Contempt of Continuity

Gerard Plourde
December 1, 2016 at 8:29 am
I wonder where he’s going with this. Does Cliff defect to the USSR and end up in the Gulag until 1992?

December 1, 2016 at 1:39 am
“How would you characterize your shipmates, Mr. Anger? Were they communists? Were they virile? Strapping? Did they have tattoos?”

These questions and many more will sadly go unanswered as today Cliff wraps up his story. And your genial host must, unlike Cindy Summers and Tom Batiuk, do at least a modicum of research to come up with something to say about this plodding plot. While I could find no actors from that era who were sent to jail, I did find a Wikipedia entry about the Hollywood Ten, a group of screenwriters and directors who refused to cooperate with McCarthy’s HUAC and who were indeed blacklisted, fined, and sentenced to prison terms of up to one year.

November 23, 2016 at 2:49 am
Oh, hell. He’s going to ruin Trumbo.

Yep, Dalton Trumbo was one of The Ten, and I’ve put his words from a 1976 interview into Cliff’s mouth here,to lend a little eloquence.



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15 responses to “Contempt of Continuity

  1. Epicus Doomus

    So the zoom in on Cliff and Vera’s hands would indicate that Vera was at least one of the folks Cliff didn’t want to fink on. So then he did his six months, got out and ignored her for fifty-nine and a half years? OK TomBan, sure. It’s a real profile in courage all right, I love how after getting out of jail Cliff immediately abandoned his deeply held convictions and became a bitter old curmudgeon for six decades too. A real matinee idol, that Anger.

  2. billytheskink

    Well, there’s a good 15 minutes of Untold Anger: Back From The Edge Of The Cliff in the can.

    Cindy is really, really, extremely, incredibly, absurdly lucky that Cliff’s answer to why he dropped out of sight wasn’t “I was typecast, studios stopped making Flash Gordon rip-offs, and I just gave up after I lost the role of the Synchro-Vox lips in Space Angel…”

  3. So, he was out of work and shipped on a tramp steamer in 1940. And this was, I assume, after he made a huge sensation in the Starbuck Jones serial…hang on, the Starbuck Jones comic books didn’t appear until the 1950’s…

    So, he served on a tramp steamer, then went to jail, and then became hugely famous and influential as Starbuck Jones in the movies. So, he didn’t really suffer at all. He became a hero to the youth of America. And then, after that, he decided to be a recluse with a lamp cocked at an angle.

    Yeah, all of this makes total sense, if you happen to be a cartoonist who was suddenly convinced he had SOMETHING TO SAY to the masses, and by God, they were going to hear that SOMETHING no matter how many twists and turns made that SOMETHING utterly irrelevant.

    Sometime, centuries hence, after the earth is destroyed in an apocalypse, visiting alien scholars are totally going to be non-plussed by Tom Batiuk’s entry. I suspect they will look at one another, smirk briefly, then hit “Delete.”

  4. Jimmy

    We’ve got a thing that’s called Commie Love…we’ve got a wave in the air…Commie Love

  5. spacemanspiff85

    I love how at the beginning of this, Cliff said his career was ruined because he went to jail. But now he’s literally saying his career was dead before he went to jail. So this was even more of a wasted week than I thought, which is really saying something.

  6. This is why I keep insisting that Batiuk should still being a downbeat rip-off of Archie. His attempts at continuity always contradict one another because he can’t be arsed to keep track of the stupid things his uninteresting characters are doing.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    All these words for 6 months in prison. Wow what a scoop Cindy got. She could be working at Yahoo News…she will get just as many views as they typically get!

  8. Gerard Plourde

    So he was sentenced to six months’ confinement for Contempt of Congress in the early 1950’s. Not to deny the adeversity they endured, but most of the blacklisted actors were able to resume their careers by the mid-1960’s What happened to Cliff during the intervening 60 years?

  9. @BC – My understanding was that Cliff made the tramp steamer trip before his acting career began, when he was young and looking for work. If he was blacklisted and sent to prison in the 50’s (which presumably ended his acting career), then we have a window of about ten years during which he made the leap from tramp steamer deckhand to B-movie serial star, somehow avoiding participation in World War II even though he was of prime age for serving in the military. The whole story line is about as plausible as a time pool in Crazy Harry’s locker.


    Six Months in Federal Prison. There are movie producers, actors and directors in Hollywood right NOW that went to jail for longer periods of time. And still are working after the jail time. Here’s an idea, Batiuk. If your going to take liberties at least have your dramatic jail plotline have a sentence last at least a FUCKING YEAR!!!!

  11. 1. I was all ready to tear apart today’s strip, but since Batiuk completely pissed on his own strip with a laughably implausible timeline involving Cliffe traveling to St. Petersburg in 1940(!), so what’s the fucking point now?

    2. So what did he do after he got out? Or is Batiuk trying to change history by having Cliffe blacklisted for 60+ years??

    3. “It’s a long story (LOL)” — It only took Cliffe a grand total of 5-7 minutes to tell the whole fucking story –What will Cindy do to fill up the remaining one hour 50 minutes of her bullshit “documentary”?

    4. So in retrospect, what was the point of the Dashiell Hammett name drop, since it had nothing to do with the plot?

  12. Epicus Doomus

    So not only didn’t TomBat address the sixty year gap in Anger’s timeline, he created ANOTHER gap, that being the years between 1940 and his rise in Hollywood. Based on what I know about early 1940s Leningrad I seriously doubt he began his film career there.

  13. Smirks 'R Us

    The Pulitzer Prize for the most boring, tedious, factually inaccurate and timeline challenged piece of “writing” goes to…..


    -The Pulitzer Prize for the most boring, tedious, factually inaccurate and timeline challenged piece of “writing” goes to…..–

    …Brooke McEldowney.

  15. Charles

    You know, Cliff’s a pretty pudgy guy for a 92+ year-old. Most fat guys have died by that age of heart disease-related issues, especially those who lived in shithole apartments in a slum because they couldn’t afford anything more.