Causing Fireworks

In today’s offering, handsome Mason Jarr tries to get Cindy to chill because all he and Marianne Winters will be doing tomorrow is blowing up cars in the street. Cindy hints at causing some “fireworks” of her own, but stops short of confessing that she was the one that bombed the Westview Post Office in a pique of jealousy over Lisa’s happy life with Les – happiness she was never able to find with Funky.



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25 responses to “Causing Fireworks

  1. Epicus Doomus

    What the hell is Cindy jabbering about today? This makes no sense whatsoever. And seriously, all Mason really needs to say here is, “uh, you MARRIED Funky, correct?” to shut her up. At least someone finally mentioned actual movie stuff for a change, stupid as it may be.

  2. Meanwhile, Roberta Blackburn is protesting the implication of pre-marital sex in this strip.

    I hope Mason gets caught in an explosion and dies–because 1) I hate him and 2) because it would be the most interesting thing to happen in this in years.

  3. Gerard Plourde

    I’m guessing that The Author wants us to assume that Cindy and Mason are about to “cause fireworks’. I don’t know what’s worse – the pervading gloom that set the tone for his strips or the fleeting attempts at showing his characters experiencing happiness.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    It’s just SO STUPID how they’re staying at Funky’s house. What does it even add to the story? And this whole Cindy/Mason dynamic, it’s kind of creepy. She’s in her ex-husband’s house getting all turned on over keeping Mason away from another woman, it’s pretty damned peculiar if you ask me.

  5. spacemanspiff85

    Boy, Batiuk sure enjoys drawing Cindy’s legs lately, huh?

  6. billytheskink

    Starbuck Jones is a comic about space travel, right? Blowing up cars in the street is pretty much the opposite of space travel.

    What lazy, uninformed moron wrote this movie? Oh, right…

  7. Rusty

    Don’t tell me they are gonna bone in Cory’s old bedroom. Keep it in your pants, you’re a guest.

  8. spacemanspiff85

    I expect tomorrow’s strip to be a tribute cover to an old spy comic. Except instead of a spy with his ear to a door, it’s Funky with his ear to the wall, listening to Mason and Cindy.

  9. Imam on the Street

    Can someone complete the art in Panel 1 so we can see just how close to the floor Cindy’s boobs are hanging?

  10. As annoying as the pervading gloom is in this, the attempts at imtimacy are even worse. They make the sex scenes in “The Room” feel like an erotic masterpiece.

  11. Great. We got these two idjits bumping uglies (while reminding us that pretty girls are always insecure because they envy the fat, stupid women they’re supposed to become) while on the other side, Jeff is telling a shrink about his vicious, selfish, punitive witch of a mother.

  12. sgtsaunders

    One thing I didn’t expect this morning is the pure filth mildly associated with today’s episode.

  13. The only way this could possibly get interesting is for the TMZ photo to have gone viral overnight and Mason and Cindy wake up to hundreds of fans staring into their bedroom window.

  14. Hannibal's Lectern

    Is Mason Jar-Jar The Actor practicing his Xanaxian dialect for the scene in the movie where he must pass as an alien? “You won’t have to worry about My Co-Star Marianne Winters tomorrow-the-day-after-today, Cindy-Who-is-My-Fiancee. We’re going to be blowing up cars-those-things-with-wheels in the street-that’s-paved-in-the-city.”

    Oh, wait, that’s how people in the Funkyverse always talk.

    If I thought T-bats had given any thought to the actual STORY of the Starsuck Jones movie, I’d say we now know the point of filming part of it in Cleveland: the opening alien attack a la “Flash Gordon.” But by now we all know he doesn’t put that amount of planning into… that thing he does, y’know, the one he calls “writing.”

  15. Merry Pookster

    @ Rusty…. Ya, Cory is living at home still…last we saw.
    Sheesh. Don’t need no film crew to record blowing up cars in Cleveland….. It’s called cruising on East Euclid

  16. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “… I’ve been known to cause some fireworks back in my time.”

    ” I know. Like the time you did both John and Bobby Kennedy the same day.”

  17. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Suddenly, Mopey Pete Roethlisberger (who’s also bunking with Funky for the duration) bursts in to say he just re-wrote that scene. Instead of blowing up cars in the street, Marianne Winters, co-star of the Starbuck Jones movie being shot in Cleveland, will be blowing Masonn in an alley.

  18. Rusty Shackleford

    Cindy has the legs of a 20 yr old, she must be hitting the gym. Or Batty just doesn’t know how to draw cellulite.

  19. Who is this Cory everybody is talking about 😉

  20. Just dropped in to say HeyItsDave’s art is the best part to today’s Funky Winkerbean. Back to lurking…

  21. So Batiuk is either stealing Guardians of the Galaxy or, more likely, DC’s Adam Strange character. I guess he has no idea that “threatening lawsuit” stuff goes both ways.

  22. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    @Rusty Shackleford: BatWit lacks the talent to draw a still-attractive 50-something. There are lines and sags NO woman can avoid by a certain age. Even the most attractive older woman has definite telltale signs of age. But Batty is so lazy and talentless, he simply draws her to look about 20.

  23. HeyIt’sDave’s art is the best thing to FUNKY WINKERBEAN almost every day!

  24. Charles

    I’m amazed at how tone-deaf Batiuk is here. Mason tells Cindy that she doesn’t have to worry about Marianne tomorrow because the scene they’re shooting isn’t “intimate”. (Never mind that “intimate” scenes are anything but on an actual soundstage, with its constant interruptions and about 9 people always standing just off-camera) You know what might actually assuage Cindy’s concerns? Telling her that she doesn’t have to worry about you cheating on her because you love her and as such would never even consider it. But no, if Mason cheats on Cindy with Marianne, it’s because the slattern seduced him. He never would have had a chance or a choice.

    And man, how does Batiuk not appreciate how weird it is that these two are sleeping in the guest room of her ex-husband’s? I hope Cindy’s a screamer and Mason’s messy.