Retcon Artist

SosfDavidO here, and it looks like the boys are back at Comic-Con in today’s strip. The human lamprey John is nowhere to be seen this time, however! He probably still owes them for the hotel from last year. That and the “Oh, my, I seem to have forgotten my wallet.” routine near the end of a pricey Comic-con hotel dinner was probably enough to give him the boot.

But enough about Dead Skunk Head. Let’s talk about Darin, who, up until he got reconned into being a Hollywood storyboard artist a few years ago had been reconned into a mobile applications developer. That’s right, lifelong passion for art and expensive animation school be damned, Pete asked him to come out to Hollywood and suddenly he’s shitting out major studio quality storyboards like he’d been doing it as long as people with decades of experience in the industry.

Time will tell if Tombat can handle Darin being an anonymous storyboard artist for long or if some director will look at him and say: “I don’t care if he’s had a lick of acting school, let’s make him the lead in the Starbucks Jones Junior Space Cadet series!”

Meanwhile, Wally, who has been struggling in school and trying to get his life together didn’t even get as much as a panel in yesterday’s 4th of July strip. Nope, instead we got a lame pun about sand. SAND.

I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.



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8 responses to “Retcon Artist

  1. This is the sort of episode where a cartoonist should really lean back from the drawing board and look aghast at what he has wrought. “My god, what am I doing?” would be the standard exclamation.

    I suspect in Tom Batiuk’s case, that episode quickly passed with the answer “Getting to that 50th anniversary, anyway, anyhow!”

  2. Gerard Plourde

    So is Darin going to Artists’ Alley looking for unauthorized use of Starbuck Jones by artist/vendors or is he doing a little bit of infringement on someone’s IP himself?

  3. Epicus Doomus

    And FW appearing on the comics page doesn’t make it a “comic” strip either. It’s almost as if BatNom forgets that Boy Lisa isn’t a comic book artist, he’s a comic book movie storyboarder…whatever that is. “Artist’s Alley”…he tosses around these CC references like everyone automatically gets them, not realizing that aside from himself absolutely no one cares.

    “Con artist”…ho ho ho, good one there Tom. A week featuring various character arriving at Comic Con…I’m assuming next week is all about the hotel check-in process followed by another week of Boy Lisa ranting and raving about the little soaps and shampoos they give you.

  4. Here we are watching two dull people spouting opaque jargon about something no one else but the twerp writing this cares about while there’s a cast of people with stories worth telling that never will be told because funny books and cookies and milk and who we were in high school and no, mothers don’t have anything better to do and no, I’m not an entitled jerk with a fucked-up idea about women or a bitter sorehead who won’t let go of the past.

  5. Hitorque

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but are script writers and especially storyboard artists really that high up on the Hollywood prestige totem to warrant limos and five star hotels? To say nothing of their overinflated paychecks?

    Nice to see Darrin conveniently ditch his wife and son again for another romantic second honeymoon, I mean “business trip” with Pete Rattabastardo…

  6. Oh, and FWIW, I’m glad we didn’t have a faux-patriotic moment with Wally yesterday, especially since the last time we saw Wally he was ranting like an 80-year-old asshole (i.e., Krankenschaaft) for an entire week over having to register online for his courses at the local JuCo, because hell yeah it’s 1998 or something…

    And before that, he was shamelessly abusing his poor service dog by taking it to the center-front section of a heavy metal festival — Tickets that his wife went through considerable time and expense to get, and this shit-for-brains leaves after 20 minutes because PTSD or something…

    Now that I think about it, Wally has to be the SECOND most-entitled douchebag in the Funkyverse, but nobody dares call him out because his veteran status makes him untouchable…

  7. billytheskink

    That valet is really fishing for a big tip by mustering a smile at this joke. I’d say he’s earned one.

  8. ComicTrek

    The faces on Pete and the valet are definitely the faces of two guys who’ve conspired to knock Darin out and tie him up.