Stall Tac-Dicks

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Yikes, that awkward hug is possibly the most sickening FW sight in quite some time. Nothing like the bond between a bio-step-father and his bio-step-son, you know? Poor, poor Dick Facey, he’s “kind of stalled” on his latest Lisa book, which helps to explain why he’s the least-prolific “writer” of his generation. Perhaps he could lace Cayla’s lemonade with some polonium to, you know, get the ol’ creative juices flowing. Then again, a Cayla book would be pretty goddamned boring…”Cayla’s Story…Where The Other Shoe Steps”. Because she’s a doormat, you see.

So Les just sits in his garage studio day after day after day doing nothing? What a dick. He could be renting that space out to Westviewians who aren’t quite ready to make the leap to the Montoni’s apartment yet, like maybe Alex and Owen or something.



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15 responses to “Stall Tac-Dicks

  1. billytheskink

    Well no wonder it took Les so long to arrange that bookcase, he couldn’t decide whether to file Fallen Star using Lisa’s or Cayla’s birthday… Ha, just kidding. Of course he filed it by Lisa’s birthday. I’ll bet it was the first book he filed.

  2. Speaking of tacks, it turns out that Leslie uses actual thumbtacks to secure meaningless scraps of paper to his playhouse’s bulletin board. No plebian strips of tape for him! And shouldn’t he be in the classroom, inflicting his presence on some students?

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Hey Les, here’s an idea: maybe you’re having trouble writing because LISA IS AN INCREDIBLY BORING AND WORN OUT TOPIC.

  4. Jimmy

    @billytheskink: dollars to donuts every last book on that shelf is one penned by Les.

  5. You know, just saying, but that hug would be a perfect illustration for someone’s anti-gay-marriage rant.

  6. Maybe the next book could be about Cliff Anger’s self-blacklisting.

  7. Max Power

    Whoa! After the pulse-pounding, white knuckle thrill ride at the BMV I’m not sure my heart can take the drama and suspense of two people talking about writer’s block.

  8. The editor in me is recoiling once again. This is just plain sloppy – as I’ve pointed out before, obviously TB does not work with a proofreader, and no one at Comis Kingdom gives enough of a shit about him to point out these things prior to publication. TB has it as “author’s” and “spouse’s” – singular noun possessive. That’s followed by “birth dates”” – plural. However, a “spouse” can only have one birth date, correct? So if he is suggesting that he is organizing books in the order of the birth date of the spouse of each book’s author, it should read ” authors’ spouses’ ” instead.

  9. Rusty

    Les/Batiuk must have a closet full of Kent State sweatshirts. Just another thing the author can’t put behind him over 40 years later.

  10. Hitorque

    I’m lost… Is this supposed to be the book about Les+Cayla (that he promised her he was already writing and was going to have printed in China of all places)? Or is this supposed to be the prequel to his first Lisa novel? And which one of these is supposed to be the comic book, I meant “graphic novel”?

    And how do you get writer’s block writing about yourself and the woman you supposedly love?

  11. Gerard Plourde

    First, I have to remark on the rapid pace of the last two days. After spending a week of Funky at the BMV, we have Darin actually traveling from California to Westview offstage. Of course, the downside will be five days of discussing how to organize a personal library. And, since Les is at home in the middle of the school year, are we to assume that he’s retired from torturing students (and parents)?

  12. billytheskink

    @billytheskink: dollars to donuts every last book on that shelf is one penned by Les.

    So every book on the shelf is an unsold copy of either Fallen Star or The Other Shoe?

    Yeah, I can believe that.

  13. Time to watch Lisa’s “So you’re starting to write your second book exploiting my death” video.

  14. Comic Book Harriet

    Shouldn’t Les have organized that shelf by the Authors’ Spouses’ DEATH dates? Because I’m guessing that entire shelf is nothing but widowers moping.

    In Crankshaft we learn that the mom who caught the bus yesterday is also amazingly handycapable, as she struggles to manipulate push pins with crippling lobster-claw syndactyly.

  15. TB couldn’t bring himself to hide Les’ face in a real hug so we get the Bette Davis/ Joan Crawford ‘let’s poison each others lunch’ hug.