So today’s strip remains centered on Les’ comments from the bleachers, and the banality can not be broken by Funky’s lame-ass joke. It got me thinking about how much better FW could be with just a few little tweaks. You know, like making it funny again, or dumping that stupid Starbuck Jones crap, or something really simple like getting rid of Les. I really wish T-Bats used social media; it would be awesome if the #LessLes hashtag went viral and gave him a rage-aneurism.

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14 responses to “#LessLes

  1. billytheskink

    Huh. Sorry, is there a joke in this strip? I honestly don’t know, I didn’t read any of the text. I can’t concentrate on anything but David Cross/Grizzly Adams lurking there over Cayla’s right shoulder.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Oh now this one is just awful. Batiuk inexplicably continues to make light of Bull’s degenerative brain disease while Bull’s “pals” continue to mock his stupidity, from afar I might add. Meanwhile BanTom’s sendoff for his forty-whatever year old character consists of other characters talking about him like he’s already dead even though he was only diagnosed just last week. It’s depressing, stupid and somewhat mean-spirited too IMO. Plus it features Les, which is always insult to injury especially when the f*cking arc isn’t even about him. Funky’s been a real jerk this week too. What a pair of dicks.

  3. bigd1992

    When did Holly morph into Hillary Clinton?

  4. spacemanspiff85

    Batiuk could announce that he was doing a story about Syrian refugees, and you’d think, “Oh, wow, I bet that will be very hard hitting and profound” (if you weren’t familiar at all with his work). And then the story would come, and it would be Les sitting at home watching a newscast, and a malnourished refugee reminding him of chemo Lisa, and he’d just sit there for two weeks talking to a silent Cayla about how amazing Lisa was, and how lucky he was to know her.
    It is always about Les.

  5. Depressing, stupid. overly-focused on an unlikable character and mean-spirited is what Batiuk’s good at. This is because he’s depressing, stupid, mean-spirited and focused too much on his unlikable self.

  6. The Dreamer

    So how long until Batiuk kills off Bull? 6 months? A year? then a yearly Bull’s Legacy run to benefit concussion research?

  7. Chyron HR

    Then science sends Bull’s brain back with a note that says, “This man didn’t have CMT, he was just a stupid jerk.”

  8. Gerard Plourde

    @ The Dreamer – There’s a 50/50 chance that Bull dies. There’s always the alternative that Batty forgets his plot line and Bull is back at Westview. Dinkle’s deafness and Mort’s dementia provide examples.

  9. Yeah, we’ll have a week of brain damage jokes from Les, then Bull will be hanging around on the sidelines as if nothing ever happened. Funny that TB has made no mention of who’s been picked to succeed Bull in the role of football coach/women’s basketball coach/athletic director. Maybe he can bring in Wedgeman to do it. Summer would be a more obvious choice, but TB really needs a comically incompetent jock to fill the job.

  10. timbuys

    @ Epicus Doomus: Somewhat mean-spirited? I think you can remove that ‘somewhat’ qualifier.


    But in reality it will probably be left sitting in a jar of formaldehyde in Westview High’s science Lab where ACT V Cody will be making pun related comments disguised as teaching to the next group of idiotic offspring.

  12. @Westview – It’ll be sitting in a jar of formaldehyde in the science lab, and then the Starbuck Jones producers will come in and say, “Oh, that would be perfect for our science lab set!”

  13. Given the propensity of serious disabilities to just get better in the strip, I wouldn’t be astonished if Bull’s successor were Jack Stropp.

  14. You can’t get more seriously disabled than being dead.