You Get Too Much You Get Too High

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So, more of this crap.  My God this stuff is boring; it makes me want to smother myself.  It looks like I’m not alone; given the crowd that takes up most of panel two, I’m starting to think ol’ Tom Batiuk is starting to bore himself.

Well, at least with today’s episode, we get an actual instance mention of an act of hazing, though hiding someone’s oxygen bottle seems like it might have fatal consequences.  Here, The Odious Dinkle tosses it off as a grim reminder that nothing ever changes, but Becky appears to be chuckling to herself.  Yeah, that’s what I’ll do to John.  I can hardly wait.

Neither can we, Becky.  Neither can we.

I’ve never been to band camp, but it sure looks like everyone has just been milling around aimlessly while The Odious Dinkle blathers away.  And now that he and Becky are both leaving, more aimless milling.  Aren’t there supposed to be rehearsals and marching routines and things like that?  This seems like a waste of time for everyone–which makes it a perfect mirror for Funky Winkerbean.



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20 responses to “You Get Too Much You Get Too High

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Har har har. It’s funny because, you see, elderly people often have difficulty breathing and…awww, forget it. Is BanTom really doing an entire week of these two morons walking around making abysmal hazing jokes? I’m assuming that he wrote this arc during one of those weeks where Mrs. BanTom took a much-needed solo vacation and left Tom alone all week, at which point he began dipping into the vanilla extract again.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    I really, really don’t think Batiuk understands what hazing is it all. Hazing is done to new people in a group. Everyone in the band has been there since it was formed. How can anyone be hazed?

  3. billytheskink

    There’s a fair chance that Carl is hiding his own oxygen bottle in a desperate attempt to get out of Dinkle’s nursing home fife-dom.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    And again with the nursing home jokes…ha ha

  5. 1966tvbatman

    Love the LOVE IS LIKE OXYGEN riff – Sweet is my favorite band.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    You know, most “writers” would probably begin a story about school hazing with an actual hazing incident, which would both set the stage as well as explaining hazing to uninformed readers. Then the teacher characters would discuss what should be done and so forth. But not our Author Guy, oh my heavens no. TomBan has no use for “traditional” forms of storytelling involving logical narratives with some sort of direction or point and he shuns the sort of “comedy” that actually amuses people in favor of a surrealistic, time-warping approach where characters endlessly babble and make stupid wisecracks that can only be described as “jokes” within the sick and twisted confines of the Batiukiverse and no place else. He’s an artist exploring the limits of boredom, a pioneer pushing the limits of tedium, a mad deranged genius hell-bent on finding out just how bland something can be before it simply ceases to exist. Batom doesn’t “write stories”, he creates blandscapes. I believe the end game here is for FW to eventually devolve into nothing but blank panels, as the world shrugs and says “what the hell is a Funky Winkerwhatever?”. Then his work as an artist will truly be complete.

    Or maybe he just really sucks at this and doesn’t care. I’ve been reading it for the vast bulk of my lifetime and I’m still not sure.

  7. It’s a blue-eyed miracle that we didn’t just have two characters standing around talking about how Funky was an alcoholic or that he couldn’t handle the idea of Cindy earning more than he did.

  8. What fascinates me about today’s strip is that you can actually SEE the point where TomBat lost interest. It’s in the chain-link fence in the background. In the first panel, he’s carefully drawn the joints between the posts and the top bar (true, he’s drawn them inconsistently and incorrectly, but it’s his attention that counts); in the second panel, the two gray lines just join as if the fence were welded together. Right there, in the middle of the copyright notice, is where he just said, “to hell with it, I’m off to the golf course.”

  9. 1. Holy damn Chuck Ayers at the Toledo game looks like Santa Claus (check out the MudHens twitter feed)

    2. High school bands? Unfunny… Nursing homes? Unfunny… Hazing? Unfunny… And to top it off, there’s nothing even semi-humorous going on visually. Congrats Batiuk, today’s strip wins the Grand Slam of Uninspired…

    3. Meanwhile, in Krankenschaaften, I forgot that Ed never wanted to coach in the first place and that his daughter volunteered him into doing it, so clearly Ed has NO fucking intention whatsoever of coaching these kids up and is content to just sit back and ridicule them all day with some priest…

  10. HeyItsDave

    Tom needs to start giving me something better to work with. This “talking head” shit is getting old.

  11. sgtsaunders

    Jeepers. Somebody’s trying to kill Carl, and Dinkle-Jowls calls it hazing. Edgy shit.

  12. Rusty

    Batiuk clearly has already forgotten the new teen characters he introduced in his patented heavy-handed manner.

    If he wants to do a hazing story arc, he should have Owen pledging to a frat on campus and being forced to drink beer from his hideous hat.

  13. Things I learned reading FW this week:
    – Hazing is a thing.
    – Becky doesn’t like it.
    – Dinkle concurs.

    Maybe if she actually gave the band campers something to do they wouldn’t have so much time to haze each other.

  14. HeyItsDave

    There’s a trombone there in panel 2. Whenever T-Bats does something involving music, there’s always a goddamn trombone.

  15. Merry Pookster

    I was in HS Band (trombone)… and went to state Band Camp 1970…. zero hazing. Oh Tom…. pranks are not hazing

  16. Eldon of Galt

    So here’s Batiuk taking the disintegration of narrative further than I would have thought possible. From actual stories to disconnected series of events to meandering musing on things he doesn’t understand. And now this
    week’s mess. An amorphous mass of nothing that is so far from a story it’s mind-boggling.


    Yet, once again, we’re just going to watch two people talk about a potential issue rather see it play out in the strip. And worse, yet.. they aren’t even talking about solutions to hazing! They are just making stupid quips. Say what you will but at least Nate had some solution to the Gay Prom Arc. It was really stupid, yes, but a solution.


    Crankshaft –

    1. Batiuk has no idea who the hell Abner Doubleday is, does he?

    2. Pogo did the Baseball origins bit better, Tommy. And you are NO Walt Kelly, Batiuk!!

  19. Might as well take BanTom’s obsession with having people talk about stuff that’s happening off-camera to its obvious next level:

  20. …Mrs. BanTom took a much-needed solo vacation and left Tom alone all week, at which point he began dipping into the vanilla extract again.

    Well, it may not be Miller time…but it’s vanilla time!