The Reels on the Bus Go Round and Round

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Okay, someone’s going to have to fill me in on this.  On the last senior trip (not implied, but shown in the actual comic), was there a huge problem because of the movies chosen?  Like, did some teacher (or, horrors, group of students) choose Deep Throat, or Cannibal Holocaust to watch as the bus wended its onerous way to our nation’s capital?  Because I can’t think of a) why Les would bring up the fact that he’s choosing the movies and b) why this might threaten his job.   Now, based on their expressions, this is apparently a huge relief to the parents, which leads me to think this was an issue at one time.  Either that, or the guy in the blue shirt just farted.

I’m sure Les’ choices will be something like Whose Life Is It Anyway (1981), The Mist (2007), Million Dollar Baby (2004), The Life of David Gale (2003), Maggie (2015), The Sweet Hereafter (1997)…you get the idea.

Having typed that–it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Tom Batiuk decided the seniors should all watch Cliff Anger’s old Starbuck Jones serial.  Because, you know, Starbuck Jones.  But I say this:  if you’re going to do that, why not go for broke and have Les get a pre-release copy of the new Starbuck Jones movie.  I mean, yeah, sure, it took years to write, but gosh, they’ve been filming for more than a week, certainly they’ve finished photographing, editing, and adding the effects and music, right?  Movies are the easiest thing in the world to make.  Not like comic strips.  Comic strips require sweat and toil and a relentless focus on quality.

Well, not this comic strip, yeah.  But otherwise it’s the highest form of art.  Just ask the guy in the blue shirt.


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  1. A Splice of Heaven

    Today’s in-flight movie will be “Lisa’s Story”… Oh wait, kill fee, I forgot. In that case, we’ll be watching “American Splendor”, “Mystic Pizza”, and “Les Miserables”, unless any of the students would prefer a mass suicide.

  2. Please, we all know it’s going to be nothing but Lisa’s Greatest Hits all the way to the Potomac.

  3. billytheskink

    I don’t know about this movie stuff, but I do know that the next school levy is going to fail by a historic margin as a direct result of this meeting.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    “And here’s something my darling dead wife Lisa recorded before she died of cancer: “DVD For School Bus Trips”….and here we go!”

    “Hi there, WHS students! If you’re watching this I’m dead and my darling Les is running a school bus trip!”

    Oh yeah, this will be fun. “Love Story”…”Brian’s Song”…”Terms Of Endearment”…you know, the best stuff from Dick Head’s private stash. And it’s already Thursday and they’re nowhere near that f*cking bus yet.

  5. HeyItsDave

    Hah. As if every kid on that trip is as techtarded as T-Bats.

  6. spacemanspiff85

    What are the odds that Batiuk doesn’t show any of the actual trip? I’m thinking they’re pretty high.

  7. HeyItsDave

    Seriously, though. It’s not as though this is a Senior Center trip to the casino…or 1992. Those kids are going to stream whatever the hell they want to watch the whole trip, if they even watch movies at all. Cody, Alex, and Owen will probably be on their 3DSes most of the ride, playing Pokémon or Smash Brothers co-op. (Meanwhile, Wedgeman will be watching DeNiro in Raging Bull on his iPhone, all pissed off because he’ll think it’s broken and not displaying color.)

  8. Epicus Doomus

    “Mom! Dad! You’ll never believe this! On the bus trip to Washington Mr. Moore let us watch a movie and it had the F-WORD in it!”…said no high school senior ever. I like how he needs to lead into every one of these dumb jokes, just to drag this plodding premise out for another interminable day. Reminds me of an old joke I heard about BanTom once.

    Who’s there?
    Who’s there?
    Who’s there?
    Who’s there?
    Who’s there?
    Who’s there?
    (several weeks or months later)
    Who’s there?
    BanTom who?

  9. Guest Page Turner Author

    Excuse me, isn’t this 2016? Doesn’t every kid on that bus have a device that lets him watch whatever the Hell he or she wants?

    It is as simple as putting a name tag on a black Samsonite suitcase.

  10. Charles

    Doesn’t every kid on that bus have a device that lets him watch whatever the Hell he or she wants?

    Not necessarily, but I’d be stunned if Batiuk addresses the differences between kids whose families can’t afford things like smart phones and iPads and those whose families can. It won’t be because some kids are too poor for those things. It’ll be because Batiuk has no idea what things are like now.

    Apparently, though, he realized that having kids travel overnight from Cleveland to Washington D.C. in regular school buses was absurd. Still, despite today’s strip I wouldn’t bet against him having the kids ride in backbreaking school buses for nearly 400 miles, driven by some refugee from Crankshaft.

