Been Nice Knowin’ Ya, Bull.

So today’s strip confirms what the SoSF community has been speculating all along – Bull has CTE. Maybe. See, what Batty isn’t saying is that CTE can’t really be diagnosed until a post-mortem examination of the brain is made during autopsy.

There’s hope for Bull yet, though. Funky’s dad Mort has made a remarkable recovery from the vegetative state he was in when Funks dumped him into Bedside Manor.  Dinkle stopped being deaf when our backs were turned, as Dinkles often do. And don’t forget Wally: he came back from Afghanistan with PTSD and without the ability to recognize faces and look at him now, all goin’ to school an’ sayin’ hi to folks he recognizes and carving out a normal life with a hot redhead who seems to have conveniently forgotten about her kid.

(With all that miraculous healing going on in Westview, the Lourdes of Ahia, you have to wonder how poor Becky feels about the arm that stubbornly refuses to grow back.)


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25 responses to “Been Nice Knowin’ Ya, Bull.

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Funky Winkerbean: the comic strip where “brain tumor” is actually one of the funnier punch lines of the year. So Bull’s stupid football hijinx have turned his already-questionable brain into mush and now he’s going to be just as dumb but occasionally dangerously angry too? I can live with that.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    Man, it has to be hard for Batiuk, writing a storyline where the diagnosis isn’t cancer. Yet.

  3. billytheskink

    “Classic” CTE of course. None of that new-fangled, locally-sourced, organic, sustainable, craft CTE that the millennials are buzzing about. No sir.

    So, this explains why Bull has forgotten all about Jinx. What’s Linda’s excuse?

  4. “Thank goodness! I thought I was being written out of the strip! So now I can continue to listen to those awful puns, and be in an office next to Les, and…and…can you check those results again? Please? I’ll pay!”

  5. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “Give it to me straight, doc! Will I ever smirk again?”

  6. spacemanspiff85

    I’ll be shocked if we don’t get a strip where Les talks with Bull about how Bull used to Bully him. Then Bull says “Les . . . I don’t remember that.”. And Les says “I wish I didn’t remember it.”.

  7. ComicTrek

    This is it. This is the strip in a nutshell. Highly predictable, yet nonetheless painful.

  8. The Dreamer

    you cant diagnose CTE until after the person is dead and they’ve examined the brain!

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    So what kind of gimmick can Batty use this time in his quest for the Pulitzer Prize? He already tried the cute therapy dog routine with Wally and it got him nowhere.

    I suggest having Les become Bull’s therapy bitch. Les walking around in a Mr Slave outfit, Bull degrading him constantly. It writes itself!

  10. Nobody’s snagging a Pulitzer around here until he learns how to actually spell the name of the disease…

  11. Too bad Bull didn’t jump at the chance to take that head coaching job at Diversity University International… He’d at least be in much better financial shape to manage this condition…

    Maybe Les can organize another charity 5K fun run in Bull’s honor? He’d love the attention from that, wouldn’t he?

  12. This may be the most self-aware Batiuk has ever been, and I’m not sure it’s deliberate.


    That’s not a doctor!. That’s just fucking Les with brown hair dye!! Linda will you at least take this thing seriously and get Bull to a real fucking doctor!!

  14. You know what he’ll say if his poor spelling is pointed out. It’ll be the same excuse he trots out for bungling the CTE disagnosing: writing.

  15. Jimmy

    F you, Batty. You know absolutely nothing about this subject.

  16. billytheskink

    Too bad Bull didn’t jump at the chance to take that head coaching job at Diversity University International…

    He did jump at that chance, though, and the Batiukverse slapped him down hard for daring to attempt to change the status quo. Then Les walked into his office and had the gall to make Bull’s misfortune part of his “Hollywood” pity-party.

    If you think exercising your absurdly-given right to end a movie in the middle of production after having cashed several of the studio’s large checks and enjoyed months of their hospitality in Southern California is in ANY way comparable having a lucrative job offer rescinded right when you called to accept it, then Les Moore is literally the only person on the planet you could be.

    you cant diagnose CTE until after the person is dead and they’ve examined the brain!

    Maybe they removed it during one of the tests, it’s not like Bull was using it.

    Now, please excuse me while I hand this joke back over to the museum curator…

  17. @billytheskink: Batiuk would never say “classic” AIDS or “classic” cancer, so why in fuck’s name is he doing it here?

  18. Comic Book Harriet

    As weird as Crankshaft’s ‘The Last Leaf’ one man show has been…it’s gotta be a head and shoulders better than whatever schlock Les is pounding out.

  19. @billytheskink: To be fair, Bull did waste like two full weeks straddling the fence, when he should have fucking said “YES” immediately… Because even if (or should I say ‘when’) his coaching career at DUI went down in flames, he’d have the money from his contract, and he’d always be able to get another high school job anywhere…

    But that whole storyline stunk… We can add “college football coaching job searches” to the list of topics Batiuk has no fucking idea how to accurately portray…

  20. timbuys

    So, obviously this is yet another example of simply terrible writing but I will halfheartedly defend Batiuk’s inability to spell by suggesting that he is, perhaps, trying to replicate the Ahia twang by omitting the U there.

  21. @Epicus Doomus: Yeah, I’m only surprised that Bull even knows what a brain tumor is…

    And as someone who lost his father to a brain tumor, let me give another hearty “GO FUCK YOURSELF” to Tom Batiuk….

  22. sgtsaunders

    Bull leaves the clinic thinking that he can read minds. “He said I was Extratelepathic!”


    Metlife is ending it’s relationship with Peanuts. Now that I think about it Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft may be more appropriate mascots for a company that sells products capitalizing on death and misery.

  24. Professor Fate

    Oh good now we get to see the wacky side of death with Bull spouting stupid things until the arrival of Masky McDeath comes to shut him up and take him away.
    Just one request for the author – can you at least show that the whole Bull ‘faking bullying Les to protect him form the other bullies” is just a symptom of his condition and has no actual reality. I’d like to think that Bull did manage to do something useful with his life – pounding Les in pulp on a regular basis.

  25. Rusty Shackleford

    Why can’t Bull take out his frustrations on Les…like he used to…back when this strip had some humor.