Look at that Caveman Go

Okay, there seems to be a motif at work here…I mean aside from the fact that today’s strip is a rehash of the day before, with Wally as a cartoon caveman in the last panel instead of the first. It’s a pretty safe bet that everyone recognized Fred Flintstone in Monday’s strip;  no doubt some of you recognized Alley Oop, but I had to shake my head at this Tip of the Funky Felt Tip to a character I thought obscure even by Tom Batiuk’s standards.

According to Wikipedia, the Alley Oop comic strip was created by American cartoonist V. T. Hamlin in 1932. This surprised me, as I’d had Oop pegged as a prewar contemporary of Little Nemo and The Yellow Kid. I was even more surprised to learn that the strip survives over 80 years later and today appears in more than 600 newspapers. That’s roughly half again as many papers that carry Funky Winkerbean.



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  1. HeyItsDave

    Thanks, Tom. You’re never one to leave a dead horse unbeaten.

    And, I would think that someone who’s supposed to be such an authority on comic art would know that Alley Oop is a really shitty character for this analogy. That caveman was time traveling in 1939, and was totally unfazed by modern technology.

    Get with the goddamn program, Batiuk.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    The only programs Batiuk cares about getting with are radio ones.

  3. Rusty

    Where did Rachel come up with big rack? This is way out of proportion to most Batiuk characters.

  4. erdmann

    My guess is BC will be our special guest caveman Wednesday, followed by Captain Caveman on Thursday. On Friday, we’ll be treated to an appearance by Joe Kubert’s Tor, or possibly Howie Post’s Anthro. On Saturday, Wally will overcome his fear of technology and will celebrate by envisioning himself as Starbuck Jones.
    This will lead into a fake comic book cover by a real artist on Sunday, which in turn will lead into two weeks of the Wacky Hollywood Misadventures of Dull and Dullard, replete with a flashback/fantasy sequence about how the delicate geniuses at Batom Comics dealt with problems such as being expected to do the jobs for which they were paid.

  5. billytheskink

    I have scheduled classes both online (college) and offline (high school, first year of college). This is what I recall:

    Online – Used drop-down menus and radio buttons to select classes from a variety of times and teachers. Class descriptions and teachers posted online and classes could be looked up via search function. Full classes instantaneously made unavailable allowing you to select a second choice immediately. Schedule of classes and times confirmed upon completion of registration.

    Offline – Filled out forms and waited in line to meet with an academic advisor to select classes. Catalog book required to view class descriptions, teachers, and code numbers. Forms requested first, second, and third choices for classes in case requested class was full. Get your confirmed schedule a week later, not knowing which classes, teachers, and class times you would receive until then.

    So… considering how much easier and less stressful online class scheduling is to the old days, how the heck would Wally have handled class scheduling back then?

  6. 1966tvbatman

    Dang, that IS quite a bustline today!

  7. ComicTrek

    It’s like TB has realized that he’s forgotten to make Wally old, so he’s rapidly aging him up just for this arc.

  8. Unca Scrooge

    Alley Oop is indeed produced today (it can be found at gocomics.com) but is nowhere near the strip it once was when Vince Hamlin made it one of the greatest strips ever. Today it is written and drawn by the husband and wife team of Jack and Carole Bender. Funky fans will find this hard to believe but Carole Bender is the absolute, worst writer in comics today. Jack is an 85 year-old cartoonist who has long seen better days and relies on cut-and-paste. I wouldn’t put any stock in the 600 papers – that was probably true about 15 years ago before a lot of papers folded.

  9. Gerard Plourde

    In addition to time-travel, Alley Oop drove an experimental electric-powered race car and traveled to the Moon. By extension, it’s easy to assume he’d find online registration and online learning a breeze. Once again, Batty lack of thorough research trips him up.

  10. spacemanspiff85

    Online registration was easy. I’d just look at the courses I needed to take, write down the information so I had it in front of me, get my faculty advisor to sign off on it (that was always the biggest pain) and then submit it.
    Whereas my dad talks about they basically had to camp outside the registrar’s office to make sure they got the courses they needed.

  11. spacemanspiff85

    I am far more nostalgic than most people. So I get how Batiuk feels. Yet the stuff he complains about is consistently the stuff that is actually, unequivocally better now. MP3s are better than 8-tracks. Online registration is better than in person. The way he is with this, I really expect his characters to complain about how paint was so much better, more “painty”, before they took all the lead out of it.
    I wonder if he knows digital comics are a thing? I’m shocked that hasn’t been a months long arc yet about how they ruin the purity of the medium or something.

  12. I actually would like to see the Geico Cavemen show up soon. They could mock him for being a pansy who thinks that The Machine is scary and difficult because old people think it is.

