Red Carpet Bombing

So, clearly the courthouse encounter we saw yesterday takes place before, or who the hell knows, maybe after the Starbuck Jones gala premiere. We don’t know the name of the wasp-waisted blonde with the mic, or what media outlet she represents, but she’s obviously done zero preparation for this assignment. Yesterday she was taken aback to find that one of the “cast members” was the sentient (and now apparently ambulatory) computer Holtron. Today she either forgets or doesn’t know that Mason Jarre is the star of this thing. In panel two, Cindy’s sporting an odd neck bulge behind her ear, while Mason resembles a young Danny Kaye. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s strip where washed up minor celeb Cindy fumes over being ignored by the reporterette.



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20 responses to “Red Carpet Bombing

  1. Epicus Doomus

    I guess the “gag” here is that it’s kind of a swipe at those darned vapid red carpet premier hosts…I guess, as who the hell knows what BatNom is thinking at any given time. I mean it’s as plausible an explanation as anything else I suppose.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    I’m sure what Batiuk is thinking here isn’t much more than “blondes are dumb”.

  3. count of tower grove

    Since the narrative is so disjointed, I’m wondering how does the star of Starsux Jones have his name spelled on his marriage license.
    Indeed, Cindy’s neck looks like it’s been invaded by one of those parasite in TNG episode “Conspiracy.”

  4. I’m thinking the idea is that everyone is such a giant fan of Starbuck Jones, that being at the movie premier just makes people come apart, mentally.

    And looking at Cindy, maybe physically too.

  5. billytheskink

    Masone being interviewed by a blond idiot is a running gag now, huh?

    A gag that includes Cindy, of course

  6. DOlz

    Is Mason Tupperware pulling a John Derek here and finding younger women that look similar to the previous one? Cindy > Mindy > robbing the cradle :: Ursula Andress > Linda Evans > Bo Derek

  7. Epicus Doomus

    “Oh, Mason JARR, the “Dino Deer” guy! The extra “E” threw me off! So YOU’RE the star of this thing?”

    As poor as that is, it’s a step up from whatever he was trying to do here. The laziness of these jokes never fails to amaze me. It’s another one of those FW strips where you just stare at it for a few extra seconds to see if maybe you’re missing something…but you aren’t.

  8. ian'sdrunkenbeard

  9. Of course, if you were to ask Old, Less-Talented Joss Whedon, he’d deny that he thinks that since someone with blond hair wouldn’t give him the time of day back in the early sixties, he thinks that they’re all stupid because they don’t know excellence when they see it.

  10. gleeb

    I think you’re reading this differently than I do. I read mike-woman’s “amazing” as in “how amazingly nice it is to see you here”. Admittedly, this is an odd thing to say to Masonne Jarre, and he proves that with his dimly sarcastic reply.

  11. louder

    This is a cue for Cindy to become crazy jealous over blondie, ruining the premier. Knowing how creative BatHack is with this theme, he will make it hilarious!

    • Hitorque

      I hope Cindy does make an ass out of herself and ruins the premiere because that means bye-bye to her gravy train wedding…

  12. Comic Book Harriet

    It’s always really awkward to be interviewed by your fiancee’s long lost younger sister while you’re trying to go to your junior prom.

  13. Smirks 'R Us

    this new artist is as adept at drawing women in their 50’s as BatHack. Legit, Cindy looks 25. Or maybe that’s supposed to be Mindy. At this point who the hell knows. The only thing we do know is that none of it is funny.

  14. Hitorque

    1 Um… I’m pretty sure she means “How amazing to see you and all your requisite Hollywood excess right here in our humble cultural backwater of Carcinogen County, Ahia for this once-in-a-lifetime event!” And it went right over Masone’s head…

    2. And Cindy, who now looks like a 17-year-old going to junior prom, needs to get that fucking “shocked” look off her face as many years as she had on the other side of the mic asking inane NewsBlonde questions…

    3. God just needs to drop a big-assed meteor on this shitty town chock full of wicked people…

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yeah, what’s up with that, Cindy works at Buddy Blog for Christ’s sake. Who is she to talk?

  15. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “I’m surprised to see you here, Masonie Jarrie! I would have expected you’d be at the REAL premier in Hollywood, and not this dinky little shitfest in some hole in the wall, decrepit theater in East Bumfuck, Ohio. Did you know there’s only one bathroom in there? The toilet seat is broken, and the paper towel dispenser is falling off the wall!”

    “Actually, there is no Hollywood premier. This is it. Because Ohio.”

    “I’m so, so sorry. I hope things turn around for you soon. Cut! That’s a wrap. I think we’re done here, guys.”

  16. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    When I saw “Red Carpet Bombing,” I thought this was going to be about Wally’s girlfriend, “Rache.”

  17. I’d like to think it was “Is Allen Funt still alive because they’ve gotta be shitting me about holding the premiere in East Buttfuck” but since Batiuk thinks that Small Town America is the axis about which the world rotates, it’s gotta be “Man, wimmen shore is dumb!!”