Who are you again?

Finally!  Today, we finally get back to the actual subject of this arc, with Bull making a self-depreciating joke about the anticipated trajectory of his condition. I have to admit that, having watched family members struggle and fade with memory loss and dementia, I found Bull’s comment bittersweet (especially since I kind of liked him – probably the only time you’ll hear me say that about an FW character who isn’t Buddy.)

annAnd then…in Panel Two…is that…Ann Fairgood? Why, we haven’t seen her in awhile. Say, she’s got a pretty talented hair stylist, huh? Four years ago her hair was mousy brown, and then for a while it turned white (probably from having to change Fred’s diapers four times a day) and today it’s Cindy Blonde. Good thing T-Bats knows how to indicate “old age” by adding a few crows feet around the eyes and putting in that line on the neck. Guess those art lessons really paid off. Wonder where Fred is? Probably handcuffed into bed with duct tape over his mouth since Ann’s been retconned into being a spousal abuser.

Jinx is still a no-show. Wonder if T-Bats even remembers that Bull and Linda had an adopted daughter?


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15 responses to “Who are you again?

  1. I guess TB’s aiming for Lou Gehrig, but he’s hitting Bob Uecker.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    I dunno, something about these memory loss gags just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe he thinks it’s OK to goof on Bull because he’s just a dumb football player, BanTom has had that sort of passive-aggressive attitude regarding football since forever. It’s just odd to me how he’s playing this for laughs, not that I’d prefer pathos, mind you.

  3. billytheskink

    So who is Bull most looking forward to forgetting? Besides Les, of course. It’s not a question if Les is included.

  4. Jimmy

    From the pen of Leslie Moore:
    “They say an elephant never forgets. Jerome the Bull never remembers”

  5. I don’t have a problem with this one. Aside from the really awkward squeeze-in in panel two (I guess that’s Ann Fairgood, who knows) it’s kind of sweet and kind of funny.

    So, score one for Tom Batiuk as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure I’ll regret saying that when the next strip rolls out.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    That was a woman in panel 2? I never would have guessed it was Ann. Does Batty gave to draw every female, save for Cindy, thus way?

  7. Watch this. If anyone complains, Batsy will say that no-one in the grip of dementia has a bad word for it.

  8. sgtsaunders

    Ah, the hilarity of real mental illness. Tombat’s a literary prize, is he not?

  9. Jesus Fucking Christ… This is supposed to be funny?

  10. @beckoningchasm: But CTE is about so much more than mere memory loss… Will Bull’s inevitably violent outbursts directed at anyone around him also be funny? Will his suicide still be funny?


    Am I the only one that has a problem with Bull having to retire because of CTE? This is basically saying that if you have the condition you might as well just give up and quit and spend the rest of your days treating your incurable disease. This isn’t a progressive message for people with mental or neurological diseases.

  12. Comic Book Harriet

    @Westview Oncologist
    I think it’s more that he is retiring to spend as much of his remaining life as possible away from the endless drudgery of Westview. Which I can understand and relate to. Only a few people want to work right up to the point they’re dead or incapacitated, which is why we plan for retirement.

    As for him giving a snarky speech…telling students and parents and entire families that he will eventually forget all of them…”F**k You BATUIK!”

  13. Professor Fate

    Have to share the discomfort of the other commentators here – this sort of thing is heartbreaking for the people going through it and their loved ones and being flippant about it rather sticks in my craw. One does remember that there weren’t too many jokes about Lisa’s hair falling out due to chemo.

  14. Well, I can rectify that! It’s fall, and the leaves are falling – just like Lisa’s HAIR!!! She died in the fall, geddit? Haw haw hungh whooooo…. Cmon Tom, you have it in you, just try. Your fan is waiting…

  15. The Dreamer

    Bull will lose his mind and have to be put in the nursing home with Crankshaft and Funky’s dad and the other members of Harry Dinkles’s seniors band. Bull can play the tuba