Why does Pete get to hang around on set? Oh, yeah: he’s the screenwriter! He must be still working on the screenplay, since as far as we know it hadn’t been finished when they jetted off to Ohio, then New York, then back to Ohio for all the Cliff Anger bullshit. When it comes to settling a discussion, “Let’s ask Pete” is right up (or down) there with “Let’s flip a coin.”


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17 responses to “MORONE

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Poor, poor BanTom, resorting to cheesy old sitcom-type gimmicks to squeeze another few days out of his sorry little premise. Just like something a cut-rate Kramer or Jim Halpert might say. Oh, wait…that’s actually a step up for the BanMan, as at least he tried to brush up against something tangentially related to humor in a very vague way instead of rehashing the premise and having the characters babble nonsensically like with yesterday’s strip. I said tried.

    “I’ve got it! My Irish mother’s maiden name…Errey! Mason Errey! It’s still a terrible pun AND it has an E in it too!”. There, arc finished, move the f*ck on already. No one can turn the stupidest little thing into a week of monotonous drudgery like the BanMan can. You’re two panels in on Monday and you’re already dying to move on. I seriously believe that if I had bound copies of FW’s entire run I could probably plow through it in a day. Ten minutes a year, forty-four years, that’s less than eight hours. Turning the pages would be the toughest part.

  2. HeyItsDave

    OK, proof right there that Masone leJarre isn’t rolling a full pair of dice: He’s turning to Pete in an attempt to win an argument.

  3. Seems Batty left off the fourth panel again…

    At least Mopey Pete didn’t look up and mutter, “StarbuckE?”

  4. billytheskink

    TB’s ability to draw punchable faces is truly unparalleled. Three of the best non-Les examples today.

  5. It’s kind of comforting to know that when you think Mason is the greatest idiot to appear in the strip, Tom Batiuk shows you, “Ha ha, wrong! There are people who are even stupider. Got your nose!”

  6. Epicus Doomus

    TFH: best header ever.

  7. Wow, they’d better hurry up and film this thing–whatever Dorian Gray deal Mason had keeping him young is wearing off fast.

  8. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. We see the same process in play in England.

  9. Saturnino

    Actually one of my best teachers with whom I am still in contact 48 years later is named Masone.

    I wouldn’t be upset if Cliff Anger changed his name to Cliffe Anger……

  10. @Saturnino: That’s “Clyffe” Anger… if you’re gonna do something like this, you gotta go all the way…

    Meanwhile, the accidentally omitted fifth panel…


    I dunno Mason maybe you should ask…oh, I don’t know…YOUR FUCKING AGENT??!!! OR YOUR PUBLICIST!!!

    No, wait…this is the same agent that got him to star in Starsucks Jones. Okay…

  12. Merry Pookster


    okay now let’s talk about it for 2 weeks

  13. Professor Fate

    “Hey where’s that kid in the stupid hat, the one who was in the school bus, let’s ask him.”

    Argggh. this arc-e, this is utterly pointless, unless it leads to a lighthearted look at Mason Jarr’s total mental breakdown. (not that I’m rooting for that but at least it would mean something is happening). But for now it edges ahead of the week long letter opening arc which at least did has a narrative payoff as we learned boy Lisa was well boy Lisa. This, this is insulting to meaningless gibberish.

  14. Next week: the Starbuck Jones director, whose name is revealed as Derek Torr, considers adding an “e” to his last name. Soon, this craze spreads all across the country. “Hilarity” ensues.

  15. Rusty Shackleford


    Hey look y’all, I spent more time on this than Batty did with the dialog in today’s strip. Crape Crape Crape

  16. HeyItsDave

    I’m pretty sure that Keishae is the plural form.

  17. the dreamer

    You don’t get to write the movie *on the set* Scripts have to be approved. This makes it look like Pete is writing pages and handing them right off to the actors! It is ridiculous that Pete is there. Unless he is acting in the movie.