Wreynolds the Writer

She may be unclear about Mason’s presence at the premiere, but Blondie McMicrophone positively gushes over “The Writer,” Pete Reynolds. Pete’s actually the re-writer, hon. He was only brought aboard to “rework the script”  after the movie’d already been in the works for a year.


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  1. And Batiuk’s lack of interest about continuity continues. And I hardly believe news reporters are that stupid to ask those questions. People of her intelligence aren’t even allowed to cross the street by themselves.

    And, of course, Batiuk doesn’t give two sh!ts about what people think about his work, as long as it still sells. He has no shame whatsoever.

  2. Count of Tower Grove

    Alright! Pete’s moment in the spotlight and he mopes.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Yup, another swipe at those darned red carpet reporters and their vapid dopey questions…doncha HATE it when that happens? It’s such a weird aspect of movie-making to satirize. Once again BatNom takes FW in a bizarre nonsensical direction no one else would even consider. The man is a true artist…a lousy one, but an artist nonetheless.

    • Hitorque

      It’s funny because Batiuk doesn’t even know he’s taking an indirect broad swipe at Cindy and her long career of bullshit questions and shallow fluff interviews…

      Actually, since Newsy McBlondeTits has made it this far into the night without openly trying to fuck someone associated with the movie and latch on to the Hollywood gravy train, she’s actually WAY ahead of Cindy on the professionalism scale…

      Seriously — Cindy needed to turn in her journalist card after that vomit-inducing interview/date with Masone…

  4. spacemanspiff85

    The sad part is I’m sure Batiuk would kill to be in Pete”s positon.

  5. billytheskink

    Just got back from YouTube and can find no evidence of Joan Rivers interviewing a script doctor on a red carpet. Heck, I can’t even find evidence of Melissa Rivers doing so…

    Bubble-headed bleached-blonde should have asked Pete why he changed his last name from Roberts to Reynolds.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    It’s a strangely specific thing to spoof, as it’s not being directed toward any ubiquitous celebrity, just the concept of red carpet interviews themselves. In fact it’s even more specific than that, as he’s skewering the overall intelligence of red carpet interviewers and the dumbness of their red carpet questions. I’m assuming he was watching footage of some red carpet-type event and became enraged by the inanity of the whole thing, which is pretty goddamned funny if you ask me and again, a pretty weird and specific thing to be annoyed by to the point of wanting to spoof it in the first place.

    And while I’m criticizing every single little detail of this perpetually stupid comic strip I might as well point out that the joke here is really cheap and ham-handed too. I mean come on, she doesn’t know who’s in the movie or even how movies are made? It’s lazy and hacky and obviously a poor attempt to stall for time because as usual he’s plumb out of story again.

    • Gerard Plourde

      Given the many examples he’s personally provided there’s something ironic about him criticizing someone for being clueless about how things are done.

  7. Wait a minute … I know that heavy-lidded, drooping-faced look of despair in the third panel. That’s Leroy Lockhorn!

    They even both wear black bow ties!

  8. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Pete’s answer:

    Words to memorize, words hypnotize
    Words make my mouth exercise
    Words all fail the magic prize
    Nothing I can say when I’m in your thighs!” *

    *With apologies to Violent Femmes

  9. Ray

    As anyone knows, this is a thinly-veiled rip off of the line from Michael Stanley’s commentary on the music business, the song “Midwest Midnight”.

    “He was taken to task, by some critic who asked,
    Do you write the words or lyrics first…”

    • @Ray I’d say that’s a pretty apt guess! The Michael Stanley Band hails from Cleveland, and from what Batiuk’s shared about his musical tastes, would be right up his alley.

  10. This allows Batiuk to indulge his need to slam women for not being ‘serious’ enough to report the news. This indulges his need to whine that someone who should, by rights, actually BE invisible doesn’t get the respect he doesn’t deserve. This also allows Batiuk to delay his inevitable being put out to pasture.

  11. Professor Fate

    Welcome to misogynist writer’s wish fulfilment theater. We’ll be right back with some words of wisdom from the owner of the theater.

  12. I made the mistake of looking at his blog again. We start with a long-form rant about how terrible it was that DC changed writers and artists on him thereby spoiling eating cookies and milk for all time followed by his working an old location into an old strip and finally another long-form rant about the threatened Prelude To Lisa’s Story. He calls it “not the storm but the first drops of rain on the windshield”. I call it “when a mildly amusing gag-a-day strip about inept teachers and idiot students at a lousy high school turned into a steaming pile of shit.”

  13. I’m surprised there wasn’t a long arc about how Pete changed his last name from Roberts to Reynolds, or whatever it was into whatever it is.

    –Oh Crap, I’ve just given him an idea, haven’t I? Oh well, at least it is an idea, and not just childish wish-fulfillment.

  14. Don

    So, the red carpet has lasted for three days; how much strip coverage will the movie itself get? Choose from (a) what Greg Evans invariably does in a similar situation in “Luann” – none whatsoever, (b) a Sunday comic book cover with an inset of somebody apparently watching the same thing happening in the movie, or (c) “Did anybody remember to take into account the weight of that digital projector they needed to bring for this movie?” RUMBLE CRASH BOOM SCREAM PANIC “No…”

  15. Charles

    It amazes me how far Batiuk is dug into his view of the world that he can’t conceive of this event going in any other fashion.

    This should be the most exciting moment in Pete’s life. (He’s still a virgin, right?) He’s being celebrated for something he did. It’s a world premiere of a major motion picture that he wrote. He should be almost out of his damn mind with excitement and cheer.

    And one dumb question from someone whose very purpose is asking dumb questions sends him back into his mopey ennui. Oh, the woe. How life is always like this. He’s not excited. He’s not thrilled. He’s annoyed and downcast about someone promoting him in a silly fashion.

    It’s pathological. It’s as if that’s Batiuk’s idea of his characters’ O face.