  13. hitorque

    1. LOL so in one day he goes from looking like Fast Eddie Snowden to F. Murray Abraham? Meanwhile Mrs. Firebush has “Cindy Sommers-Winkerbean-Jarr Disease” which means no matter her true age she’ll always keep her taut, sag-free pornstar face and body…

    2. As long as Batiuk keeps giving us lovingly-rendered, high-detail shots of dat FFF-cup size rack this week, I’ll keep my complaints to a minimum… A shame she had to wear something black, though…

    3. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST JUST GET OFF YOUR WHINY ASS AND DRIVE TO THE JUCO AND REGISTER THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY! Of course then we’d see nonstop complaints about paperwork, college bureaucracy, parking, getting lost on campus, “College kids today, amirite?” and so on… Don’t know why Mrs. Firebush is patronizing this bullshit with her silent smirking instead of giving dear hubby a reality check…

    4. Nice round-rim eyeglasses, douche… Since you’re a “caveman”, you’re obviously not wearing them for the sake of hipster irony or European avant garde fashion… Get this through your skull: Only THREE dudes since the end of WWII can properly pull off round-rim glasses — John Lennon, Johnny Depp, and Harry Potter… End of list.

    5. So we’re just forgetting that whole Bull thing which happened last week?

  14. hitorque

    @spacemanspiff85: Wasn’t even that long ago… I was in college in the late 90s, and until my senior year registration was literally an all-day thing (if you were lucky, it would only be one day) and god forbid your classes were closed because you had to go to so many buildings to get different people to sign off on whatever… And then you got to spend your next day running around to straighten out your financial aid…

    I work at a university now and even with online support registration is far from headache-free for many students… For different reasons of course.

  15. Rusty Shackleford

    Add modern education to the list of things Batty knows nothing about. OMG, an online course? Welll I will just die! What a crazy world we live in.

    Wally’s really going to do well in school this term.

    In Batty’s world, nothing changes, it’s always the 1970’s, when Batty was in his prime and people still said the word “funky” when they wanted to sound cool. You went to a shop to buy comics…ah those were the days.

    It reminds me of some of the old time model railroaders who constantly bemoan the loss of local hobby shops, and can’t be bothered to look online for anything. If you don’t build everything from scratch, using parts obtained from a local hobby shop, then you aren’t a real model railroader.

    With Batty, it’s the same, he ignores reality as he desperately clings to his old ways. He puts more effort into talking about the issues he is going to explore…and I love how he is always “exploring” things…than in the story itself.

  16. Maybe I’m being too tough on Wally here, and I’d rather suggest a solution than curse his ineptitude…

    Bro — Just CLOSE the goddamned laptop, turn around in your chair (you don’t even have to get up), yank off your wifey’s shirt and proceed to dive into that cleavage and motorboat those Grand Tetons for as long as it takes for the anxieties and stresses of the modern world to simply evaporate… Mark my words — The answers to every great mystery in life lay deep within…

  17. The only thing missing from this week of strips (so far) is Darrin the Dull and Pete Rattabastardo sitting in their office, not doing any work, and wondering aloud what it was like registering for college in 1959…

  18. OK, so we’ve seen that Wally has all this anxiety when faced with dealing with all the people in a school setting, and now we see that he has all his anxiety when he doesn’t have to deal with all the people in a school setting. Such is the life of a Funky Winkerbean punching-bag character.


    Eh, after the near non-death experience of Bull, I’ll settle for a little cheesecake and referential humor.

  20. HeyItsDave

    @hitorque – I just did a Rule 34 search on “Funky Winkerbean,” There were no results.

  21. bad wolf

    Yeah, at this point I have to wonder if there actually are 600 active daily newsprint newspapers in the US. Remember how there used to be 2-3 competing dailies in a major metropolitan area, then they condensed to one?

  22. Ray

    @hitorque – I like the way you think.

    firebush…he he he 🙂

  23. Epicus Doomus

    This “gag” might have made more (or at least some) sense if it was about Wally adjusting to his much younger classmates. The idea that he’s “too old” to wrap his mind around online courses is totally brainless.


    Crankshaft –

    Wait a second! Hasn’t crankshaft seen these twins before??!!

  25. The Dreamer

    you will notice that wally has nothing to do with his and Becky’s kids. He is now their age, he has aged in reverse!

  26. You know, it’s never a good idea to remind your readers that there are characters out there that are far funnier and more interesting than the ones you draw. Just sayin’

  27. Jason

    This is wandering into Pluggers territory.

  28. spacemanspiff85

    It’s the same thing with all of his comic book worship. When I see, I don’t think “wow, comic books are awesome”, like Batiuk wants his audience to think. I just think “screw this garbage, there’s actual entertaining comics out there, I’ll just read those”.