing that tomorrow, the garbage flinging starts anew.

    This is my take on what, in other hands, would be seen as a nice nostalgic moment. Here, it’s the interlude between garbage-flings.

  5. Gerard Plourde

    So one role he played in one serial in the 1950’s was the highlight of his acting career? What did he do for the next sixty years?

  6. Rochester

    You’ll have to ask Mark Hamill in 20 years.

  7. The revised strips have the advantage of making Cliff look slightly less pathetic.

  8. billytheskink

    “That was interesting… A guy claiming to be an actor, a woman claiming to be a reporter, and an insomniac just showed up at my apartment out of the blue and promised me a role in a major motion picture, significant sums of money, and national media attention. I should probably verif…”

    *sees ray gun prop/toy in suitcase*
    *carries it to mirror and strikes a pose*

    “Heh, you’ve still got it, tiger.”

  9. Epicus Doomus

    What are the odds that he ever comes back to this? I mean you’d think that somewhere down the line he’ll re-visit this Anger nonsense, at least via some dialog or something. But then again, this is FW we’re talking about here. I’ve been waiting for like three and a half years to find out if Becky’s mom ever came down off that scissor lift, so you never know.

    So what about Jessica’s mysterious trip to Ohio that coincided with Mason’s peculiar urge to travel there? And this “filming in Cleveland” nonsense, that wasn’t serious, was it? I mean they’re not just all staying in Ohio now with THAT as the excuse, right? I wouldn’t put it past him though.

  10. sgtsaunders

    So he’ll fly out to evil Hollywood. Wait ’till the TSA gets a load of that ray gun.

  11. This sort of thing is not without precedent in the real world. This is because I can remember that they had a cameo of Buster Crabbe as a veteran fighter pilot in an episode of the campy seventies version of Buck Rogers. That bit of stunt casting was a warm tribute to an older era that made sense. This is going to be a Batiukian clusterfuck that makes the Sweet Valley High books look realistic.

  12. Perseverance is good and all, but not when it falls into the wrong hands.

  13. Gerard Plourde

    @ Rochester-
    A quick check of Mark Hamill’s Wikipedia page shows that since Star Wars he’s had roles in 28 live action movies and 34 animated movies, appearances on 17 live action TV series and voice work in 102 animated series (a good percentage of the TV work involved multiple episodes), 4 live-stage productions, and voices 31 video games. He’s voiced The Joker in Batman, The Hobgoblin in Spider-Man and The Gargoyle in The Incredible Hulk. On live TV. Close to The Author’s heart, he played The Trickster (a nemesis of The Flash) in the 1990’s live-action series.

    Cliff Anger he’s not.

  14. Rusty Shackleford


    What did Cliff do for the next 60 years?

    He became a cartoonist and drew Hi and Lois.

  15. HeyItsDave

    @spacemanspiff85 “I get the feeling Batiuk spends a significant amount of his free time acting out panel three.”

    Yeah, but in a Flash costume. LOL, or better yet, one of those Flash hoodies from Hot Topic.

  16. Rusty

    @Rusty Shackleford

    He painted a mural in Montoni’s for about a decade, then became the artist for Crankshaft.

  17. billytheskink

    For those who don’t remember what Rusty is referencing, you can read some of the strips about Cliff Anger doppelganger Jim Mateer painting the (now covered up) murals at Montoni’s on the website of the real, late JK Mateer, who was TB’s high school art teacher.

  18. @Epicus – I’m thinking maybe he’ll bring him back eventually for a week of “Anger Management” jokes during filming.


    What is this? Tom Batiuk’s version of “Birdman”?

  20. Professor Fate

    Oh for the love of mike – once again we see someone rewarded by the world for nothing. Actually he makes Les look like a blur of activity. Did he keep on acting? No. Did he try to make another life for himself? No. He just sat in that apartment and waiting for god to kiss him on the forehead and once that happened now he’s strutting?
    Tom it isn’t about the rewards, life, especially the creative life, is about the doing not the awards ceremonies.

  21. DOlz

    I haven’t been following what’s been going on a regular basis. Based on the modified strip my first thought was they found Crazy Harry’s long lost Dad and this is the Dad’s reaction to finding out about his Son Crazy Harry.

  22. spacemanspiff85

    Batiuk in a Hot Topic would actually explain how he came up with the design for Alex.