  11. Batiuk wants us to ignore the fact that they’ll be watching straight-to-cell phones pictures because he wants to write about a great teacher who shows great movies because he loves his job. It doesn’t matter that he’s actually showing us a pompous shithead who’s why the school levy fails because he should get full marks despite failing miserably.

    Also, Crankshaft is from Batiuk’s crippling Mommy issues.

  12. Chyron HR

    He’ll be showing the film version of Wit, and not even try to skip the nudity. When the parents complain he’ll break out the old lecture about True Art.

  13. @ASpliceofHeaven–“American Splendor” is one of my all-time favorite movies.

  14. And do buses even have methods that let its passengers watch movies? I don’t know of even–of course, I haven’t ridden on a bus in a year-and-a-half, so I might not know any better. But I’m not writing this strip.

  15. Rusty Shackleford

    The guy in the blue shirt farting would have been much more funny than this drivel. Be funnier if he tackled Les and gave him the ol Dutch oven!

  16. @Charles, @dougputhoff: in the real world, trips that don’t fit into slack periods in the existing school bus schedule (remember, a typical school bus does morning and afternoon runs for elementary, middle and high schools; that’s why the start/end times of the school days are staggered) have to charter buses. They typically don’t try to use school bus type vehicles for this but instead charter from the same folks who supply buses for senior-citizen casino junkets and the like. Those buses… yep, considerably more comfortable, with bathrooms, air conditioning, A/V systems and on-board wi-fi.

    Wanna bet T-Bats (if he shows the trip at all) shows the trip taking place on school buses?

  17. @Hannibal’s Lecturn. My point is: Shouldn’t Batiuk be doing actually research into what sort of buses these schools take on such trips as these?

    Batiuk doing research? HA! I kill me!

  18. sgtsaunders

    Rule Number Three is don’t mess with Les – he appears to have administered Glasgow Smiles to at least the striped shirt guy in the front row and probably his special lady friend next to him. Les is quick up with a shiv.

  19. Speaking of blue shirt guy, I mean, look. Look at his face. He’s reached Terminal Smirkage. He’s smirking SO HARD that his mouth has become an almost perfectly vertical line. He’s — he’s gone Full Batiuk. It’s an almost Eisnerian exercise in stretching the boundaries of comics — how severely can a face be disfigured by smirking before it ceases to be recognizable? It’s like an unwitting homage to the Demoiselles d’Avignon. Eventually everyone will have their mouths directly between their eyes and their ears, and Westview’s transformation to City of Freaks will be complete.

  20. Professor Fate

    “Because I like my job – being a bully and petty tyrant to young people who hate me. Honestly I’m lucky they have not decided to kill me as the senior prank.”

  21. @Hannibal’s Lectern Wanna bet T-Bats (if he shows the trip at all) shows the trip taking place on school buses?

    That’s the way they went in 2007!


    Meanwhile in Crankshaft we continue with Jeff reliving abuse by his now deceased mother. If wire hangers are not involved, I will be severely disappointed.

  23. HeyItsDave

    T-Bats really has some unresolved issues with women. Jfff was abused by Mommie Dearest, Les couldn’t get a date if he taped a hundred-dollar bill to his forehead, Ann Fairgood tortures helpless stroke-stricken Fred, competent women are punished left and right in the Funkyverse…holy shit, Batiuk is seriously fucked up when it comes to females. It’s relatively rare for a Crankshaft arc to be so malevolently dark that it bleeds through into SoSF commentary, but, damn, how can we resist?

  24. Gerard Plourde

    @HeyItsDave –

    You’re right that this kind of really malevolent stuff is rare to non-existent in the Crankshaft part of the Funkyverse. I had thought that having Chuck Auers as the illustrator might have been a restraining factor. I guess I’m wrong. The last three weeks have been downright disturbing.

  25. DOlz

    Well I can tell the one movie Les would never pick, “Defending Your Life” (1991). Talk about a no win situation.

  26. @TFHackett: “That’s the way they went in 2007!”

    Ah yes, the year of the “everybody but high school seniors walks to school” arc!

  27. And TB still refuses to defend either of his sh!tstorms.

  28. bad wolf

    The only gag i remember from the 2007 trip was Les griping that everyone had iPods with earbuds. I’ve been waiting to see if he picks up that now everyone is now staring at their phones instead, but judging by this movie selection bit, probably not.

    That trip was apparently the last appearance of Chien, who was before my time but seems better than Chullo and Glasses. Hopefully this trip harbinges the end for both of them.