Fail Punner Tom

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Cliff Anger is a defiant and bitter commie. Jessica is back behind the camera after the unfortunate “Barbie” debacle. (I somehow totally missed that development this week, which says plenty about the Jessica character in general). TomBat was once the ringleader of some shoplifting-endorsing comic book liberation movement. It’s like the whole Funkyverse is all topsy-turvy, nothing makes SENSE anymore!!!

Fortunately though, at least one aspect of FW remains constant, the rock-solid pillar and foundation the entire Funkyverse is based upon. Of course I’m referring to abysmal, stupid, sub-moronic wordplay…what else? Apparently Cliff’s career wasn’t quite as important to him as the opportunity to make a really dumb and inane joke was and Cliff seized that opportunity, Tailgunner Joe and his own nascent movie career be damned. It’s a profile in courage all right. Life, liberty and the pursuit of idiotic gags that would make a third-grader roll his or her eyes… it’s in the Constitution. Give me punnery or give me death!

What a debacle. And on that note I’m passing the SoSF baton to the one, the only…TF Hackett, who’s all set to tackle the next two weeks of wry banter, painfully bad wordplay, adorable ninety-year old coots and sinister bio-dads, along with whatever other weird curveballs Batiuk yanks out of his musty little bag of contrivances. Why, it might be a retconned sixty year old congressional hearing or a broken pizzeria bandbox or a brain-damaged man comically spilling human remains all over himself…you just never really know until Monday rolls around and even then it’s sometimes unclear.



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  1. spacemanspiff85

    It’s funny how yesterday, Cliff said they were idealistic dreamers who just wanted to change the world, but here, given the chance to actually stand up for his beliefs and make a difference, he makes a lame pseudo-joke that even Crankshaft would be embarrassed of.

  2. billytheskink

    Looks like Vera isn’t amused either.

    This actually reminds me of something good though – an SCTV sketch where Eugene Levy’s hacky comedian character Bobby Bittman crashes the Sammy Maudlin Show, as he so often did, and shows “outtakes” of him “testifying” (that is, telling awful jokes) before congress on the issue of drug abuse in Hollywood.

    That sketch, however, was a wonderfully humorous commentary on the rampant insincerity of show business and the absurdity of congress’ interest in non-government affairs. This strip is a lame shot at a long-dead politician with an already infamously terrible reputation, and for what? To punch up a character whose only known traits, after dozens of strips worth of appearances, remain “old” and “actor”? Shaking my head here…

  3. Gerard Plourde

    Another instance of the author not doing his basic research – he’s managed to confuse the HUAC hearings that are associated with Hollywood blacklisting with McCarthy’s later hearings into alleged Communist infiltration of the government and into defense-related industries. (As an aside, the Subcommittee that McCarthy headed, still exists under the name United States Senate Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.)

  4. Epicus Doomus

    I’m enjoying how erudite and scholarly Cliff is this week, like he’s the elder statesman of Hollywood now or something. A brash young movie star and cocky idealist who only wanted a Better Tomorrow for everyone runs afoul of a simplistic and cruel Government that just doesn’t understand his deeply-held beliefs and courageously stands up to the Government’s ringleader by annoying him with obnoxious wordplay…OK, but no one knew about, wrote about or remembered this until he was coerced into appearing in the SJ film sixty years later? It just seems so, oh I don’t know, totally impossible somehow.

    Coming in 2017: Cindy is fired from Buddyblog and becomes a hilarious internet meme when her “documentary” on Cliff Anger turns out to be nothing more than the demented ramblings of a very old man who’s out in public for the first time in sixty years. Vera’s very angry great-grandchildren storm the set and demand to know who’s been holding their nana captive for the last several months.

  5. It says something when Crankshaft is more true to reality than the parent. Here, we have a crazy man telling us how he destroyed his life being a dimwitted wiseass. There, we have Ed freaking out because Scrooge developed a conscience instead of staying bitter and heartless and mean and (above all) as dumb as a sack of shit.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    I was expecting a sidewise tip of the funky felt tip. That sucks…as bad as today’s story. So boring, so pointless.

