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Hahaha, it’s funny because CrossFit and yoga are, like, totally different things! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s strip when maybe Tom will finish stretching this arc like a chunk of saltwater taffy and actually move the plot along.

BTW, go back through this arc and take a look at each day’s strip. Notice how Tom’s rendering of Rachel gets more fluid and less awkward as the week progresses? I find this interesting because it shows me that Tom lets himself get “out of practice” with his characters when they’ve been absent awhile and probably doesn’t take the time to do a little “freshening up” with the ol’ Funky Felt Tip before bringing them back.


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  1. spacemanspiff85

    Wait, he’s only been seeing a counselor for a year? Why did he get Buddy then? I don’t think they give you therapy dogs unless you’re actually seeing a therapist. I’m betting this is the proof that Batiuk’s completely forgotten Buddy exists.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Who the hell knows what the hack “cartoonist” was thinking about when he barfed up this annoyingly stupid piece of total claptrap. “Counselor for a year”…”crossfit yoga”…WTF is she babbling about now? I guess this is the result of having a gigantic cast of easily-forgettable characters that no one cares about, you can just completely lose the thread and pick it back up years later, get all the details wrong and no one really notices or cares. This is why after four decades of daily strips FW is still the single most obscure thing in the entire world of entertainment, The Author clearly doesn’t give a shit and boy, does it show.

  3. Charles

    Wait, he’s only been seeing a counselor for a year?

    Don’t try to make sense of the timeline. Wally actually spoke about enrolling at a community college in the fall…. just over 3 years ago.

    I have a feeling that next year when Batiuk finally comes up with a dumb storyline to feature Summer in, he’ll try to claim that she’s a sophomore at Kent State.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    I keep expecting, every fall, for Summer just to be a student at Westview again with no explanation. But Batiuk’s obviously through with writing about her and has pretty much forgotten about her. Lisa, on the other hand. I really do think one day Batiuk’s just going to say “screw it” and have Lisa be alive again with no explanation.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    Charles: Yes and he had beaten the worst of his PTSD at the same fair where Cory enlisted in the army, if I’m not mistaken. Which had to be at least four years ago. So what happened? Did he get over the worst of his PTSD, then had a relapse after discussing going to college, then do nothing for a while, then see a counselor then become well enough to go to a concert and finally enroll in some classes? Because that’s pretty much what had to have happened, no?

    spacemanspiff85: I’ve always felt that would be a great idea, to just do things like that with no explanation. Lisa just suddenly shows up like nothing ever happened, Becky suddenly has two arms, Bull just beats the hell out of Les for no reason, it’d be a huge improvement IMO.

  6. Did Rachel just say that twice a week she gives Wally some cows#!t yogurt? ‘Cause that makes more sense than what TomBat wrote in the word balloon…

  7. billytheskink

    Looks like Funky’s dentist forgot to tell him that you are supposed to remove the cotton balls when you appointment is over.

  8. Shit. He’s trying to reset history every August. Next September, Chullo Boy and his pal will revert to being seniors.

  9. HeyItsDave

    Don’t try to make sense of the timeline. Wally actually spoke about enrolling at a community college in the fall…. just over 3 years ago.

    I keep telling you guys: There is no timeline. The Funkyverse exists in it’s own quantum AU where events unfold at different paces, separately and yet simultaneously, and where characters age not according to any internally consistent “comic strip clock” but simply at the whim of The Creator.
    There are brief periods where the passage of time in FW seems regular and consistent, but this is the exception and not the rule, and trying to impose some kind of order on it is only going to lead to frustration; T-Bats has the attention span of a goldfish (except when it comes to his Starbuck Jones obsession) and he can’t be bothered to keep track of any kind of chronology.

  10. Gerard Plourde

    Another day of talking heads not advancing the plot. I suppose talking about activity spares the artist the drudgery of drawing it. So much easier to concentrate on static and familiar surroundings like Montoni’s than to draw a crowd of people at a rock concert, or Wally actually going to his yoga class. (All those new faces to draw!)

  11. billytheskink

    Rachel, by the way, is no stranger to providing poor descriptions of exercise classes in thoroughly bizarre contexts.

  12. Dave, you’re right about Rachel getting to look more like herself. The image in the masthead, from earlier in the week, looks like Wally with a wig.


    You know what would have made Star Wars great? If the entire movie was just Obi Wan Kenobi talking to Luke about what was going to happen instead of us watching it!


    Crankshaft –

    I love how Crankshaft doesn’t even figure into the possibility that he needs to TEACH his players the friggin rules of baseball. No, he’s just going to acquire people that are already knowledgeable and talented in sports. Which admittedly is also Gil Thorps method of coaching, but still….



    Has anyone been reading 9 Chickweed Lane? Brooke is really going to go down this path isn’t he? The most dumbest thing you can do as a public figure is attack the audience.

  16. Comic Book Harriet

    @Westview and Gerard.

    Seriously! Once again he is supposedly furthering the plot by having a character describing something that happened in the past, while they sit in a bland and familiar location.

    Also, the 9CL thing is cracking me up something fierce. Brooke seems to be the uber Bat-tom. Worse plots, worse art, worse dialogue and all with a more self-absorbed and offensive writer.

  17. DOlz

    Still OT: I just read the 9CL strips for this week, geez it was painful. I really used to enjoy that strip now every time I read one it sucks joy out of my memories of when it was fun.

    I also find it ironic he’s complaining about comments when the comment section is turned off. One more point, on Monday he was blaming the uncivilly of the internet on the anonymous nature of the commenters. I guess he isn’t (Surprise) up to date on the recent research on the subject.


  18. HeyItsDave

    @Comic Book Harriet: Wow, Brooke really is out-Batiuking Batiuk with that sanctimonious BS this week. And the sock puppet. Jesus.

    I guess someone was mean to Brooke and now he’s butthurt.

  19. And yet there are people out there who question the ‘vitriol’ directed at vain egomaniacs like him, Batiuk and Johnston.

  20. spacemanspiff85

    It just amazes me how people like Brooke and Batiuk think that the best way to deal with internet criticism is to just set up a straw man and make it look stupid. Instead of, you know, just ignoring it and writing a good strip. You can ignore internet comments, Batiuk and Brooke. Nobody’s printing them off, wrapping them around a brick and throwing them through your studio window. Just grow up, please. Or retire.