Showing Confection

Today’s strip is about as inoffensive as Funky Winkerbean gets. In fact, if you weren’t familiar with this strip and its characters, you could conceivably enjoy this.

Such is the trouble with reading this strip regularly, we know these characters and we know the tone the strip usually takes. We are generally given little reason to like either. Instead of finding this sweet, as Holly does, we are contemplating how out of character it seems for both of them. We are left wondering if Funky is really paying her much of a compliment as the only chocolate available in Westview is probably Dinkle’s awful band candy. We are pondering where this affection was when these two were disagreeable or despondent as they pretty much always have been in the recent past.

That said, we also know the depths that this strip can plumb. Thus, I probably shouldn’t protest too much.



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8 responses to “Showing Confection

  1. 1966tvbatman

    he’s never consistent with the art. now they look 76.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    This one reads like a Dinkle/Harriet outtake. Pretty mundane even by FW standards (and this is a comic strip that regularly features falling leaves).

  3. billytheskink

    And I thought Jim Davis’ Mr. Potato Head comic strip was canceled years ago…

    (yes, that strip was really a thing)

  4. This week’s series of strips seem almost to depend on the average reader not knowing who these terrible people are.

  5. Chyron HR

    HOLLY: Do you love me more than the Harry L. Dinkle Raisin The Bar?
    FUNKY: No, not that much.

  6. Taken on its own, this one is actually kind of nice. But it comes from (and I bet is going to) nowhere.

  7. Comic Book Harriet

    Tomorrow Les Moore reenacts this scene with either:

    A.) An urn of ashes
    B.) A mirror.

    In either case black!wife will look on, completely ignored.


    But can a Belgian remove Holly’s natural bitterness and make her more pleasing to human beings?