    Meanwhile, if he would really write about contemporary things, he would find tons of raw material out there. But instead, we get treated to his flights of nostalgia as he glorifies the trivial and mundane.

  7. louder

    WTF? A hand held camera for an interview? Now that’s funny!

  8. @Rusty Shackleford:

    The trivial and the mundane are all he cares about. There’s never been a lot of curiosity to him.

  9. Rusty

    I love that this goober ends up in prison because he’s unable to resist cracking stupid jokes in a serious situation. It’s every FW strip ever.

    “Yeah, I ended up serving time after they doubled down on watching me due to my evasive testimony. I never worked in Hollywood again and became a professional park bench sitter in Central Park for 50 years. Totally worth it though.”

  10. Here’s a fun exercise to try at home, kids! Lean your head to the left like you plan to make a wry or conspiratorial in-joke to the person beside you, then look straight ahead while speaking from the right side of your mouth. Got that? Wait, you say you can’t do it, or that it is kind of painful to do it? That people in real life don’t act like that? Congratulations! You can be a cartoonist!

  11. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Cleft Wanker, I find you hilariously in contempt and sentence you to the PUNITENTIARY!

  12. Eldon of Galt

    Of course Joe wasn’t amused. There was nothing funny happening.
    And, yes. A hand-held camera for an interview. A two-hour interview. Imagine the video images as the camera-person struggles to hold up her increasingly shaky arms and then slowly slumps to the ground in exhaustion.
    Good for a laugh back at Buddy-Blog headquarters.

  13. Uh, better make sure that Jessica is rolling tape. She’s holding the camera and looking at it as if to say “So is this where the ‘film’ goes in?”

  14. Rusty Shackleford


    Panel 1 shows a hipster with man bun talking on the phone. Yeah Grandpa, I’m watching it now.

    Panel 2 shows view from behind the tv…from the tv we hear Cliff yelling Ba Ba Booey, Howard Stern rules! Heh heh, I was just looking up your dress the whole time. I can’t believe you actually bought my spiel, you stupid bimbo. This was too easy.

    Panel 3. The hipster smirks and says “Aw, gramps, the look on her face when you told her it was all bs…omg that was awesome….yeah I’m uploading it to YouTube now.”

  15. DOlz

    Off Topic

    Rex Morgan did a nice tribute to Richard Thompson today.

  16. Doghouse Reilly

    Later, Cliff Anger will confess he was one of Bela Kun’s Lenin Boys in post WWI Hungary.

  17. So, there’s a box labelled “Starbuck Jones” that has a lock on it. I suppose this box is filled with comic books, and it’s locked because they’re more precious than gold. And Cliff drags it everywhere, so that it is never out of his sight.

    Good lord.


    “or maybe the parties Counselor Cohn usually frequents…”

    “Uh, that;ll be enough, Mr. Anger. You may be excused!”


    OT: If you ever want to know how to make a political or social statement and still be funny, read todays Doonesbury.

  20. Charles

    Things that I love about these dumb strips.

    Jessica is holding the camera aloft like an offering to the Gods rather than having a tripod or holding it like an actual cinematographer. I can only imagine how shaky that stupid thing gets after about 10 minutes.

    That Buddyblog didn’t have a single qualified person who would shoot this “documentary” and she had to enlist Jessica instead. Quick, what’s the personal or professional relationship between the two of them?

    Lastly, that this stupid documentary apparently consists only of pointing a camera at this old codger and that pursed-lipped biddy and having them yammer on for two hours. I can only imagine that in the director’s cut, Cliff says something inappropriate or that, since they’re in their 90s, Cliff and/or Vera just starts farting or drooling uncontrollably. Or that they get into a petty stupid argument about something that happened 65 years ago.