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Been Nice Knowin’ Ya, Bull.

So today’s strip confirms what the SoSF community has been speculating all along – Bull has CTE. Maybe. See, what Batty isn’t saying is that CTE can’t really be diagnosed until a post-mortem examination of the brain is made during autopsy.

There’s hope for Bull yet, though. Funky’s dad Mort has made a remarkable recovery from the vegetative state he was in when Funks dumped him into Bedside Manor.  Dinkle stopped being deaf when our backs were turned, as Dinkles often do. And don’t forget Wally: he came back from Afghanistan with PTSD and without the ability to recognize faces and look at him now, all goin’ to school an’ sayin’ hi to folks he recognizes and carving out a normal life with a hot redhead who seems to have conveniently forgotten about her kid.

(With all that miraculous healing going on in Westview, the Lourdes of Ahia, you have to wonder how poor Becky feels about the arm that stubbornly refuses to grow back.)


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