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Well, now that we’ve enjoyed a week of nothing at all, it looks like we’re seeing some actual hazing!  But no, just turns out to be a glimpse of something that happened to that Ol’ Punching Bag Himself, Wally Winkerbean, many years ago.

Odd, isn’t it, that Becky’s example has to be something that happened twenty or thirty-odd years ago, and she’s only just this year put a stop to it.  I mean, we couldn’t have used someone slightly more contemporary, like Owen, to make Becky look a little less uncaring and incompetent.  But one suspects that when Owen graduated, his model sheets were thrown into the fire so that Tom Batiuk wouldn’t be tempted to take the focus away from Dinkle and Les.

The last panel does, on the face of it, constitute a “punchline” and it would ordinarily be a pretty good one.  But given the slant of this strip, my first thought was “This store is going to go out of business.”  Odd again that the store seems to sell nothing but plastic wrap (and lottery tickets) again indicating that this prank has been going on so long local merchants are dependent on it for economic survival–but only now is Becky addressing it.  The town will probably dry up and become abandoned, and the band camp will be relocated to Camp Crystal Lake (at least Jason would be easy to draw).  An interesting view of Chesterton’s Fence.  I guess I’m defending hazing!  Funky Winkerbean has made me a terrible person now.

I guess also that this tosses a glitch into the Batiukian Theory that men are the only ones who can act; that the sole function of a woman is to supply cookies and milk to a comic-book reading session.  Turns out women can utterly destroy things.  Here’s to equality!


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12 responses to “Wrappin’ Around

  1. Epicus Doomus

    But she DIDN’T “put a stop” to anything at all, she merely talked about how sad it was that hazing existed. In fact, she herself revealed that hazing was happening at the very same band camp she’s currently at! This comic strip is like a Mobius strip of stupidity where the idiocy continuously loops back upon itself endlessly. And seriously now, hasn’t Wally already been through enough?

  2. Please tell me the post title is a reference to Batiuk’s pre-Funky feature! Also please tell me that this artwork is going to be on the Lisa’ Legacy t-shirts!

  3. billytheskink

    Comic books, pizza, and hazing. What a diverse economy Westview has.

    Well, had… now that Lefty and Dinkle have kinda, sorta, maybe ended hazing.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    “Gosh, he must have had a real terrible, negligent, self-absorbed, basically abusive band director. I sure make him look like crap, whoever he is.”

  5. ComicTrek

    Pfft. Today’s strip is just another excuse for TB to bring out his other favorite chew toy, PTSD-afflicted Wally, to “remind” us that:

    1. Wally Winkerbean was bullied and has always lived a life full of misery.

    2. He is a “serious writer” who should get some attention and awards for all of these storylines involving Wally.

    Well, he can retcon, re-write, and re-use his favorite punching bags as often as he wants, but doesn’t he know that this only proves to cheapen the initial “edginess”, if any, that the serious topic had at all? Especially combined with his DREADFUL writing and weak attempts at humor, which he wanted to leave behind long ago…

  6. Great. A stupid solution to a problem that happened on Dinkle’s watch. And next week, Bull gets angry at the victims of his complete incapacity as a coach. Time for Batiuk to retire.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Over on clevescene.com, there is a story about hazing at the Streetsbiro High School band camp.

    If Batty writes this crap a year in advance, then he must have psychic powers.

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Sorry for the repeat…didn’t see Ian’s post from yesterday.

  9. @TFHackett: Wow. That blog post explains a lot. Everything, really. All summed up in two sentences: “…a teen strip was, frankly, the last thing I ever thought I’d do, or ever want to do.” Batty never wanted to do a strip like “Funky” in the first place; he wanted to do Serious Stuff like Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy, or Actual Comic Books. And he had a Plan: “…when the time came to take shot, I wanted to do stuff like that.”

    Notice the wording of that last sentence, which is lifted verbatim from the blog post. Not “take A shot,” which a normal human might say, but “take shot,” which means… what? That he swallowed small lead pellets every day? Well, chronic lead poisoning could explain nearly fifty years after he made his Plan, he’s still drawing a strip centered on high school, even if some of his “teens” are now collecting Social Security.

  10. The Dreamer

    So now we know! Wally’s PTSD wasnt from the war it was from the sadistic Westview band camp! Wally was damaged goods long before the army go him. Dinkle should be paying for Buddy the therapy dog


    I had no idea that Wally used to be inhabited BOB.