Get Me Outta Here

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Cool, so the bus driver who knew a shortcut home is lost. And it’s funny because that’s not a cop, it’s an actor! But the driver doesn’t know that! Even though he knew they were shooting a movie in town! ROFL!

You guys have all day to leave comments and tell me why a space opera is taking place in Ohio and how street cops get involved with space battles.  Geez.



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11 responses to “Get Me Outta Here

  1. There’s only one thing I can do in this situation:

  2. spacemanspiff85

    So the bus driver knows he’s on a movie set, but just assumed cops were wandering around, in the middle of the scene?

  3. More fun with our new star!

  4. I think the bus driver means “How do we get out of this comic strip?!” Good luck, pal.

  5. Yeah, the bus is clearly not supposed to be there, and the driver is probably a little shaken and just wants to get to safety, but go ahead, ignore his reasonable request because it might be above your SAG pay grade. Does anyone in this strip act like a normal human being?

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Yesterday I called these jokes “infantile”. I stand by that description. It’s totally cornball and not in a zany goofy way, but like a rotting old cornball, like a cornball one of your kids made at school and you put on the front step as a Thanksgiving decoration and got kicked into the shrubbery and forgotten about until now, where it’s a foul smelly lump in the mulch that not even the squirrels or bugs want to eat. That’s what this arc is like, a rotting food-based arts and crafts project, a half-hearted attempt at creating something that led to something worse than garbage.

  7. On this side, we have Batiuk display his insouciant disregard for plausibility and tin ear for dialogue. On the other side, we have Jeff assuming that his mother would actually beam with pride and gloat about dying of cancer.

  8. HeyItsDave

    C’mon Paul…you know she totally would. She would wield that cancer like a club and constantly beat Jfff with it.

  9. @HeyItsDave: “You guys have all day to leave comments and tell me why a space opera is taking place in Ohio and how street cops get involved with space battles.” will in fact be the penultimate line (and the punch line) in Sunday’s strip. I don’t have a large enough collection of panels to put it together, but I predict it will go like this:

    Splash panel: exterior shot of CME studios, with the head of Mister Movie Executive (I don’t recall if he has a name, but he’s the one who’s been Mopey Pete and Durwood’s nemesis in all those strips that led to flashbacks) floating above the “FW” logo.

    Panel 1: Durwood and Mopey Pete (hereafter referred to via the acronym DuMP) are just touching down from yet another Batom Comics Back In The Day ™ flashback, when the door to their craphole office swings open.

    Panel 2: In walks Mister Executive, announcing, “Shooting’s completed! Time to get to work!” One of the DuMP boys responds, startled, “But we haven’t even finished the storyboards yet!?”

    Panel 3: Executive just smiles and hands DuMP a flash drive. “Modern movie-making, boys–we shot forty hours of raw footage. Battle scenes, explosions, love scenes… it’s all here on this drive. You just have to turn it into a pair of two-hour movies… in the next two weeks.”

    Panel 4 (exterior close-up of the office window and the bricks surrounding it): “You can Foley* the dialog if you have to, but shooting’s done. You guys have all day to tell me why a space opera is taking place in Ohio and how street cops get involved with space battles.”

    Panel 5 (back to interior shot, in which we see a studio flunky wheel a hand truck stacked with flat boxes into the office): DuMP is still frozen in shock and perhaps just a bit of terror. Executive (with very wide grin this time) “And to help ‘grease’ the process…a two-week supply of flash-frozen Montoni’s pizza!”

    Panel 6: Door slams, leaving DuMP sitting bewildered among the pizza boxes, staring at the flash drive. Finally, one gets out a pill bottle and asks, “Do you think that the writers at Batom Comics (Back In The Day) used amphetamines like this?”

    Next week’s strips will all be flashbacks about the Dexedrine scandal that eventually brought the Batom Comics empire down.

    *Increase your word power: “Foley” is a movie industry term for the process of re-recording dialog over existing footage. Usually it’s used to repair problems caused by bad microphones or outside noise, but it’s also used at times to change the words after a post-shooting script revision.

    “Foley” is also a medical term for a urinary catheter, which these guys are going to need when they find out the boss locked their office door from the outside.

  10. @Hannibal – I thought “Foley” meant recording sound effects in the studio, and “ADR (Automatic dialogue replacement)” was for fixing dialogue?


    Regarding Crankshaft:

    Any one else think this is a misdirection? They everything is set up, I half expect this to be the funeral for someone else. That is what a good wrter would do. Then I realized that I was referring to Tom Batiuk. Nah, she’s most likely dead. Nothing brightens up the comic readers morning than CANCER!!!