Honey, I… I Think There’s Something Wrong With Me

So, after months of mood swings, violent outbursts, and memory loss, Bull finally admits to Linda today that he “needs to see someone.”

I find it hard to believe that everyone around Bull has noticed his decline and openly discussed his symptoms and yet no one has bothered to investigate what all of this might mean. I think part of the reason his characters are so unlikable is because they are so damned stupid.

If this does turn out to be a long-term story about CTE, we should have some kind of pool to predict how long it takes T-Bats to make another Pulitzer attempt by having Bull commit suicide.



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13 responses to “Honey, I… I Think There’s Something Wrong With Me

  1. spacemanspiff85

    It kind of creeps me out how Linda’s just charging into the boys’ locker room like that.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Oh my, I haven’t chuckled this heartily since Funky dropped Morty off at the home. Good thing Bull finally realized he needs help, otherwise his concerned-yet-unmotivated wife and Dick Facey would have continued to watch his sad decline, which, come to think of it, isn’t really all that different than his regular personality. So who the hell really knows, eh?

  3. billytheskink

    Ah, the spilled drink. As sure a sign of uncontrolled rage as the crooked lampshade is of desperate poverty.

  4. I think when he says “I need to see someone” he’s talking about getting placed in a different strip. Like, oh, Dick Tracy or Beetle Bailey. I mean, I can vividly imagine Bull raking Beetle over the coals, so that Sgt Snorkel could think, “Whoa! Amazing technique! Wish I could read so I could take notes!”

  5. Again, we have to have a man to take initiative because the women are even more passive and less intelligent than the sheeple males.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    What the hell Batty. Week after week of weird dialog using words nobody uses, followed by cryptic smirks….all for this tidy little conclusion.

  7. Remember, even if you know something is wrong with your husband, you’re only allowed to so something about it when he acknowledges it!

  8. @spacemanspiff85: I’m pretty sure that Bull got ejected and the game is still going on, so no worries for Linda there… Would have been nice to actually see the ejection, though (it would have to have been something really egregious, like Bull putting his hands on an official, opposing player, or spectator)…

  9. Gerard Plourde

    “I think part of the reason his characters are so unlikable is because they are so damned stupid.”

    It’s their complete passivity that drives me up the wall. When confronted by a friend, spouse, or coworker in crisis, the typical character’s response is to stand mute.


    Out of context, the third panel makes it seem like Bull is asking Linda if he can see other women.



    Easy. Just tell the 911 operator that there is a deranged elderly person wearing a Toledo Mudhen’s hat and is waving a glock and shooting at random people. Then let the police take care of things from there. Hey, this would be a totally justifiable swatting prank IMHO!!

  12. Jimmy

    @Westview Oncologist: it’s an odd way to ask for an open relationship, isn’t it?

    I’m also guessing we missed Bull’s Woody Hayes moment, and he was tossed from the game. Another example of show, don’t tell.

  13. A HREF

    So Bull has CTE. Is it serious a condition like Jff’s stroke or un-serious like DInkle’s deafness so that no one willbe able to tell the difference? Or is it intermittent like Funky’s alcoholism and Wally’s PSTD? Or is regrettable like Lisa dying–will non-CTE Bull haunt the rest of the strip? Or is it just a prop like Becky’s missing arm? Or is it life threatening and seizure inducing like Les’s smugness?