All of you who laughted at Frankie’s paparazzi skills will admit that the shot he took of Mason and Marianne on her mom’s porch came out pret-ty clear from about a hundred feet away! What’s not so clear is why Mason’s referred to as “newly engaged,” as it’s been almost a year since he and Cindy announced their betrothal. The “news crawl” across the bottom of the panels is a nice touch, though “MASON JARRE FLINGS FIANCÉE FOR FLING” reads less like TMZ and more like a Variety front page hed from the first Starbuck Jones era.



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17 responses to “Disengaged

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Waiting for it to play out, that’s gonna be the tough part. I mean it’s glaringly obvious that after the Cindy part ends the gang will devise some sort of brilliant scheme to give that awful old Frankie his well-deserved comeuppance. Lenny will get angry and storm off, Frankie will get berated by the DMZ guy, Film Food will be shuttered and Darin will probably somehow drag his bio-mom’s name into it too. The question is: how long will that take? Will this arc spill over into 2017, The Tenth Anniversary Of The Arc That Forever Rocked The Comic Strip World? Or will he do one of his wham bam quickie endings out of nowhere?

  2. billytheskink

    Beverley Hill? Oy

    Does she work with Glenn Dale, Sherman Oakes, Pam Mona, Ann Ceno, and Sam Bernadino?

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Oh, come on. Enough, Batiuk. Yes, there are two meanings of the word “engagement”. No, merely using them both in a sentence is not funny.

  4. Jimmy

    We are total fools for not realizing Frankie is the best PR flak CME has every known. How else can the studio draw real attention for this straight-to-cellphone tripe?

  5. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Film flunky Fason Farre fingers fat, flatulant, French floozie’s fanny for four francs – fiance fuming

  6. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Oops! I probably should have thrown “fragrant” in there somewhere.

  7. Charles

    If we go by history, Cindy will now drastically change her hairstyle without any fanfare or much comment, will vanish for a couple days and then resurface to claim that this was all her fault and she forgives Mason. Or something.

  8. Yes, we’ll discredit Frankie and totally destroy him in order to finally avenge ourselves against a more successful rival school. First, though, we have to discredit and destroy the popular girls and the evil entertainment industry that doesn’t think self-absorbed misanthropy is totally cute.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Membah when this strip used to be funny? Membah?

  10. The Merry Pookster

    Cindy has been in the media business for 40 years now…. so she knows how they operate in slanting stories..But nooooo. Batiuk likes puttin’ down the images of those who rejected him in high school

  11. Rusty

    The only enjoyment I get out of this is that Cindy is so unknown her name doesn’t even get a mention.

    Will Mason’s bi-polar disorder ever come up again, or was it just used for the lame bi-sexual joke? I know, word play.

  12. sgtsaunders

    “Newly engaged”. Right. What’s it been – five, six years now? Sure seems like it.

  13. 1. I just want to officially state that the Red Scare flashback to 1952 or whatever was the single most half-assed and uninspired thing I’ve read since I started re-reading this strip (with exception of the high school reunion time pool, of course)…

    2. I learned the secret of this strip — Whatever you see on Sunday/Monday will be what you see the rest of the week… So don’t expect anything other than five days of Cindy’s reaction to this *shocking* development…

    3. Anybody else think Masone subconsciously pulled this ridiculously convoluted stunt as some passive-aggressive pushback after Cindy’s umpteenth jealous tantrum (which was in front of all of Masone’s co-workers and the whole production staff, no less)


    “Look at the quick peck on the chick???!!!!” All the passion of 5 year old getting a hello kiss by his grandmother during Thanksgiving. You just can fake that type of carnality, people!!!

  15. Funky Winkerbean: the strip that goes nowhere, and takes forever to do it.

  16. Meanwhile, there’s MILF action happening in Mary Worth, Mark Trail’s about to be boiled in lava, Rex Morgan’s daughter just got hit by a car, and there’s been more action in the past month of Judge Parker than there was during the entire previous history of the strip. Some of the comic writers are stepping up their games.

  17. Charles

    So I see that Ms. Hill is using the whole “adding an E to Mason’s name”. Batiuk’s undoubtedly done this in order to make the stupid name he gave him not appear to be quite so stupid. The only problem is that when I see “Jarre” I’m reminded of that absurd sequence where Mason decided to add the E to his name, so it only reminds me that not only is Mason a moron, but he’s childish and petulant as well. Plus, it merely calls attention to his stupid name, making the problem Batiuk presumably wanted to resolve worse. You gave him that stupid name, Tom. Just own the damn thing.